Top 10 Best Bike Helmets Reviewed In 2022

To cyclists and bikers in generals, falls and head injuries are a common occurrence. If you are among the group and want to protect yourself from minor head bruises to serious brain damage, buying and wearing a helmet is one of the best decisions that you can make. Consisting of a tough outer shell and a padded foam interior, they are comfortable and super-protective in the event of a fall. Most models are also lightweight, have aeration slots that keep the head cool, and come with attachments such as visors that offer added protection without lowering the performance of users. For best results, here are our picks of the top 10 best to buy in 2022:

10. Critical Cycles Classic

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

This classic edition of Critical Cycles line of commuter bike helmets is a light and comfortable with a durable and form-fitting design that benefits skaters. If you use your bicycle to commute regularly and want to stay as protected as possible in the event of a fall, this might be the go-to product for you. Designed to exceed the set US CPSC safety standards, in protects the head from injuries well. Its vented design (11-vents) is cool and comfortable while the quality ABS used to manufacture it absorbs impacts well without shattering. The foam padding it comes with absorbs and wicks sweat well while the plethora of colours offered allow you to customize your look.

9. Giro Trinity Helmet

Giro Trinity Helmet

Featuring an aesthetic blue and black theme and a comfortable one size design that works well for both men and women, Giro Trinity is a versatile bike helmet with a shock absorbing polycarbonate outer and a comfortable EPS foam padded inner. It has a lightweight and non-irritant design. The 22 vents that come built-in keep the head cool and comfortable in all-weather while its advanced Acu Dial fit adjustment system guarantees a stable fit no matter the surface or environment you are riding. Even though this bike helmet lacks a visor, its decent pricing and easy to clean design has made it a sought-after helmet globally.

8. Schwinn Women’s Thrasher

Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet, Pink-Purple

Specially designed for women, this pink and purple themed Thrasher helmet by Schwinn is a durable and feature rich accessory that works well for both professionals and hobbyists. Designed with the wearer’s optimal comfort in mind, the dial fit system that it comes with adjusts seamlessly to fit different head shapes and sizes. The side straps it comes with improve stability and fit while its 20-flow vents to keep users cool without affecting its aerodynamics. All pads are sealed for optimal durability and comfort while its removable visor not only improves style but also protect individual’s eyes from the elements.

7. Giros Savant

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Savant by Giros features a highly protective in-mold polycarbonate shell with a stylish white and matte black finish that most users find eye-catching. Recommended for cruising and city riding, this one of a kind helmet is light, has a durable performance grade construction with an EPS liner for comfort and has a novel Roc Loc 5 fit system that you can adjust hassle-free to fit your head shape or size. For added comfort, you also get a well-designed 25-vent wind tunnel that cools down the head as your ride outdoors.

6. Schwinn Intercept

Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet (Blue,Adult)

Featuring a lightweight micro design with a dial fit adjustment system for a form fit, Schwinn Intercept for adults is a fully feature blue themed bike helmet designed for optimal comfort and safety. Wearing and removal is a breeze. The webbing strap it comes with is sturdy, non-irritant, and has an easy-to-adjust one-handed system that most users appreciate. The soft and heat-sealed pads that come built in control perspiration better than some comparable ones while its contoured vents not only improve air flow but also improve aerodynamics significantly. You also get a large snap on and off visor that enhances eye safety.

5. Giro Revel

Giro Revel Helmet - Women's

Giro Revel for women combines both style and superior protection is an affordable package that most buyers appreciate. Lightweight and with a comfortable one size design that fits various head shapes, this matte titanium and silver-themed helmet is a versatile everyday model that you can use can use on streets and outdoor trails. As most high-end models, it also has a universal Acu Dial fit system that works well for individuals of all cadres, a tough in-molded polycarbonate construction that absorbs and deflects shock around the head for optimal protection. The foam liner that it comes with is also impact absorbing while the 22 cooling vents fitted boost air circulation.

4. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport

Bell Fraction Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

Liked for its versatile multi-sport design, Bell Fraction by Bell Sports has also won the hearts of millions of people worldwide because of the functional and decently priced accessory on offer. In top 10 best bike helmets reviewed in 2022, for instance, its hard plastic ABS shell resonates well with individuals looking for highly protective bike helmets. It is also lightweight, has a comfortable foam-padded interior (dual density EPS), and has 12 air vents that will keep your head cool under searing heat. Purchase from Amazon to get a charcoal and black-themed helmet that meets CPSC bicycle, CE EN0178, and ASTM 1492 standards.

3. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Perfect for youths, Razor V-17 is a multi-sport red-themed biking helmet with a safe and cutting edge design that is perfect for skating and more. For a comfortable biking experience, the polycarbonate used to manufacture this helmet is light, adaptive, and has ergonomic interior padding with a plush lining that offers superior moisture control. The one-handed side release buckles offered secures it well on heads measuring up to 23 inches while is CPSC certified design is safe and recommended for everyday use.

2. Triple 8 Brainsaver

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

Affordable, durable, and with a comfortable and form-fitting design that users appreciate, this rubber Triple 8 Brainsaver helmet is a top-grade accessory that will never disappoint you outdoors. It absorbs shock well, flexes for optimal comfort, and has a built in sweat saver liner that wicks heat well to keep your head and face dry and as comfortable as possible. It also has sturdy and adjustable straps, a skate side cut design that offers multi-impact protection, and a light a portable body.

1. Schwinn Thrasher

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black-grey Helmet Adult

For professionals and hobbyist bikers that want to stay protected without compromising style and or comfort, Schwinn Thrasher tops our list of the best. This adult-sized micro helmet is durable, adjustable (via its adjustable Dual Fit system), and has a stylish black and grey theme that does not stain easily nor lose its aesthetic appeal over time. It also affordable, has moisture wicking pads that keep heads dry, and has a built-in visor that shades the eyes well and 21 flow vents that keep the head cool.

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