Top 10 Best Bath & Body Brushes Reviewed In 2022

Bathing accessories are attainable in diverse shapes, sizes, and materials that appeal to individuals of all cadres. However, for a decent scrub without irritating the skin, bath and body brushes remain the most trusted globally. They are easy to use, durable, and have long handles that ease access to hard-to-reach areas. The quality fibers used to manufacture their heads, on the other hand, clean the skin thoroughly without scratching and or irritating users in any way. To get an affordable bath brush or body brush that offers the foregoing admirable benefits, choose one of our top 10 selections. They are affordable and recommended for use on all skin types.

10. Bath Blossom


Suitable for women and men, Bath Blossom is a quality body brush with an easy-to-use lightweight and long handled design. Excellent for exfoliating, the natural bristles used to make it clean the skin well without irritation. Its long handle is sturdy and perfect for cleaning the back, while the fine bamboo used to make it is both stylish and durable. It never breaks without warning. It also resists stains well and has a warm and charming outlook that most users appreciate. This one of a kind brush is easy to maintain and works well dry and wet.

9. Rengora Bath Brush


For those that like to scrub their skins thoroughly whilst bathing, bath brushes work better than towels and sponges. However, for the best experience, the model you use should be ergonomic and made of premium and non-irritant materials. Rengora Bath Brush offers these and more. Featuring a curved wooden handle, for instance, access to and cleaning hard to reach areas is no longer a chore. It is also light, very easy to maneuver, and has soothing natural bristles that are perfect for cleansing, dry exfoliation, and dry brushing. Replace your irritant bath accessory with this one to enjoy a soothing experience whenever you are bathing.

8. TopNotch Body Brush


A perfect anti cellulite remedy, TopNotch is also a valuable dry skin, back, and shower brush for both men and women. Made of solid Beechwood, its handle is durable and has a unique long reach design for cleaning hard to reach areas. Its head is wide and flat, while its natural boar bristles lather well and sooth the skin better than synthetic ones. When showering, therefore, forget about the scratches your tough brush predisposes you to. You should also expect smoother and younger looking skin without using special ointments. You get a free protective and travel cover and a wash mitt with each purchase.

7. TopNotch Bath Brush


With this TopNotch Bath Brush, bath times have never been better. Unlike bath towels and sponges that log water for instance, and take long to dry, this brush is hygienic. Its handle is long, stable, and durable, while its quality head is perfect for scrubbing, cellulite removal, and exfoliating the skin. Attainable in blue, this 14-inch brush is aesthetic. You can leave it in a shared bathroom without creating an eyesore or disgusting other members of your family. TopNotch Bath Brush works well with gels, soaps, body washes, and scrubs and has a specially angled design that you will enjoy using on all body parts.

6. Aquasentials Bath Brush


Aquasentials is a medium-soft bath brush with a clear long handle and a wide nylon bristled head. It lathers excellently. It also spread soap, gels, and body washes well and dries quicker than sponges and towels. When left in the bathroom, therefore, it will never develop annoying odors nor compromise your health. This brush measures approximately 14 inches long. It is also affordable, dishwasher safe, and works dry and wet without irritating or harming users.

5. Swissco Deluxe


Judging by the positive reviewed shared about this Swissco Deluxe bath brush expect the best on a budget. Recommended for bathing, this brush is lightweight and has an angled body that penetrates and cleans hard-to-reach areas well. Its large head covers a vast area whilst bathing and has tough bristles that scrub and exfoliate the skin well. Apart from maintaining clean and healthy skin, therefore, you will look younger and revitalized after several cleaning sessions. Swissco Deluxe is affordable, has a smooth non-slip handle, and is suitable for scratching the back and other areas of the body.

4. Touch Me Body Brush


Perfect for cleaning and exfoliation, this body brush from Touch Me is a premium day-to-day bath accessory. Retailing cheap online, it is a worthy investment for individuals that want to stay clean and rejuvenate cellular growth. Unlike some hard to use straight handled models, its contoured wooden handle is easy to use. It is also durable and accesses hard to reach areas well for a thorough cleaning experience. Its angled head, on the other hand, is wide and fitted with fast lathering natural boar bristles (100%) that do not irritate the skin. You even get a sturdy cotton loop on its edge for hanging and easier drying.

3. Bürstenhaus Redecker


Measuring 19.5-inches long, Bürstenhaus Redecker is a long natural wood (Beechwood) bath brush that ranks among the best for 2022. Excellent for showering and bathing, this smooth pig bristle fibers on its head lather and clean well. They are also non-irritant, dry fast, and do not trap soap nor odors, as sponges and bath towels often do. Its long handle, on the other hand, is easy to maneuver and designed to accesses hard to reach areas for a thorough wash. Whether you enjoy hot or cold baths, this bath brush will serve you well.

2. Fantasea Natural


As its name suggests, Fantasea is a 100% natural bristle body brush that exfoliates the skin to keep it glowing and healthy. It also cleans dirt efficiently and has a special ability to boost blood circulation without irritating users. If you have used several brushes with poor results this one never disappoints. It is lightweight, works well dry and wet, and has a firm and non-irritant head. Its handle is ergonomic and its ability to stimulate nerves beneficial to diabetics. For best results, however, do not use this brush on your face, genitalia, and breasts.

1. SpaVerde Body Brush


Spa Verde is currently the best body brush for day-to-day use. Made of wood and natural board bristles, it is durable, fast lathering, and cleans gently without irritating the skin. It also rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin over time and features a long handle that is perfect for scrubbing the back, legs, and other hard to reach areas. Unlike sponges, this brush not only dries fast but also resists odor build-up.

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