Top 10 Army Medical Schools In US 2021

An army medical career is like no other. You get the possibility to help injured soldiers right on the field, experience the excitement of live action and take part in various missions from the most diverse countries. However, in order to be allowed to practice such profession, you first need to complete the courses of an accredited school. United States is rich in this particular field, so finding one of this kind in your city shouldn’t be an issue. The dilemma arises when you’re looking for the best, and that’s why we decided to give you a hand. Here is our selection of the top 10 army medical schools in US:


Honorable Mention – New Mexico Military Institute


Would you like to be an officer after 2 years instead of four? Of course you would. Here’s how you do it. You go to NMMI. Granted there’s no training for medical MOs but you do get to get into the Academies more easily if that’s what you want.

1. United States Military Academy – West Point


Located in one of the most tranquil city spots, the U.S. military academy allows anyone interested in joining field and medical department to get the education needed for such job. The entire preparation lasts for 4 years, time in which you can learn all the basics of army medicine and how to treat injured soldiers on the field. What’s more, the school allows you to get prepared in several domains which could help you become an officer or cadet. After finishing institution’s courses you get the chance to enroll immediately in a suitable position. 83% of all new-comers who join get to finish this school.

Founded in 1967, University of Arizona – College of Medicine has a great reputation for getting out certified medical officers on the field. Approximately 110 students graduate here every year, and in the courses you’ll get to learn just about everything it needs to be known about the human body, its functions, how to give first aid, how to heal the injured and so on. You can join the institution regardless of your religious orientation, and you can quickly make yourself new friends and get top chances for a position in the field.

Located in San Diego, California, this renowned medical school offers an entire section dedicated to medical army courses for those who want to join rescue and treatment operations. The school held first class in 1968, with thousands of attendees having finished it since 1972. The university has received 8 Nobel Laureates for outstanding results in medicine, and it’s renowned to be a great starting point for everyone looking to practice helping the injured and diseased.

If you live in Colorado or want to move there for the next few years, then this is one of the best medical army schools to consider. It provides access to top teaching resources, materials, subjects and just about anything else you might need to get the greatest experience possible. Thousands of students have graduated in here to date, with the university being renowned for the level of qualification it provides. Teachers are not the harshest ones by far, and you’ll definitely gain precious knowledge from them.

5. Yale School of Medicine

Located in Connecticut, U.S., this school offers by far one of the best teaching conditions and facilities. The campus is large enough to allow you to feel at home and partake various activities, and you’ll definitely find like-minded students here at the same time. Here you can always go for training as a physician assistant and even get your masters in case you need higher qualifications. However, note that entrance is highly selective since a lot of people want to make it in here.

6. Medical College of Georgia

If you live close or nearby Georgia and want a top institution to learn in, then the Medical College of Georgia should definitely be on top of your list. Founded in as early as 1982, the college got itself a name when it comes to medical education and thus will help you get employed almost immediately. Besides this, you get the chance to befriend a lot of new people and explore the large campus filled with green areas.

This college is one of the very first in the city of Illinois, Chicago, serving its attendees with top-level preparation and facilities which are next to none. The competition here is high, especially as the institution doesn’t have a large capacity (about 500 students per year), but once you get in you’re granted to find yourself people with the same beliefs and orientation and assure yourself a position as a medical officer. What’s more, you can easily switch to another job thanks to the high-quality education you receive.

Kansas is renowned for preparing some of the best-in-class medical officers there are, so you should definitely try as much as possible to enroll in one of the medical learning facilities in here. University of Kansas has been on the market since 1880, time in which it greatly expanded, gained better prepared staff and got itself a name all across the U.S. Dozens of persons are competing for a place here, so if you think you got the necessary skills you’d better submit your file as soon as possible. Only in this way you can assure yourself a shot at the best tuition in Kansas.

Yet another recognized figure in the land of medical army colleges, University of Maryland dedicates an entire section to those willing to learn more about how injured officers can be helped or how sick people and war victims can be treated. However, this is only one chapter you can find at this university. You can also specialize yourself in primary medicine, alternative medicine, physiotherapy and many more, all to grant yourself a well-paid and entertaining job in the future.

10. Keck School of Medicine

At last but not least, Keck School is a learning institution based in Los Angeles, California, where you can easily make yourself new friends and learn everything about what medical army implies. It benefits from large classrooms as well as practice contracts so that you can easily test all you learn. In addition, teachers there are one of the most qualified in the state, so you will certainly get a chance to learn from the best. Finally, new people from all-around the U.S. gather here, so friendships won’t be a problem.

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