Top 10 Best Basketball Knee Pads In 2019

For a basketball player, knee injury can sideline you. With a knee pad, not only can you prevent certain injuries, but you can also help speed up the recoup process as well, when you are injured. When choosing a new knee pad to wear while you are training or while you are playing in a game, these are top 10 best basketball knee pads in 2017 to consider when you are ready to buy.

10. Padded sleev

High performance fabric will stretch over the knee, to help provide padding and support to the back and front areas of your knee. Compression technology helps to induce proper blood flow, which will not only promote circulation, but will also help in the healing process if you are suffering from an injury.


9. Combat

Anti slip silicone base, ultra compression to help ensure proper blood flow, and with a tight grip action, it will help keep the knee in place, and provide padded support to help prevent injuries. It provides advanced protection, and helps you in the recovery process when you are injured.


8. HexPad

Extended sleeve for comfort and stability, the compression fabrics will help to keep the muscles in place, to help with blood flow, and to help shield you from other injuries on the court. With hydra vent and moisture protection, it will also keep you cool when playing at a quick pace.


7. Actpe

High quality polyester fiber is more durable and provides optimal comfort during game play as well. The anti slip band on the inside will keep it in place, and tight compression fit will help shield you from injuries, and also help to keep proper blood flow and circulation for quicker healing.


6. CoolOMG

Elastic polyester fiber will keep your knee in place, and the interior anti slip grip protection will help to keep the padded knee pad in place, when you are moving quickly. Keeps the knee warm, keeps tight compression over the area, helps to promote quicker healing or recovery from injuries.


5. McDavid

Nylon construction is not only more durable, but will hold its stretch for longer as well. With the padded, hexagonal exterior protection, it will not only ensure proper padding in the event of a fall, but will also retain its shape better than other knee pads will over a period of extended use.


4. Crashproof

Elastic polyester fiber, and a hexagonal honeycomb shape directly over the knee help to keep the pad in place, and also provide the protection needed if you fall on your knees. Protects against impact, and the honeycomb will help to keep the knee pad in place as well.


3. AGPtek

High quality, soft elastin fabric will remain in place, and provide optimal compression to help ensure blood flow and proper circulation when playing basketball. The breathable elastic is going to keep you cool, will fit tightly, and help to wick away sweat when playing at a fast pace as well.


2. CoolOMG

The crash proof pad has a honeycomb design directly at the front of the knee. This will help to keep the compression pad in place, but is also going to provide more protection when you fall. Tight compression fit helps ensure optimal protection, and works to help keep the muscles hot when you are playing.


1. McDavid Extended

Hexagon design right over the knee with a padded finish, protects you from injuries, while keeping the pad in place. With the longer version of this pad, you also have full compression over the calf, to help keep muscles warm, help them from tightening up on you, and also ensure you are getting proper blood flow through your entire leg when on the court.


The quick paced action on the court requires you have the right protection in place. Not only to help prevent an injury, but if you are recovering, the right equipment will also help you to recoup faster, so you can get back on the court in no time. These are some of the best options to consider when buying a new knee pad. Not only do they offer optimal protection, but the tight fit, and high quality material, ensures they will last for more time, allowing you to wear the knee pad each time you train or lace up for a game.

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