Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022

Carrying sports equipment with ease is one of every sportsman dream. A good bag ensures the safety and comfort without losing your gear on the way. Further, it renders carrying of sports tool more organized without causing embarrassment in the field. However, a carrying bag should be lightweight and sturdy to withstand the field conditions.

Due to the size and weight of baseball bats, they require a special bag designed to accommodates them. Some are designed just like regular backpacks with side pouches to carry bats. Others are intended to accommodate the whole bats as well as other equipment. We have analyzed different bags and compiled a guide aimed at helping you get an ideal one.

What to Look When Buying a Baseball Bat Bag

Size and Design

Size is one of the determining factors when it comes to bat bags buying. Depending on the bag design, it greatly influences the number of bats it can fit. Some of the bags can accommodate more bat than others due to their design rather than size.

Some bags are constructed with a single compartment and equipped with pouches on the sides. These small pockets are designed to accommodate water bottles or baseball bats. On the other hand, the size of pockets differs in size; hence the bag will be ideal for carrying other baseball equipment such as gloves, pants, sunscreens among other accessories.

Another type of design is an internally divided bag into small compartments. This ensures you carry your equipment when more organized. The majority of the sports tools are insides the bag and it has a few pockets. The punches are for larger items such as bats which can’t fit inside the bag. However, some bags are large, and every item fits inside the bag including bats.

Style of Carrying

When it comes to the designing style, we have various types. Some are simply designed only two bats while others can carry many bats. However, comfort and weight distribution are the primary consideration in all available styles.

Wheeled bags: these bags are enhanced with casters, which allow the user to pull with ease. They are ideal to carry more baseball accessories besides bats.

Backpack: These are the newest and common among many players. They are just regular school bags with enhanced pockets to accommodate the playing bats. They feature shoulder straps, which ease carrying and weights distribution.

Handheld bags: these are long and narrow bags designed to accommodate multiple bats. They resemble duffle bags and are fitted with two straps on the top to allow easy carrying.

Shoulder straps bags: just like wheeled bags these shoulder strapped bags are ideal for carrying weighty equipment. They are enhanced with comfortable shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight allowing you to carry your gear for a longer time or distance.

Material of Construction

The material for bag construction determines its durability. Therefore, whenever looking for a bat carrying bag, go for one with strong material. A robustly constructed bag is ideal and will fit in all conditions. Besides looking for a strong material, the inner side should have a soft sewing to ensure you experience comfort when carrying.

10. Easton E100XLP Backpack

Easton E100XLP Backpack

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

Eaton E100XLp is a bag to pick. It is a compact bag with amazing features, and overall strength is great. It has a typical backpack design. Therefore, it will allow easy carrying of various baseball accessories. The pack assists you to carry your helmet, gloves pants with convenience and comfort without tiring.

The bags features front pockets access to make it easily accessible. Therefore, you can access your personal items without removing the bag from yours back. The double pockets ensure you carry two bats just in case one brings inconveniences, you can switch to the other one. Further, you can carry different sizes that suit you playing.

Easton E100XLP comes with divided cleats compartments. Unlike the other bat bags, this one is very easy to arrange your playing accessories. It comes with well-divided compartments which are designed to accommodate your helmet, gloves and playing attires.

When you are buying this bag, it guarantees durability due to its materials of construction.It features a robust T420D hex rip stop 600D which is resistant to easy tearing. Besides durability, it has a sufficient padding on the back which impacts a comfortable feeling.


  • Durable construction material: T420D hex rip-stop 600D
  • It is compartmented for organized arrangement of playing equipment
  • Heavily padded for extra comfort
  • Easy to access bats due to front pockets configuration


  • The bag is a bit small limiting its capacity


Easton E100XLP Backpack is an ideal bag for everyone who loves baseball. It is small-sized, durable and comfortable to carry.

9. Easton E200P Bat Pack

Easton E200P Bat Pack

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

A bat bag is not just a bag. You need something that will impact inspiration and motivation when you are walking or playing. So, when you think about acquiring one, a perfect solution is Easton E200P Bat comes with lots of incredible features despite its compact size.

One of the impressive things about this backpack is the front positioned pockets. Unlike other bags which you have to put down to get you’re playing bats, this one you can do it while it is in the back. Both side pockets are designed to allow easy access when you need your bats. Further, putting them back to the pouches is easy and can be done while the bag is still on your back.

Dense padding in straps and back: when it comes to comfort, you can bet on this bag. It features a heavy padded back, which is ideal when you are walking for as longer distance. It prevents your back from strains, which can lead to back pains. Apart from thick back padding, straps are also adequately padded. They ensure that your weighty bag doesn’t cause your shoulders to hurt due and you experience maximum comfort.

Dual exterior pockets: there is no need to carry your playing bats with your hand. This Easton E200P has double pockets to enable you to carry them without a hassle. They are sturdy featuring neoprene construction; hence, weight won’t compromise them.

Available in a variety of colors; choose your color and feel the satisfaction. The backpack allows you to have the color of your choice, unlike others, which are restricted to a single color. It is available in 7 colors.


  • It has ventilated cleat compartment to keep them breathing
  • Doubles pocketed to ensures you carry more than one bat
  • Compact design for easy portability


  • Limited cleat compartment: only for child sized cleats


Easton E200P Bat Pack is an excellent bag for use by all people whether adults or student. It is durable and allows you to carry more weight while enjoying comfort.

8. Wilson DeMarini NVS Baseball and Softball Bag

Wilson DeMarini NVS Baseball and Softball Bag

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

If you love baseball or softball, you must have reliable bags, which will assist you to transport your sporting equipment. Carrying them with your bare hands or other unsuitable bags might cause damage or loss. The Wilson DeMarini NVS Baseball and Softball Bag is a bag to trust with all features a baseball bat bag should have.

The bag has a large compartment ideal. With this backpack, your storage and transportation of your sporting accessories is a breeze. There is no squeezing them to fit as with other smaller bags. It has well-designed compartments that can fit a helmet, gloves, uniform and other gears.

Versatile meshed sleeves; storing your bats, water bottles or sunscreens should no worry you again. The bag has meshed two pockets which are designed to hold your baseball bats and also cans serve as bottle water holders. Their stretchy nature ensures the bats or bottles are well cuddled eliminating any possibility of losing them.

Safe cellphones pocket: when you are playing, this bag provides shelter to your cell phone. It has a fleece lined pocket which ensures your phone is as safes as possible. Further, the integrated fence hook allows hanging your bag. This ensures it remains clean and secure from being stumbled. You can trust this backpack for the protection of all your equipment. It has as water resistant material and bottom to keep them dry and free from moisture.


  • Water resistant material to keep liquids away
  • Front pockets for convenient access to personal items
  • Spacious main compartment


  • Weak sleeves: they are mesh constructed


Wilson DeMarini NVS Baseball and Softball Bag is a quality bag for beginners and expert baseballers. It provides as safe have for personal items as well as playing equipment.

7. Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack

Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

Feel the uniqueness with a high-quality bag, which delivers a stylish design and durability. Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack is the ultimate bags, which every baseball player is craving. It has a novel design unlike the other backpacks to ensure you carry all your equipment in one bag. It comes with an external helmet pocket allowing you to have enough internal space for other items. Additionally, it features an extra space dedicated for the embroidery.

The bag is secure and dedicated for carrying sports equipment. It is equipped with as dual zippers for a secure closing when you are traveling and also keeping them safe. Besides zipping, whens you are not using the bags, it is very simple to store it with its equipped fence hooks. The shoe compartment is vented to ensure your cleats fit perfectly.

Dense padding in this bag makes it versatile and safe for carrying a variety of items. Besides being useful sports bag, it allows you to store your laptop, clothes or other gadgets. It further has felt lined pockets at the bottom, which are designed for personal items. The external combines 20D honeycomb ripstop, 600D polyester which provides extended durability.


  • Uniquely designed with external helmet compartment
  • Versatile; ideal for carrying variety of items
  • High-grade construction material for increased durability



Easton Walk-Off Bat Backpack is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing a bag for carrying your baseball bats. It is sturdy, comfortable and ideal for carrying others personal stuffs.

6. Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag

Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

Carry your bats with ease, comfort, and convenience; get this bat bag from Easton. It is a heavy-duty bag designed to transport your two bats while they are protected adequately. This is unlike the backpacks, which leave your bats, exposed leading to exposure and prevailing conditions. It has a structural piping, which enables maximum volume. Therefore space perfectly fits the two bats without pressuring the bag.

Carry and store your personal item with this bag without any chances of damage from the bats. They are designed with strategic configuration and padding which reduces contact between valuables and the bats. Therefore, you can carry your phone and others media devices to keep you entertained insides this bag.

When you are buying equipment bag, durability is one of the considering factors. Easton E100T is created to offers durable services. It is constructed from a heavy-duty material; T420D hex rip-stop, 600D polyester. This material ensures it last longer.


  • Spacious to carry all your sporting gear
  • Excellent in protecting valuables
  • Easy and comfortable carrying
  • Sleek design


  • For it to fit all equipment, it needs some squeezing


The bag is elegant and durably constructed. It is ideal for accommodating your sports gears as well as your valuable items. It is an excellent bag for all baseball enthusiasts.

5. Franklin Sports Junior Sports Equipment Bag

Franklin Sports Junior Sports Equipment Bag

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

Baseball playing is now easier than ever with Franklin Sports Junior Sports Equipment Bag. It is a fabulous bag suited for newbies and experts. It is a simple to carry bags featuring shoulder straps and handle straps. Unlike in other situation where you are forced to carry various bags, this one relieves you from that. It is fitted with shoulder straps, which allow you to carry heavy loads. On the other hand, when the equipment aren’t weighty, you can use hand straps. Moreover, when you are engaged, the bag offer has a fence hook, to allow easy hanging.

The bag is extras spacious to accommodate up to 3 bats. This is ideal since you can Cary your many favorites bats to increases yours game skills. Also, you can combine various sized bats hence increasing your molars each bat is held it its separate pockets to reduce inconveniences whens you are moving.

When you are arranging your items, the bag provides separated compartments for a variety of equipment. Apart from divided ones for bats, the rests of the gears are stored in a separate compartment. It is spacious capable to fit a helmet, gloves, and other essentials. Additionally, the cleat compartment is ventilated.


  • It is large; it can carry 3-bats
  • Easy to carry for young players
  • Ideal for organizing all yours baseball gear


  • Poor quality construction: cheap zipper and traps


Franklin Sports Junior Sports Equipment Bag is the perfect bag for the young players. It is dedicated to offering enough space for all equipment excellently. We can guarantee it is an excellent choice you can make.

4. Louisville Slugger EB Series Baseball Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger EB Series Baseball Equipment Bag

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

Are you finding a bag that you can rely on to makes your baseball playing a success? Don’t look any further; Louisville Slugger EB Series is a perfect answer. It is designed to offers transportation solution to all your sporting equipment organized and safe.

It has a spacious storage compartment, which allows easy storage. Unlike other bags, which you squeeze your item when storing, this one has large openings, which allow smooth sliding. Whether you are storing helmet, which tends to be challenging, it will provide a smooth opening as well as others playing gears. The bag is ideal for carrying a helmet with facemask.

At the sides, it is fitted with sturdily constructed sleeves to accommodate your two bats. They are enclosed featuring tough fabrics unlike in other bags, which are built from a weak mesh. The back is enhanced with a dense padding to make it comfortable when you are carrying. The padding is furthers extended to shoulder straps for easy and comfortable carrying. Despite its large capacity, is enjoys a compact design to cuddles your equipment properly. This bag is available in 7 colors; therefore, you can choose your favorite.


  • Sufficiently padded back and shoulder straps
  • Extra spacious compartment to fit face-masked helmet
  • Durable material of construction


  • It is thin walled hence weak

Louisville Slugger EB Series Baseball Equipment Bags is an amazing bag to buy. It enables safe and convenient transportation of sports gear and personal items. For every baseball fanatic, it is a bag to get.

3. Easton Walk-Off II Bat Backpack

Easton Walk-Off II Bat Backpack

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

As you search a large bag, which can be trusted for a long time, Easton Walk-Off II Bat Backpack is here for you. The backpack is sleek with beautiful decorations and design. Crafted to deliver high performance, it has numerous outstanding features, hence perfect for baseball equipment. Furnished with dual pockets, it allows for carrying of two baseball bats.

The pack comes with external helmet holder enabling it to be easy to access it as well as creating more space insides for other items. The holder is flexible to make sure it holds a helmet in position without compromising its safety. Carrying your items with this bag is safe due to its thick padding. Therefore, it is ideal for transporting other personal items apart from gaming gear. It can carry laptops, tablets and other entertainment devices without sufferings from shock.

Divided into compartments, it provides the highest safety to all stored items. Further, it has sturdy zippers, which secure your equipment. If you are playing, you don’t haves to worry about the safety of yours bag. It comes equipped with a J-shaped hook to allow hanging on the fence. The glove attachment has Velcro closure for the safety of your gloves, strapped laptop sleeves, and zippered cleats compartment.


  • It has external helmet holder hence extra-large space inside
  • Fitted with Velcro gloves attachment
  • Heavily padded for safety of your equipment


  • The bag is only available in one size


If you want a bag that offers versatility, get Easton Walk-Off II Bat Backpack. It allows you to carry sports equipment as well as other personal items with maximum safety.

2. Easton E100P Bat Backpack

Easton E100P Bat Backpack

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

If you are aspiring to become a baseball player, you have a reason to smile. You can now carry all yours playing items with this compactly designed backpack from Easton. Intended for young players, it provides inspiration whenever you are moving your items: it is non-sagging or oversized. It has a double bat pockets, which you can also use to carry water bottles. The sleeves are meshed and stretchy to fit your bats perfectly while providing a secure storage.

There is no putting your bag on the ground when you are playing or training. The J designed hook allows you to hang it on the fences thus keeping out of dust. This makes it possible to maintain the bag clean for a long time and also cleaning a smooth job. Besides having a hanging hook, carrying is easy and comfortable. It has padded straps, which reduces stress on shoulders while facilitating balanced weight distribution.

The durably constructed bag is strong and can carry heavy weight without tearing. Its exterior is sewed from tough T4200 hex rip-stop, 600D polyester, which delivers excellent strength. Its exterior pockets are zippers enhanced for the safety of the carried items.


  • Compact yet spacious for the young baseball players
  • Zippered pockets for safety of the items
  • Durable polyester construction material


  • Small sized to fit helmet and facemask


Easton E100P Bat Backpack is the perfect gift you can give to your junior. It is purposely designed for young players hence will fit him perfectly. It is compact and durable with a sleek design and beautiful finish.

1. DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Equipment Backpack

DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Equipment Backpack

Top 10 Best Baseball Bat Bags Reviewed in 2022 1

Get this most stylish backpack for carrying your sports equipment and become a pro. It is an ideal bag which allows you to organize all your sporting gear without any inconvenience. The DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Equipment Backpack is designed to treat your baseball equipment with care. Therefore, it has some of the bets features you can imagine.

The bag is constructed with a large compartment to accommodate all your gears without any hitch. You can store your helmet, gloves, and others items without forcing them. Further, its sides sleeve enables it to fit two baseball bats. They are zippered at the top to allow easy bat storage while locking them in places when you are traveling.

The pack is ideal for use everywhere; it has a fence hook to enable convenient hanging when you are in the field. To provide adequate care to your personal items: it has fleece lined pocket which you can store your phone. Its bottom sides are waterproof to protect all your equipment further. It is possible to customize your bag since the embroidery panel is removable. Further, the shoe compartment is vented.


  • Easy customization through removable embroidery panel
  • Spacious to accommodate gear and other personal items
  • It is secured since it has BarrelLock neoprene bat sleeves



DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Equipment Backpack an excellent baseball equipment carrying bag. It has a large capacity, customizable and offers high safety to your gear.


Baseball bat carrying bags are important, as we have seen. They are designed to provide care to helmets, gloves cleats among others. Therefore, it is not ideal to carry your equipment with your hands, or with unsafe packs. With one of the bags, you are going to enjoy your gaming than ever.

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