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Top 10 Best Axes >$200 Reviewed In 2022

Depended on by carpenters, homeowners, and campers alike, axes are versatile hand tools that consist of a sharp weighted head (often made of steel) and a comfortable handle. Most models are light and easy to use. Bodies, on the other hands, are well balanced to maximize striking power while the quality materials used to make most contemporary models work excellently for years without losing their functional value. If you are on the market for a new model that meets this threshold and do not mind spending 200 dollars and above, the 10 best in 2022 include:

10. Ontario ON8417 Wyvern Axe

Ontario ON8417 Wyvern Axe

Measuring 18-7/8-inches, Ontario ON8417 Wyvern is a compact hand axe that packs a heavier punch that comparable longer ones. Manufactured using a 5160 high carbon steel, its blade its durable and has an ever-sharp edge (2-inches) that slices through wood like butter. Its one-piece construction does not snap easier as some models while the black epoxy coating used to cover it lowers the risk of rust and corrosion outdoors. Handle, on the other hand, is a solid wooden model with a lanyard hole for easier and transportation, while the nylon and leather sheath (black) it comes with protects its cutting surface from dulling over time.

9. e-tradeusa Personalized Hatchet Axe

Set of 9 Personalized Hatchet Axes Groomsman, Groomsmen Gifts-Personalized Engraved Custom Axes for Men, for him With Rosewood Handle

Featuring a charming custom design that most users like and a unique rosewood handle that is both stylish and functional, e-tradeusa is a personalized hatchet axe that ranks among the best camping gifts in stores. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, its head is durable, weighty, and has a sharp 2.6-inch cutting edge that does cutting and splitting jobs well. Its wooden handle is approximately 4.8 inches long, while the stylish black pouch that buyers get not only eases storage/transportation but also protects it from accelerated wear and tear over the years.

8. Hardcore Hardware Australia LFT-01

Hardcore Hardware Australia LFT-01 Tactical Tomahawk Black G-10

With this Hardcore Hardware Australia LFT-01, you get a durable black-themed tactical tomahawk with an overall length of approximately 12.50 inches. Weight is approximately one pound, while the large 2.95-inch axe edge offered cuts deeply with each strike. Instead of repeatedly striking logs, as is the case with some axes, you will be able to get the job faster with minimal irritation and or hand fatigue. Many people also appreciate its advanced Velcro/press stud blade retention technology, aesthetic/rust proof black Teflon finish, and its contoured G-10 handle that also absorbs shock excellently with each strike.

7. S.A. Wetterling Axe

S.A. Wetterling Axe 29K Large Splitting Axe with Hickory Handle

Recommended for splitting logs and wood, S.A. Wetterling is a heavy-duty (3.3 pounds) axe with a tall 29-inch handle that maximizes swing speed. Its large and tempered steel head has a sharp 2-3/4-inch cutting edge. Handle is a comfortable and well-finished model made of hickory wood and the offered brown leather sheath aesthetic and designed to protect its blade well in storage. You do not have to worry about it dulling or rusting after one or two months even when used in rainy outdoor environments often. Overall, for the 200 dollars spent, you get a professional-grade accessory that will serve you well for years.

6. Gränsfors Bruks Splitting Axe

Gränsfors Bruks Splitting Axe with Collar Guard 31 Handle

Popular for the quality collared axes that it has produced over the years, Gränsfors Bruks is a dependable brand as far as axes are concerned. With this splitting model, for instance, you get a large 31-inch accessory with a weighted 3.5-pound head, a large 3-inch face, and a durable hickory handle that betters its performance and the comfort level of users. Because of its long and ergonomic handle, strokes are powerful and optimized to split in a single swift motion. The wedge-shaped cutting edge boosts its cutting power further while the gripped ridges on its handle minimize the risk of slipping, therefore, injury. Gränsfors Bruks offers a free leather sheath and a 20-year guarantee for this axe.

5. Gransfors Bruks Swedish Carving Axe

Gransfors Bruks, Large Swedish Carving Axe

Are you shopping for a new carving axe for everyday use? While several premium models are currently available in stores, this Swedish model from Gransfors Bruks is one of the best around. Made of high-grade steel, it is durable, rust resistant, and perfect for heavy duty splitting. Its double-ground design is admirable, while its characteristic curved edge cuts deeper with each strike. Its handle, on the other hand, has a proportional and well-balanced design that not only feels good in the hand but also improves the performance of users significantly. It is also compact (14-inches) and has a carved design that grips tightly when in use. Buy one to get a free leather sheath and a 20-year warranty.

4. Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe

Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe

Backed by a 20-year guarantee, Gransfors Bruks Small is a versatile splitting axe with a lightweight and multi-functional design that you will enjoy using on a regular basis. Fitted with a heavy 3-pound head, for instance, it is not only durable but also delivers the striking power needed to split wood with a single strike. Its handle is modest (23-inch) and well finish to maximize the comfort levels of users while the included sheath protects it well from environmental elements in storage. For safety, this splitting axe has a Collar Guard that comes in handy in the event of an overstrike.

3. Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

Do not waste your money on the cheap axes in stores that dull and or break without warning. To get a heavy-duty outdoor model that you can use with minimal stress and or heartaches, this model from Gransfors Bruks is one of the best. Featuring a comfortable 14.75-inch hickory handle and a weighted (1-pound) steel head with a 2.5-inch cutting face, this axe performs excellently. It is also durable, has a well-finished design that scores high in both aesthetics and performance, and comes with a free leather sheath and an axe book that will educate you on the essentials of axe use.

2. Amer Felling Axe

Amer Felling Axe, 4 lb, Hickory

Amer by Council Tool is an innovative 4-pound felling axe with a large 35-3/8-inch design and a sturdy hickory handle that absorbs shock well. Its head is large and made using a durable 5169 alloy steel (heat treated and tempered) that withstands abuse well. Its cutting edge is also large (4.5-inches) and well-honed to cut wood effortlessly, while the free leather sheath it comes with fits and protects its head.

1. Leveraxe Splitting Axe

Leveraxe Splitting Axe, Vipukirves 36-inch

Top on our list, Leveraxe is a 36-inch splitting axe with a quality 4.18-pound steel head that splits firewood with ease. If you have a difficult time using one of the heavy models in the market, this model has a lightweight and well-balanced design that works well for men and women. The premium materials used to make it last long while the safety hook on its back minimizes the risk of injury significantly. Leveraxe offers a free sheath and a 10-year warranty for it.

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alloy steel, steel head, Velcro/press stud blade retention technology

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