Top 10 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

For most couples, a traditional 60th wedding anniversary gift is a diamond. Many couples also use diamonds as gifts on 10th and even 30th wedding anniversaries. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t really have to buy actual diamonds for your wife. There are some other ways which can bring a smile to your wife’s face and make her feel special. Here are some good choices which can help you please your wife and let you show your affection and care for her.

1. Diamond Jewelry


While most husbands visit a jewelry store and buy a ready made set, you can also go a step further and design something on your own. There are many stores and websites where you can easily pick a stone and create a unique design. This way, you will be able to choose something unique for your wife. It can be the perfect wedding anniversary gift on your diamond wedding anniversary. Try it, you will find your partner happy and impressed.

2. Glassware

You can have a vase or bowl engraved with your wife’s name and even the date of your wedding anniversary. These days, you can easily buy glassware online at affordable prices. You can also add some other pieces of glassware to match your choice.

3. Commemorative China

Top 10 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her 1

You can also buy a piece of commemorative china to celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary. You can choose from a lot of different options. Some of these include bowls, plates, saucers, cups and vases.

4. Vacation

A vacation with your wife on your 60th wedding anniversary will definitely make her fall in love with you all over again. You can have a wonderful holiday in Thailand or maybe South Africa. You can also visit someplace your wife always dream of. Maybe Disneyland or Bahamas could be good choices.

You can also revisit the destination of your wedding, honeymoon or the place where you first met your wife. You just need to understand that 60 years have passed, and therefore, the place may have completely changed. However, it can still be an exciting experience.

5. Watch a Movie with ‘Diamond’ in the ‘Title’

This can turn out to be a fun experience. You can watch a movie with the term ‘Diamond’ in its title. If your wife is a ‘James Bond’ fan, ‘Diamonds are Forever’ can be a perfect choice. There are also many other such romantic movies. While watching the movie, you can light candles and add some champagne to create a romantic ambiance. Just make her feel like it’s your first movie together.

6. Champagne Flutes

You can purchase champagne flutes at affordable prices to commemorate your anniversary. Just buy a good bottle of wine or champagne to fill the glasses and celebrate with your wife.

7. Music CD with ‘Diamond’ in the ‘Title’

You must be aware of your wife’s taste in music. You can create a music CD for her with ‘Diamond’ in the title of songs. Many music stores even sell music CDs specifically created for wedding anniversaries. In the evening, create a romantic ambiance in your home and dance with your wife on her favorite tunes.

8. Coin Set

Coin sets are usually used by couples to celebrate the year in which they got married. A coin set belonging to the year in which you were married will be perfect for your wife. It will remind her of those good old days. You can also purchase a coin in mint condition from the same year to celebrate your togetherness.

9. Book with ‘Diamond’ in the ‘Title’

Books are always perfect as gifts. You can easily find a book, read it and enjoy. You must be aware of your wife’s choices. Once again, a book with ‘Diamond’ in the title can be perfect for this special occasion. There are many such books easily available online. If your wife uses an MP3 player, smartphone or tablet, you can even gift her an ebook or audiobook.

10. Diamond Watch

There’s nothing better for your wife on your 60th wedding anniversary. Most of the diamond watches have ’12’ replaced with a diamond. You can even buy a matching watch for yourself. A watch will signify the time both of you spent together.

There are a lot of gifts you can choose from. Your choice will depend on your wife’s personality, desires, interests, likes and dislikes. You just need to make sure she feels special.

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