Top 10 Best Beach Tents in 2022 Reviews

Spending time outdoors be it with family or friends makes life better. Also, it is important from time to time to relish the beautiful sceneries that nature has provided us with.

During the summer especially, people spend more time outdoors. Be it on the beach, at a home’s backyard, in parks or any other place of your liking. To avoid the scorching sun and enhance the time you spend outdoors, you will need a tent. This provides you with a perfect shade and allows you to appreciate the outdoor air.

Finding the perfect beach tent can be a daunting task particularly if you do not have a good guide. Hence, enough research needs to be put into place, also considering that you will find different models available on the market today. This consequently allows you to acquire a beach tent that will impeccably suit your every need. Bearing in mind the different features that come with the different models, which are the best beach tents available out there? Here is a detailed list of the top 10 beach tents in 2022:

Top 10 Beach Tents in 2022.

1. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent.

When it comes to the best beach tents, this tops the list. This specific type provides you with all you would need in a beach tent. It is simple and easy to set up and also dismantling. The tent weighs just 6 pounds making it lightweight which allows for better portability. When traveling, it can be folded to a travel size of 38 in width by 6 in length by 6 in height. This beach tent will offer you enough protection when you are undertaking any type of activity outdoor regardless of the weather. For protection against harmful sun rays, it offers UPF 50 plus sun protection.

It comes with 3 extra large windows which allow proper air circulation. The material used is fiberglass and polyester, it is important to note that this makes the beach tent water resistant. Its interior is spacious and can comfortably fit around four people. To store personal items, you are provided with internal pockets and hooks for hanging different items. The floor is water resistant too and its compatibility allows its flawless stability.

2. Wolfwise Pop UP Privacy Portable Beach Tent Shelter.

With this tent, it is easy to set it up and it takes just seconds to open. Its uses are unlimited and it all depends on what you need it for. The beach tent is made from special fabric that is coated so as to block any ultraviolet rays from reaching you. For enhanced privacy, it comes with a zippered door and it weighs just 11 pounds. This tent folds flat and comes with a carrying bag which facilitates better traveling. Ventilation is provided by the mesh vents that are fitted on the roof. To store your personal items, you will find internal pouches and a clothesline to hang your clothes. With its vast uses, this is a beach tent that you are assured of loving.

3. Coleman Beach Shade.

The Coleman beach shade is a popup tent which provides you with 50 plus UPF protection against UV rays which are dangerous for your skin. It is easy to set it up and will take you less than 1o minutes to complete the whole task. It is made from Polyguard material which facilitates its durability. For storage, the tent comes with pockets and a dry line to hang your wet clothes. It measures 7 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches and for enhanced air circulation, it has a back window which you can unzip when the need arises.

4. Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter.

For the best beach tents which have an open layout design, this is the one to go for. It is made from a Polyester material which makes it durable. The set up is stress-free because, unlike other beach tents, this model automatically pops up. Just like setting it up, folding it is easier too and it weighs just 4lbs making its portability simple especially when traveling. Its stability is top notch and you are also provided with sandbags in case it might be too windy and you need it to be more stable. It protects against 99% of UV rays. This beach tent has a spacious interior and can comfortably accommodate up to four people. It comes with 2 windows for improved ventilation. Also, the interior is fitted with pockets for storage of items.

5. Arch Shell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent UPF 50+.

The Arc Shell premium beach shell provides you with a spacious interior of 51 inches in height, 94.5 inches wide and 51.2 inches in depth. This beach tent is firm and compact when erected and when folded it can fit in a luggage bag. This allows it to be portable and you can move around with it when traveling. The 190T polyester wall and the 210D oxford floor are all internally coated with 3000mm PU making the tent waterproof. It protects against 98% of UV rays and comes with 3 extra large mesh windows which allow for better air circulation in the tent.

It also comes with 5 extra large sandbags which provide enhanced stability for the beach tent. When it comes to privacy, the tent has zips that can completely close. The interior is fitted with 4 storage bags for your personal items and an extra big storage bag. With its multipurpose uses, this tent provides you with a lot of features that you can not be disappointed with.

6. Neso Tents Beach Tents With Sand Anchor, Portable Canopy Sunshade 7′ x 7′ Patented Reinforced Corners.

With an open layout design, this beach tent weighs 4lbs and measures just 19.5 inches. You can easily carry it around when you need to enjoy the outdoors. Mounting of the tent is simple and it is made from nylon or lycra material which increases its longevity. For stability, you can use rocks or sand to properly anchor it. The tent is water resistant and you do not have to worry about rain because you are guaranteed that you are well protected. It also protects against ultraviolet rays and all this makes it stand out among the best beach tents.

7. Alvantor Beach Tent Pantent Pending.

If you need a simple beach tent that encompasses most of the features that you would need in a beach tent, then, this particular type is the one to go for. It weighs just 2.5 lbs and comes in a fiberglass frame which enhances its stability and durability. The material is rust free and it provides 50 plus UPF protection against UV rays. The fabrics used both on the wall and floor are waterproof. At the back of the tent, you will find a mesh which augments the ventilation. This beach tent pops up automatically making the set up easy. Folding it likewise is simple and struggle-free. With its versatile uses, this beach tent can hold at least two to three individuals depending on their size.

8. WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent.

When it comes to the best beach tents, the WolfWise beach tent falls in this list. Being an automatic pop up tent makes the set up easy. In just a matter of seconds, you can have your beach tent ready to use. It is lightweight making portability easy and the 190T polyester material used, makes it anti-tear consequently increasing its longevity. With this beach tent, you get one large door and windows fitted with a high-density mesh which allows air to circulate easily.

The polyester material which is waterproof aids in keeping the interior dry. The surface of this beach tent is coated with silver to protect against the dangerous UV rays. For better stability, you are provided with four sand pockets. To store your items, you will find two pockets fitted in the interior.

9. ZiggyShade Beach Sunshade Beach Tent.

This beach tent encompasses high quality because of the material used in making it. The strong lycra material used allows for its durability and an increased lifespan. Also, the material helps in protecting you against UV rays and the set up is simple to undertake. For improved stability, you are provided with sandbags which are attached to the tent. To enjoy a better shade, you can easily adjust the ZiggyShade beach tent in a matter of minutes. Its open design enables you to relish the outdoor breeze and scenery. It weighs just 2.5 kilograms and comes with a bag for easy portability. For a family like beach tent, this is among the best beach tents to go for. Space is huge and can accommodate a family.

10. G4Free Large Pop Up Beach Tent.

When it comes to comfortability, the G4Free beach tent provides you with exactly that. The interior space is large enough and can fit at least 4 people. Its set up is hassle-free especially putting in mind that it pops up automatically. To keep the space well ventilated, it comes with 2 doors and windows which are large and allow air to circulate freely. The polyester material which is waterproof is coated with silver to protect against ultraviolet rays from the sun. It weighs just 4.25 pounds which makes it easy to carry when you are on the move. For all your outdoor activities, this beach tent will provide you with the shade you need.

Types Of Beach Tents.

The most common types of beach tents that you may find on the market are:

1. Pop up beach tent.

This type automatically opens by popping up. Hence making the assembly easy and simple. If you need a beach tent that is stress-free when it comes to handling, the pop-up beach tent is the flawless choice.

2. Cabana beach tents.

With this type, they usually have an open front. But for better privacy, they will have a zipper which can fully close. They are multi-purpose and can be used for any outdoor activity.

3. Baby beach tents.

Every family has a baby and on this list, they are not forgotten. This type is specifically made for babies as the name suggests. The size is small but many can fit more than two kids inside.

4. Canopy beach tents.

The elevated height of this type of beach tents is the main unique feature they have. They are also open on all four sides providing you with an unlimited breeze and allows you to have a 360 view of the outdoors. The mounting of the pillars is not a complicated task making them fall among the best beach tents.

Features to consider.

Before making the decision on the best beach tent you would wish to purchase, it is imperative that you should deliberate on some few factors. These are the main features that you should look up for if you want to acquire a tent that will be perfect for you. The features include:

1. The quality of the material used to make the tent.

The material used should be strong to withstand the different weather conditions. Subsequently, the material should offer enough protection and should not contain toxic chemicals. Considering that many will be placed on beaches, it is imperative to protect the ocean’s flora and fauna. Also, it should be able to protect against UV rays.

2. Assembly.

Regardless of the type of beach tent, the set up should be easy and stress-free. You do not want to acquire a tent which is complicated to set up. This may lead to wasting time which you could use relaxing.

3. Durability.

The tents lifespan should be long enough. But this will greatly depend on the material used to make the tent. Therefore, it is important to put in mind what material makes the beach tent you would wish to buy so as to know its durability.

4. Stability of the tent.

The beach tent should be properly reinforced and stakes should be made using a strong material. They should be rust free and it should also be fitted with sandbags to enhance stability when it is too windy.

5. Size and portability.

The size should meet your needs but also, the tent should be easily portable. This allows you to carry it around either in your car or by any other means with no problem at all.

6. Ventilation.

The beach tent should be properly ventilated to allow the air to flow freely. You do not want to have a tent that doesn’t have a good ventilation especially in the scorching sun or any other time. Plus, staying in a well-ventilated place is good for your health.


Through adequate and ample research, the above list provides you with the best beach tents. These beach tents are the best and you are assured of the quality of each. But before embarking on acquiring one, you need to consider the features. This is the only way you are assured of finding the best beach tent for you. Also, the price of the tent is another factor that you should carefully contemplate on. You will also find some tents that are multifunctional. These tents can be used for different outdoor activities. With a proper understanding of what you want in a beach tent, you are assured of finding a beach tent that you will definitely like from the above list.

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