Top 10 Analytic Balance Scales Reviews

Analytic balance scales are vital weighing instruments that anyone dealing in miniature objects must have. They are defined as weighing scales or class of balances that are designed to measure small masses usually in the sub milligram range. They usually have a measuring pan (0.1 mg or better) which has to be protected from environmental condition as these may interfere with the results of the readings. This is achieved by a draft-shied.

The analytic balance scales brands in the market either have the draft-shied or miss it in which case there are other mechanisms to ensure that there are not environmental influences that can interfere with the actual reading of the mass. The important things you need to take into consideration if you want to buy an analytic balance scale are their level of accuracy, readability as well as their prices. Here is a list of top 10 analytic balance scales reviews that can help you with make a decision on which to purchase for your weighing needs.

10. AND Phoenix Analytic Balance

Presenting 220g Capacity, 0.1mg Linearity as well as 0.0001g readability, the AND Phoenix Analytical Balance is a gadget you might want to try to take care of your weighing need. It features counting and percentage modes with multiple weighing units, built-in motorized calibration weight, one-touch environmental filters and a tall 251mm weighing chamber.

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9. Adventurer Pro Analytic Balance, Model AV64

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A perfect choice to consider when shopping for analytic balance scale is the Adventurer Pro Model AV64. It features easy access, frame-less draft-shield with removable doors, a software known as smarText that guides users through it use and flexibility of available options. Its QuadraStance design gives it over the edge footprint stability.

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8. Scientech SA Analytical Balance

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Will love this gadget the minute you see it. The Scientech SA Analytic Balance features draft shield offers accurate weighing results, stainless steel 3.5-inch diameter pan that is corrosion-resistant, large LCD screen for clear readings and external calibration to ensure accurate measurements. It also has a rear RS232 port for connection to a printer or a computer.

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7. Ohaus Adventurer Pro Precision Balance

Known to produce great devices, this analytic balance scale is one that will make your job in weight as seamless as you can ever hope for. This conventional balance will provide you with precision weighing results. It features two-line, high-contrast, back-lit LCD displays application prompts and weight, a balanced sensitivity to compensate for environmental conditions as well as Four adjustable feet provide stability on any surface, and prevent tipping and rocking.

6. Mettler Toledo – Model Xp205

Just as the name sounds, this is an excellent analytical balance scale. It is loaded with features that will ensure the highest levels of accuracy while at the time making it easy to follow. The most important features include capacity: 220 +/- g, readability: 0.01+/- mg. repeat-ability, mg: 0.015-0.03 and linearity of 0.1 mg and 6 seconds stabilization time.

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5. Analytical Scale AGN100

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Nicely designed and featuring a draft shield and 100g capacity x 0.0001g readability; this is another wonderful analytic balance scale worth mentioning in the list of top 10 analytic balance scales reviews. It presents automatic internal calibration, used capacity indicator, accurate and easy to use leveling system, big graphical LCD with back-light and compact die-cast metal housing.

4. American Weigh Scale Pn-201c Precision Balance, 200g X 0.001g

This device is built for precision, accuracy and dependability. It features a variety of weighing units in addition to a counting feature. It comes with a CD with weight display software to be installed on a PC, an RS232 port for connection to a computer and a large backlit LCD for easy to read display. It also has easy calibration, which can be either span or linear. This is a perfect analytic balance scale for lab work.

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3. Nevada Weighing Radwag AS 220/C2 Analytical Balance 220g x 0.1mg (0.0001g)

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Another great choice when it comes to analytic balance scales is this Nevada brand. It has capacity of 220 grams with 0.0001g readability, +/-0.000g repeat-ability and +/- linearity. This analytic balance scale has a variety of modes including check-weighing, formulating, density determination, percentage and GLP procedure. The weighing units include mg, g, ct, lb, oz, ozt, dwt, mom, G, N, and Ti. It also has internal calibration as well as full-size draft shield for accurate measurement.

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2. Mettler Toledo NewClassic Analytical Balance, 0.0001g Readability with Draft Shield

This analytic balance features a draft shied with 0.0001g readability. It has a stainless steel weighing pan, which is corrosive resistant, fully automated time- and temperature-controlled internal adjustment for reliable results and High-performance weighing cell for consistently accurate and reliable measurements. Its body design protects against dust and splashing water during when in use to a level of IP 54.

1. Ohaus Pioneer Analytical Balance

This is an analytic balance scale with draft shield with a high-contrast, back-lit LCD screen for viewing results in dimly lit rooms or other settings. Its weighing pan is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, and corrosion. In its front panel is an indicator that the balance is level just before the scale is used. It also features adjustable balance sensitivity to compensate for the environmental conditions thereby ensuring accurate results.

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