Top 10 Best Automatic Irrigation Controllers Reviewed In 2021

In the past individuals had to water their gardens and lawns using watering cans or pipes, often with frustrating results. Fortunately, with the development of automated irrigation controllers, you can now maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system by programming time and synchronizing lawn watering with the rain patterns of your locality. Most models are affordable, easy to install, and have convenient touch-based systems that you can use to control various zones of your garden or lawn. They are also compatible with various drip and sprinkle irrigation systems and battery or electricity-powered designs that work reliably once set, even in your absence. To get a valuable model that you will enjoy using for years, the 10 best are:

10. Toro 53794 ECXTRA

Toro 53794 ECXTRA 6-Zone Indoor Timer, Bonus-Pack

With the development of efficient and accurate automatic irrigation controllers such as Toro 53794 ECXTRA, watering of lawns and gardens is no longer a challenging affair. Featuring an advanced 6-zone system that works well indoors, it helps users to automate watering of various areas of their lawns and gardens at various intervals. The pump ready relay port offered works well with both wells and pumps, while the large non-volatile memory offered remembers your preferred settings. You also get a built-in calendar (365 days) that you can use to program irrigation by day, week, or month; a valve failure detection feature that betters safety, a seasonal adjust feature for increasing and decreasing water schedules during hot and cool months respectively automatically, and an expandable design that you can customize to cover 10 zones.

9. SkyDrop Smart Sprinkler Controller

SkyDrop 8 Zone Wifi-Enabled App Smart Sprinkler Controller

Do you have an active Wi-Fi connection at home? To automate the irrigation system in your home and control it via your smartphone, this smart sprinkler controller is an advanced Wi-Fi enabled model that comes in handy. Its eight-zone system covers a large area. By monitoring weather conditions in your locality in real time, it customizes watering of all zones to keep you lawn green and healthy. The quick and painless installation steps (on existing sprinkler systems) benefits homeowners of all cadres while the intelligent monitor it comes with enables you to customize watering directly from your smartphone or computer via a Wi-Fi network. Forget about the stress of watering your lawn manually every day.

8. Orbit Watermaster 91922

Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control

Are you having a difficult time choosing among the tens of automatic irrigation controllers in stores? To get a versatile eight-station model with a remote controlled system that you can customize effortlessly, Orbit Watermaster 91922 is one of the best products around. Compatible with most sprinkler systems, this timer station has a versatile system that saves you the vast amounts you would have spent on plumbing and other accessories. Orbit Watermaster 91922 is also super-efficient and by far one of the best models for saving water consumption during dry conditions. It will also benefit you immensely with landscaping, managing flowers, and fertilizing small or expansive lawns.

7. Orbit 57946 B-Hyve

Orbit 57946 B-hyve Indoor-Outdoor 6-Station Smart WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, Orbit 57946 B-Hyve is a versatile six-station sprinkler system controller with a smart Wi-Fi-enabled system that you can control using your computer and Android or iOS smartphone. Powered by an advanced weather-based software (with WeatherSense technology), you can now customize irrigation based on site conditions (sun/shade, soil types, and slope), live weather feeds, and forecast ET. Its automated system delivers the correct amount of water based on the foregoing attributes while its ease of installation (on angled wiring terminals) is invaluable. Orbit 57946 B-Hyve is USA-made and saves water consumption by up to 50%.

6. Rain Bird SST400I

Rain Bird SST400I Simple To Set Indoor Timer, 4-Zone

Compatible with Rain Bird and most other types of irrigation systems, Rain Bird SST400I is a top-rated indoor timer with a versatile 4-zone system that works excellently. Featuring an automated timer that you can use to customize watering schedules in real time; this accessory can satisfy the landscaping needs of individuals of all cadres. Water conservation (while maximizing plant and lawn health) is impressive while its versatility and relative ease of setup (zone by zone) better the experience of users further. With an original, you get a large LCD screen and backlit buttons that ease programming, surge protection, and a sealed case that protects its components from grime, insects, and moisture over time.

5. Rain Bird SST1200O

Rain Bird SST1200O Simple To Set Indoor-Outdoor Timer, 12-Zone

Forget about those hard to install watering controllers in stores. Purchase Rain Bird SST1200O to get an easy to setup 12-zone outdoor and indoor timer that works better than most of its competition. The 12 zones offered, for instance, enable you to cover a large area. The zone-by-zone settings offered enable you to control each area of your lawn independently while the customizable water durations (by days of the week) betters water management in both dry and wet weather. As the Rain Bird SST400I listed, you also get backlit buttons, a large/easy to read screen, and a sealed case that protects its components against insects, moisture, and grime.

4. Orbit 57894

Orbit 57894 4-Station Outdoor Swing Panel Sprinkler System Timer

Mountable outdoors and indoors, Orbit 57894 is a one of a kind four-station sprinkler system timer with a durable and easy to use swing panel. The three watering programs it comes with enable you to customize its performance based on your landscape and the weather in your locality. Each zone also has dedicated start timers that you can use to schedule watering individually. This sprinkler system is affordable, compatible with most irrigation systems, and has a weatherproof design with a built-in backup battery that remembers all your preferred watering settings.

3. RainMachine Touch HD-12

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller,2nd Generation,6.5-Inch

Popular in top 10 best automatic irrigation controllers reviewed in 2021, RainMachine Touch HD-12 is an ultra-smart Wi-Fi enabled irrigation controller with a convenient 6.5-inch design that does not clutter homes. Released in 2021, its durability and water saving properties have earned it a spot among the most sought-after products in this niche. Its ability to collate data from various weather networks (Wunderground, METNO, and NOAA) improves its accuracy and its compatibility with computers, Android smartphones, and iOS smartphones allow you to customize it from anywhere.

2. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa

Buy an original Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller to get an advanced 8-zone accessory that works well with voice activation services such as Alexa. Considered among the best in its class, this second-generation controller is durable, very easy to install, and has a versatile system that you can access and customize via computers, iOS smartphones, and Android smartphones. The automatic scheduling feature offered uses future, present, and past weather settings to maximize its effectiveness while its ability to save water consumption by up to 50% s saves users substantial amounts of money over time.

1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 1st Generation, Works with Alexa

Take lawn irrigation to the next level with this smart sprinkler controller from Rachio. Compatible with Alexa, you can control it easily via voice prompts. Its eight-zone system uses an advanced weather intelligence technology (automated) to maximize water efficiency (by up to 30%) while its compatibility with most sprinkler controllers (Wink, Nest, Nexia, and Amazon Alexa to name a few) eases expansion of irrigation systems.

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