Top 10 Best 3D Animation Softwares Reviews 2021

Three Dimensional (3D) animation is an advanced technological breakthrough used in many sectors. In the entertainment industry, for instance, it overshadows many traditional techniques in many ways. First, 3D advertisements are lifelike and interesting. They are also sustainable, diverse, and do not require a lot of skill to generate. In the educational sector, 3D modeling has improved how people lecture and present their research findings. If you are interested in 3D modeling and do not want to hire an expensive technician to do the legwork for you, several effective and easy-to-use software are attainable online. The top 10 2021 brands include:

10. Curious Labs Poser 5

Curious Lab’s Poser 5 is a powerful 3D animation software optimized for Mac OSX computers. It is light and easy to use. Its advanced technology creates stunning 3D models and characters, while its advanced animation tool is perfect for animators and artists. If you are a novice, but want to create professional 3D projects for personal, promotional, or commercial usage, this software is for you. It comes loaded with over 70 high-resolution and ready-to-use 3D models. It also create photo realistic, potable, and textured models with clothes, expression, props, poses, and more. Other desirable attributes that make this 3D modeling software worth buying are its Hair Room growth control feature, advanced FireFly engine (Ray Trace and micro-polygon), 3D motion blur, and its innovative Ray Traced refraction and reflection engine.

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9. Apple Motion (Old Version)

Ninth on our list, this old version of Apple’s Apple Motion is an accurate 3D modeling software for Mac users. It is light and power efficient. It is also cost-effective, easy to use, and thus, suitable for use by both novice and professional animators. Other key features that have made Apple Motion one of the most recommended Mac-based software in top 10 best 3D animation software reviews 2021 are: 1) Simple Interface – Individuals who use Mac Motion have an edge over those complicated high-end products mainly because of its simple interface. Even if you have limited computer skills, its simple navigational system and point and click interface enables you to create eye-catching real-time graphics well. You can also induce behavioral characteristic in you models without relying on complicated key framing techniques. 2) Flexibility – Apple Motion is among the most flexible 3D animation software in 2021. It has combines graphic, text, and video elements. It is compatible with a plethora of third-party software such as Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, DVD studio Pro, and many others.

8. CrazyTalk Animator PRO (Old Version)

This old version of Reallusion’s CrazyTalk Animator Pro line of 3D animation software ranks eight on our list. This smart product has an advanced 3D engine that enables you to sketch and model you character of choice and then animate. You can also add voice and text to your work and then stage it in an environment of your choice to create a realistic advertisement and or video presentations. As other software highlighted on this list, Crazy Talk Animator Pro is very easy to use. Its drag and drop interface is simple yet responsive. It ability to create models from illustrations and photos is also innovative, while its puppeteering and facial animations help you to bring your models to life. You will not regret buying it.

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7. Kid Pix 3D

Does your child love art? Are you looking for an affordable 3D animation that your child can use to explore his or her creativity? Whist many Kids’ 3D animation software are attainable on the Internet, the best 2021 brand worth buying is this Kid Pix 3D software by Software Mackiev. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, is cost effective, and has an intuitive point and click interface with dozens of interesting features. Its mufti-layered 3D background, for instance, are eye-catching, and create excellent sets. Its costume frame and video narration features allow you to create life-like 3D models, while its responsive animation engine allows you to add interactive motion paths while modeling. You can then convert animated pictures into slide shows and movies. Finally, with its dedicated flip book button, your kid is not able to create animated short stories easily that are up to 60 second long.

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6. Anime Studio Pro 10

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Smith Micro’s Anime Studio Pro 10 is a unique 3D modeling software engineered for both novice and professional animators. Apart from its cost effectiveness and ease of use, it ranks sixth on this top 10 2021 list for these reasons: first, with its array of paint and vector-based draw tools, you can easily draw eye-catching art from within the software. Its bone-rigging tools are excellent for creating skeleton structures that you can then beef-up to create functional animated characters. Finally, if you use other graphic programs or have existing images or scanned drawings that you want to convert to 3D models, you can do this easily with a click of a button. Once you have imported them into Anime Studio, it will convert them in to ready-to-animate vector drawings automatically

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5. RHINO 5 3D Modeler

In 2021, this Rhino 5 3D modeler is among the most versatile 3D animation software in the market. It is also easy to use, fast, versatile (has over 2000 enhancements), and does not use a lot of system resources to stay functional, as many high-end brands do. Major features that have won it the number five spot on our list are: 1) Precision – this 3D modeling software is among the most accurate brands you will ever find in 2021. Its advanced engine allows you to design sketches and prototypes accurately, and then engineer and analyze their motions. 2) Unrestricted Editing – with this software, you can edit and or modify your projects without compromising quality. This is essential, especially for novices.

4. Poser 7 3D Figure Design and Animation

If you are an animator, have a Windows-based computer, and want a high-performance 3D animation software that you can use to create personal, promotional, and or commercial 3D projects, E-Frontier’s Poser 7 3D figure design and animation software is worth buying. It has a low learning curve. It is also accurate and creates excellent 3D models from scratch, photographs, and images from third-party software such as Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator.

3. Poser Pro 2012

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Key features that have earned Poser Pro 2012 the second best 3D animation software on our list include: 1) Drag and drop interface – you do not have to learn any complex coding language or complete and programming course to use this software well. It drag-and-drop interface enables you to create stunning lifelike characters and virtual 3D scenes easily and fast. 2) Unrestricted editing – Poser pro 2012 enables you to edit and stylize your characters as you deem fit. 3) Easy Automation – this software’s frame animation tools enable you to create striking 3D animations with little effort. You can make models talks and walk. You can also make them dance or exhibit and other motion of your liking.

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2. Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe

Honest Technology’s Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe is an advanced 3D animation software that works well with both low and high spec computers. It is easy to use, supports audio recording, and has an innovative Onionskin technology that allows you to create frame/ image overlays when modeling. It one-click-upload to Facebook and other social sites is appealing, while its ability to convert videos into iPad and iPhone compatible ones (MPEG/AVC) is exhilarating.

1. Poser 8 (Old Version)

On our list, Smith Micro Software Inc’s old version of the Poser 8 line of 3D animation software is the best in 2021. It is powerful. It is also affordable, compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and has many innovative tools that make 3D modeling a breeze. For instance, with a bit of practice, you can create fully customized textured 3D humans. You also create environmental sets and render photo realistic images and photographs easily.

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