Top 10 60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Him

The sixtieth wedding anniversary is a major milestone and it referred to as the diamond anniversary for good reason. When a couple has been married for sixty years chances are that the man has just about every gift imaginable. Here are the top 10 wedding anniversary gift ideas for him that are sure to be items he certainly does not own yet.

Been married for 60 years? Act like it!

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1. The Travel Destination Map

This anniversary gift can be framed and hung up in an living room or bedroom and is basically a map of the world with all the locations the happy couple have visited marked with colorful tabs. There is a brass plate that can be engraved with the happy couples names and wedding date too.

2. The Watch Box

He must have at least a few favorite watches by this point n his life, and the customized watch box is a great gift idea for him on this anniversary. The box has a clear window to see all the watches in the box, and the outer edges of the box can be engraved with the wedding anniversary date and a loving message.

3. Personalized Tee Shirt

Gifts from the grandchildren are always the perfect way to go when trying to surprise a man who has everything. Tee shirts can be adorned with pictures of the kids all wishing the happy could a congratulations for sixty years together. These tees can also be done with paints where the children all leave their hand prints on the shirt and leaving messages for him.

4. Anniversary Throw


What is better than a nice warm blanket when sitting in your favorite chair watching football this winter. These throw blankets are all customizable for names and wedding date as well as a unique message of inspiration. The blankets are full size and will keep him warm even if he is on the couch taking his afternoon nap.

5. The Leather Wallet

Guys love their wallets and with this unique wallet you can have your wedding date embossed into the leather for a really distinctive gift idea. Similar to branding cattle, the message you choose will be permanently branded into the leather and will remind him every time he reaches for his wallet how much he is loved.

6. The Sixty Year Old Newspaper

Not too many people can recall what happened in the world twenty years ago let alone sixty years ago. Replica newspapers can be printed for the exact date the couple was married and contains all the information for what happened in the world all that time ago. Sports teams, politics and local events are all just some of the highlights of this unique anniversary gift idea.

7. The Family Tree

In sixty years many new additions to the family have been introduced. The family tree gift idea is a way to show him all the new additions to the family as well as his own past history. The tree can go back many generations and sometimes show him family members that he was not even aware of if you go back far enough. The bottom of the tree will be engraved with the couples names and the date of the wedding. This tree is perfect for framing and mounting on the wall.

8. The Playing Cards

Playing card with friends is a hobby he is surly very active at. The anniversary playing cards gift idea is a great way to remind him how important he is and how special this anniversary is too. Whether he plays solitaire or poker with his friends, the anniversary cards will be one of his most treasured gifts. These cards can be customized with pictures or messages of inspiration from a wife or from other members of the family.

9. The Organizer

Being married for sixty years means that the happy couple most like have their routines when it comes to watching television from their favorite chairs. The chair organizer hangs from the arm of the chair and can hold all of his necessities for either football day or watching late night moves. The pockets can hold the remote control, the TV Guide, small snacks, pen and paper and plenty of room for a magazine or two. The organizer can also be embroidered with names and a wedding date.

10. The Crossword Anniversary Gifts

At eight years old he most likely loves to do his crossword puzzles every day. This anniversary gift is a twist on the traditional crossword puzzles you see in the newspaper. The cover will be customized with the wedding couples names and wedding date but inside all the puzzles will be specific to things that are near and dear to him. The books can also be designed to be like yearbooks, depicting only events that happened sixty years ago in the world.

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