Top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him 2021

5th Wedding Anniversary gifts are traditionally wooden. Here is the top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for your husband:

Top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him 2021 1

A watch made from wood!! 5th Anniversary gifts for men are traditionally wooden. Most men don’t wear watches now days because of cell phones but why not make your man stand out with an eco-friendly alternative to other watches.

Top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him 2021 2

1. Cotton T-Shirt

There can’t be a better gift than a 100 % cotton T-shirt to be gifted to your partner. Since it is your fifth wedding anniversary you can gift two T-shirts instead of one. Personalize these T-shirts with love message, date of your marriage or pictures of both of you together. Since buying t shirts or getting them customized is not a very expensive deal, you can get another pair of T-shirt customized in such a way that husband gets the T shirt with his wife’s picture and wife gets her husband’s picture on her T-shirt.

2. Hand Embroidered Gift

If you love to sew or knit and possess the required skill too, you can make any hand embroidered gift and frame it at as a memory of your second wedding anniversary. This exclusive effort from you will strengthen the love in your partner’s heart.

3. Cotton Tie


Since you would be aware of his wardrobe and if he likes to wear suits then a suite tie that can complement his suits can work wonder in pleasing him. It is an elegant and classy gift related to cotton and you can gift him two ties instead as a mark of 5th wedding anniversary.

4. Chocolate

In the category of non-cotton gifts, chocolates are always considered romantic and apt. You can start the day by cutting a chocolate cake and then gift your spouse an elegantly wrapped box of chocolates. To make the day more cherishable you can take your partner to a surprise dinner.

5. Bathrobe

You can surprise you partner on the morning of your 5th wedding anniversary day by gifting comfortable cotton bathrobes. Anybody would be pleased to have a new pair of comfortable clothing as soon as she gets out of shower.

6. Gadget

Men do love gadgets. In fact, almost all the men love to have and flaunt latest and classy gadgets. If you want to see your gift along with your man for a long period of time, then do think of gifting something like a smartphone, iPad, iPod or a camera. He will certainly love your gift. Be sure.

7. Customized Cushion Covers

Pillows and cushion not only make perfect wedding gifts but they are wonderful home accessories too. You can have title of Mr. and Ms. Title on them, with the date of your anniversary. So after that, whenever you will be together on bed, these beautiful accessories will surely bring a memory of your wedding day back.

8. Flowers

They have always been a symbol of love, care and affection. So don’t miss this opportunity to shower your affection towards him by gifting him bouquet of beautiful flowers. You can even put single-single roses in each corner and hiding places of your home and let him find your love, herself. There are various companies which take online orders for flowers and deliver them at your doorstep. They can also give you various options of presenting these gifts to make a wonderful surprise for your spouse.

9. Perfumes

Gift your spouse a fragrance, loved by him. Let him smell the fragrance of your love. The eloquence of perfume will simply help you rekindle your emotions through fragrance. Perfumes are a symbol of passionate and deep love so why hide it, when you can simple make this day cherishable and bring a smile to your spouse’s face.

10. A Romantic Getaway

On this special occasion take him to the land of his dreams; take him to the place he talks about for a visit. You can consider planning the entire trip in advance and surprise him by simply taking him there. He will be the happiest person and will feel no less than the luckiest husband in the world.

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