Top 10 Best Baby Lotions Reviews 2022

As a parent or caregiver, you want to meet the needs of your baby as well as you possibly can. In light of this, one of the most important decisions that you will make is what kind of lotion you will put on your baby’s sensitive, gentle skin. There are two major factors to consider when you are selecting baby lotion; first is how healthy its ingredients are; second is how likely it is to sooth and hydrate your baby’s skin instead of producing a negative reaction, such as a rash. You have many wonderful options for your baby; below are reviews for several of them.

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion has a lot going for it if you are especially eager to go the organic, natural route. In addition, parents love its lovely vanilla orange scent. Most also say that this lotion absorbs nicely into their children’s skin without leaving an unpleasant, oily residue. However, while some parents say that it works wonderfully for their children–even ones with sensitive skin–others complain that their children broke out in a rash after using this lotion. At Skin Deep (EWG’s Cosmetics Database) this lotion is rated at a one, which means it is extremely low risk for causing serious health problems.
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Puracy Organic Baby Lotion is another natural, organic baby lotion. While most parents love this lotion, and even say that it works especially well for their children with sensitive skin, it has not worked well at all for some, causing the baby’s skin to become very irritated, and even causing eye irritation. Many parents love the grapefruit, lavender scent of this lotion, but some complain that it smells much too pungent, especially for a baby to wear. On the positive side, some parents mention that the scent really helps their little ones relax and sleep peacefully. Finally, the consistency of this lotion is well liked, as parents say it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. This lotion receives a rating of two on Skin Deep; which, while not quite as low as the previous product, is still an excellent rating.
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Babo Botanicals Lavender Meadowsweet Calming Baby Moisturizing Lotion is a natural product produced on an all organic farm. For the most part, parents especially love this lotion and state that it works very well for their children, even ones with particularly sensitive skin. Unfortunately, however, there are some occasional complaints about it causing dryness, burning or rash. In addition, some find the lavender smell too strong. On the other hand, many love the scent and think that it makes the baby smell very sweet and even relax and sleep well. Comments on how well the lotion absorbs and whether or not it leaves a baby’s skin feeling tacky are mixed. Unfortunately, Skin Deep has not rated this particular product; however, in another scent it receives a rating of three, which is relatively low.
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Babyganics Daily Baby Lotion is a natural lotion that most parents say works well, even for children with sensitive skin. However, there are some very emphatic complaints about it causing children’s skin to burn and one parent even said that it made her son’s eczema much worse. In addition, many have commented that this lotion smells absolutely horrible. On the positive side, most parents state that this lotion absorbs well without leaving their babies sticky feeling. Skin Deep rates this product as a two.
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Tom’s of Maine baby lotion is a greatly loved, natural product. Parents write that it works excellently even for children with eczema and has a pleasant, gentle scent. About the only negative thing that parents have to say about this lotion is not caring for the smell, but these comments are few and non-emphatic. In addition, parents comment very favorably on the consistency of this lotion, saying that it is slightly thicker than many lotions and absorbs very nicely. This product is rated a four on Skin Deep, which is still in the moderate rather than high concern zone.
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California Baby Calendula Everyday Moisturizing Lotion contains natural and organic products and is loved, not only for not causing skin irritation, but also, for clearing it up! Serious complaints about this product are very limited; several people do not care for the smell at all; however, others think that the scent is wonderful. For the most part, parents say that this lotion absorbs nicely; however, this opinion is not universal. Skin Deep rates this product as a one.
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Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion is a ninety-nine percent organic product. While most parents have very good things to say about it, and there are even comments about it helping with eczema and skin irritation, there are also several comments about it inflaming a baby’s eczema and causing severe burning. Some like the Calendula scent of this lotion, while others don’t care for it. Finally, while some parents state that this lotion absorbs nicely, there are also complaints of it being very greasy. On Skin Deep, this product is rated as a four; however, it was last updated in 2022, so that information may not be up to date.
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According to parents’ comments, all of these are very good lotions that have worked excellently for many babies. However, some of them have caused significant issues which you certainly would not like for your baby to suffer through. Hopefully this information will help equip you to make a smart choice for the little one in your care.

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