Top 10 Best Amazon Echo Accessories Reviewed In 2021

Musical accessories are diverse in reputable store such as Amazon. However, the Amazon Echo remains one of the most sought after for many reasons. Its clear and immersive sound, for instance, appeals to most people. Whenever you are relaxing at home, you will have a fun time with an original one. For people who travel often, it is also a good option. It is compact. It is also portable and has a large omnidirectional speaker (360 degrees) that sounds well outdoors. Whether you like playing music from sites such as Pandora or from offline storage, this is the product for you.

Do you depend on your Amazon Echo as your main source of entertainment? Even though small, this product works better that some of the best speakers that people have at home. It is also dependable. You do not have to worry about it breaking down over time. Performance issues are also minimal. Finally, with one of the Amazon Echo accessories that we have listed herein, you can customize its performance to get better results.

10. Lightning Power – Lycra Carrying Case

Lightning Power – Lycra Carrying Case

The Amazon Echo is a depended-on media accessory mainly because of its portability. However, like other electrical devices, it is sensitive to the rain. Elements such as UV also damage its structure and performance over time. To transport yours safely whilst camping or exploring the outdoors, buy this Lightning Power – Lycra Carrying Case. It is a durable accessory. It also fits the Amazon Echo well without scratching or lowering its value in any way.

This carrying case is a lightweight accessory (2.9 ounces). On the road, thus, it will not weigh you down as the bulky and poorly made models often do. The 3mm thick Lycra fabric used to make it, on the other hand, is durable. It resists the elements well. It also resists wear and tears over time. Buy one for your Amazon Echo to secure it well. You also get add-on storage for your charger and keys.

Do not worry about carrying this storage case around. As noted earlier, it is a portable accessory. It also has a sturdy carabiner that you can use to secure it on your belt or the best backpack in your possession.


  • Durable Lycra case
  • Easy-access zippered closure
  • Lightweight design (2.9 ounces)
  • Sturdy carabiner for safe transport
  • Resists stress and the elements


  • Not flexible (battery case does not fit)

9. The Echo Mount for Amazon Echo

The Echo Mount for Amazon Echo

Do you have an Amazon Echo that you depend on for entertainment? Are you tired of it tumbling over whenever you are listening to music? To secure it well without lowering sound quality, buy The Echo Mount for Amazon Echo. It is a stylish accessory. Proudly manufactured in the USA, it is also durable and works well in all environments. With one, thus, you will entertain in peace at home, work, or the park.

Unlike some Amazon Echo accessories that frustrate people, this mount is easy to use. With its endless mounting capabilities, for instance, you can install it easily in all orientations. It also has a sleek outlook that does not fade over time nor lower the value of the Echo in any way. With an original model, thus, you will enjoy exceptional results for many months or years. This mount has a money back guarantee (100%).


  • Sleek outlook
  • Money back guarantee (100%)
  • Stabilizes the Amazon Echo well
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Durable USA-made design


  • Impairs voice recognition

8. Mission Power Portable Battery Base

Mission Power Portable Battery Base

The Amazon Echo, like the best fitness trackers are, is a battery-powered accessory. You have to recharge its battery often to keep it working well for long. Even though most standard power outlets work well, access is often a challenge, particularly in remote sites. This is where this battery base comes in. Because of its portable design, you can travel with it effortlessly. It also has a powerful system that prolongs playing time by around six hours.

Set up is very easy. Unlike standard charges that require you to maneuver obstacles to access sockets, its plug and play system is ingenious. It comes in handy indoors. You will also enjoy using it in camping sites or at the park.

Mission Power Portable Battery Base recharges fast (using standard adapters). It is also durable and has an intelligent battery management technology that delivers the best charging experience. Forget about the plethora of issues such as the memory effect that often plague most low-quality rechargeable batteries.


  • Durable rechargeable battery
  • Fast-charging system
  • Intelligent battery management technology
  • Prolongs playback by six hours
  • Safe for day-to-day use


  • None

7. Smatree AE9000 Intelligent Battery Base

Smatree AE9000 Intelligent Battery Base

Featuring a plastic base and 9000mAh battery pack (33.3Wh), Smatree AE9000 is an intelligent battery base that benefits Amazon Echo enthusiasts. If you depend on the Echo for entertaining but hate its short battery life, this is a suitable remedy. It is affordable. It also fits the Amazon Echo well. Finally, at full capacity, it prolongs the life of the Echo by 5-8 hours. This way, you entertain longer indoors or outdoors.

To improve the performance of Amazon Echo, people waste money on many expensive add-ons that often fail to deliver. Smatree AE9000 Intelligent Battery Base delivers well. You also get a versatile accessory with a powerful magnetic connector that eliminates the need for cables and pins. All you have to do is place you Amazon Echo on it to listen to music longer.

Smatree AE9000 Intelligent Battery Base is a safety-certified accessory. It will never damage your Echo or lower its value in any way. It is also rechargeable and comes backed by a two-year limited warranty.


  • Safety-certified accessory
  • Prolongs battery life by 5-8 hours
  • Powerful magnetic connector
  • 9000mAh battery pack (33.3Wh)
  • Decently priced online
  • Charges phones too


  • Finicky connection

6. SquareTrade 2-Year Protection Plan (plus Accident Protection)

SquareTrade 2-Year Protection Plan (plus Accident Protection)

If you have an Amazon Echo that you depend on for entertainment, consider securing it with this two-year protection plan from SquareTrade. Formulated to cover all devices purchased in the past 30 days, it is a valuable accessory to own. Protection, for instance, starts immediately. It also covers a plethora of issues including production defects and accidental damage of you Amazon Echo. This, however, is within the first 90-days of owning the device.

Compared to losing your Amazon Echo, this cover is affordable. It also allows people to make up to three claims over its life. This is unheard of with some products. Finally, within three years, you qualify for a replacement product without paying shipping free or the hefty deductibles that some companies charge.


  • Protects against production defects
  • Protects against accidental damage
  • Supports up to three claims
  • Cost-effective policy
  • Fully transferable with gifts
  • No deductibles or shipping fees


  • None

5. Amazon Echo: 2021 Edition – User Guide and Manual

Amazon Echo-2021 Edition - User Guide and Manual - Learn It Live It Love It

The Amazon Echo is a versatile accessory that is perfect for entertaining. It sounds well. It is also durable and readily available online. Unfortunately, for newbies, its operation is often a challenge. They often miss many novel attributes that could transform how they entertain at home or outdoors. To avoid such problems, buy this Amazon Echo: 2021 Edition – User Guide and Manual. With one, you get a valuable accessory with many desirable attributes.

Amazon Echo: 2021 Edition – User Guide and Manual is not similar to most other manuals that you can find online. It is a digitized 92-page accessory that you will find interesting to read. Its language, for instance, is simple and easy to understand. You do not have to worry about the confusing jargon found in similar products. It also has a text-to-speech enabled system (in English) and a small (2MB) downloadable file that you can access from most devices. You will like this accessory.


  • Text-to-speech enabled system (in English)
  • Small downloadable file
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • 92 digitized pages


  • None

4. Amazon Echo Power Adapter

Amazon Echo Power Adapter

Are you shopping for a new power adapter for charging your Amazon Echo on demand? Do not go for the cheap brands that often disappoint. This unique power adapter will serve you better. Readily available in most stores, you get a dependable second-generation accessory that supplies up to 21-watts of charge. Its durability is impressive. Finally, fitted with a long (21-feet) power cord, you can access wall outlets easily whenever you are charging your Amazon Echo.

Unlike the aftermarket adapters that people waste money on, Amazon Echo Power Adapter is a durable accessory. The quality plastic used to make it, for instance, is not only aesthetic buy also durable. You will also use it for long without worrying about its long cable snapping and or melting over time.

When buying add-on accessories, many people are conscious about the safety of their Amazon Echo devices. If you are one of them, buy this adapter worry-free. It has a safe UL-certified design that does not lower the value of the Amazon Echo over time. It also charges fast and comes ready to use.


  • UL-certified adapter
  • Quality components
  • Long cable (21-feet)
  • Delivers 21-watts of charge


  • Overpriced adapter

3. Little Artisan Acrylic Speaker Guard

Little Artisan Acrylic Speaker Guard

Even though effective, the Amazon Echo has a plain-looking design that turns of most people. To add some pomp to its design without lowering its performance, this aesthetic clear blue speaker guard from Little Artisan works the best. It is a good-looking accessory. Made of soft acrylic, it is also comfortable and has a non-scratch barrier that protects the Amazon Echo well. With this accessory, your Echo will not only look good but also last long.

Forget about the flimsy guards that some people have on their devices. Little Artisan Acrylic Speaker Guard works better. Its stability, for instance, is impressive. Whenever you are listening to music, you do not have to worry about your Echo vibrating and tumbling over. Installation and removal are simple. Finally, this cover has a dazzling light ring that creates a stunning show whenever the Echo is playing.


  • Non-scratch interior
  • Supports the Echo well
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Aesthetic clear blue design
  • Functional light ring


  • Poor finishing
  • Generic design

2. Amazon Echo Voice Remote

Amazon Echo Voice Remote

Many people like the Amazon Echo over other speakers because of its voice-activated design. It is super convenient. Instead of fumbling with button, as is the case with other models, you can switch and operate it with simple voice controls. You can also check weather updates and stream news without touching the device. This Amazon Echo Voice Remote will take your experience to the next level.

Designed to connect with the Amazon Echo using Bluetooth, this voice remote improves its performance in many ways. With the help of its omnidirectional microphone, for instance, you will transmit clear voice prompts even in noisy environments. You can also increase the volume of the Echo easy and customize its performance using on-board controls. This remote is reliable. It also comes cheap online.


  • Powerful omnidirectional microphone
  • Reliable on-board controls
  • Light and portable design
  • Reliable Bluetooth connections


  • Slow response rates
    Misunderstands commands often

1. Fintie Protective Case

Fintie Protective Case

Manufactured using vegan leather, Fintie is a premium protective case for Amazon Echo with an eye-catching Z-love tree theme. It is a durable accessory. It also fits the Amazon Echo like a glove, which improves its performance significantly. You can hold it comfortably. You can also travel with your Echo without worrying about scratches and other structural damages.

Unlike some cases that lower the aesthetic value of Amazon Echo, this one has a lined interior that works well. It does not damage the Echo in any way. It also grips the Echo well to prevent it from sliding out in transit. Finally, you get a removable carrying strap for easier transportation.


  • Sturdy carrying strap
  • Lined interior (smooth)
  • Fits the Echo comfortably
  • Protects against stress
  • Protects against the elements
  • Stylish outlook


  • Super-thin fabric (not supportive)


To date, the Amazon Echo ranks among the most sought-after media accessories in online stores. It has a powerful and portable design that people like. It is also durable. Finally, it has a voice-activated design that you can operate easily indoors and outdoors. To maximize its functionality, buy one of or all of the best Amazon Echo accessories reviewed herein. They are affordable. They also work well over the years.

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