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Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviewed In 2022

Over 80 million adults in America have hypertension (high blood pressure). Over 30 million individuals have diabetes. There are multiple ways available to help you overcome and combat such conditions. Yes, you can lower your BP through healthier eating, losing weight, and leading an active lifestyle. But, the first thing is to know your actual BP level. Regardless of your weight, age, or overall health, one thing that would benefit you is purchasing a reliable and accurate BP monitor. It’s a crucial step. But, it can seem overwhelming at first. However, buying a BP monitor isn’t rocket science.

You might be seeking a conventional upper-arm blood pressure monitor that you can use daily at home. Also, you could be looking for a portable model which you’ll carry on your business trip. Whatever the purpose, you’re at the right place. This guide’s goal is to help you choose the right BP monitor for your needs.

Today, the market’s flooded with hundreds of different options which you can choose from. We’ll provide you with summary reviews of the top 10 best blood pressure monitors. They’ll enable you to navigate the vast marketplace and make an absolutely informed decision with your hard-earned cash.

10. Pro Logic PL100 BP Monitor

Pro Logic PL100 Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This model would suit those who’re looking to monitor their blood pressure without having to splash all the cash. Although it’s a great, budget unit, it might lack some gadgetry available in others. However, it’s a good, reliable gadget which doesn’t need a significant outlay. It’s commendably easy to use, bearing a simple design. Simply push the blue button. It’ll inflate immediately, making use of Intellisense technology to ensure it inflates to the right level. You’ll then have your readings. That’s it! As simple as it is, the Pro Logic PL100 does the job exceptionally well!

9. GoWISE USA Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

GoWISE USA Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

It offers a simple to use, yet accurate model, but at a suitable price. The GoWISE Blood Pressure Monitor comes with touch sensitive buttons, in addition to the large digital LCD. It’ll fit well for persons with arm circumferences of between 9 and 13 inches. It boasts a memory function. You can thus store previous readings for use in your next doctor’s appointment. The design’s color and attractiveness are quite exemplary. You’re definite to love this monitor.

8. QardioArm Monitor

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Here’s a monitor that boasts both substance and style. It’s availed in seven different colors. It’s a portable device which will sync up to your handheld device via Bluetooth. Just pop the gadget onto your arm. It’ll then deliver both diastolic and systolic blood pressure to your device. Additionally, you can share your data with others. That could include your doctor and other worried family members.

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There’s another quirk to this unit. Maybe, your blood pressure could be rising when using the monitor since you don’t love the inflating sensations. The QardioArm monitor will enable you to view a photo slideshow. That will distract and relax you during the entire process.

7. Slight Touch ST401 Blood Pressure Monitor

Slight Touch ST-401 Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Case and Batteries

It’s from a lesser known manufacturer, but with FDA credentials. This monitor is super easy to use. Also, it’s remarkably accurate. It’ll give you a color scale of your blood pressure level, from good to bad. This model comes packed in an appealing carrying case. That makes it highly portable. Additionally, it keeps it dust-free when you’re not using it. The large LED display makes it quite easy to read. With such features, this model is worth considering value-wise.

6. LotFancy FDA-Approved Digital BP Monitor

LotFancy Automatic Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Irregular Heartbeat Detector

It’s extremely vital that the cuff fits correctly to ensure accurate blood pressure readings. The LotFancy cuff spans a medium 8.6-14.2 inches size. That should cover most people. Run some tape measure around your arm and check whether this cuff will fit you. But, you can still acquire a larger cuff for some extra dollars.

This digital monitor features a tube which inflates and feeds information to the screen. Automatic shutoff and inflation ensure that everything, besides wrapping the cuff around the arm, is taken care of. But, it’s crucial that you read the accompanying instructions to familiarize yourself with this model.

5. WITHINGS Wireless BLO-Pressure Monitor REV

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android

It’s an upper-arm BP monitor. This wireless model will give you a glimpse into your future of health management. It’s among the most remarkable high-tech units offered by WITHINGS. The sleek design makes use of Bluetooth technology and a visually attractive Health Mate App. This proprietary app will provide you with your health information wirelessly to a compatible Android or Apple device.

All compatible devices must have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, a viable data plan, as well as Bluetooth connection. The extensive list of features in this blood pressure monitor justifies its price tag. It’s a premium product that lives true to its promises.

4. MeasuPro MP-BPM-50W Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

MeasuPro Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

With this model, you won’t need any help with putting that cuff on. You only require fastening that cuff around your wrist. You’ll then keep it leveled with your chest. The integrated LCD screen is large enough to provide for larger text. It’s also color-coded to show your hypertension levels. Yes, wrist monitors are somewhat considered to be unreliable due to the arteries being somehow narrower at the wrist. But, this gadget delivers commendably accurate results. Also, it’ll feel nice on your wrist. The material is quite soft, and the gadget itself is conveniently light.

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3. Panasonic EW3109 Portable BP Monitor

Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This unit’s cuff circumference ranges between 7.8 and 15.8 inches. It’s big enough for both male and female subjects. For an additional cost, Panasonic offers an extra-large cuff which accommodates arms of up to 17.25 inches. This model is competitively priced. Still yet, it lives up to expectations when it comes to accuracy.

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Infinitely few owners have complained about errors in this unit’s readings. The Panasonic EW3109 is a relatively large, tube-shaped console which looks unique. It’s easily portable as you can stash it in the included bag for transportation purposes. It inflates slowly, without any alarm sounds when it completes a reading. It’s undeniably a satisfactory unit.

2. Omron 10-Series BP786N Wireless BP Monitor, with Wide-Range Cuff

Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits Standard and Large Arms

This model has a similar fitting range as the WITHINGS mentioned above, AT 9-17 inches. The cuff boasts a comfortable fit for both male and female subjects. The accuracy is just exceptional! In fact, multiple tests have proven this device to be among the most consistently accurate BP monitors available. This gadget takes three readings, with a minute part on each. The American Heart Association highly recommends this approach. This unit boasts a one-button, easy-to-use operation. All you’d need is to understand how the cuff ought to be attached.

1. Omron BP652 7-Series Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP652N 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Zone Guidance and Irregular Heartbeat Detector

This blood pressure monitor is excellently easy to use. Also, it’s convenient and portable. It’s rated among the top blood pressure monitors on Amazon. That’s not a surprise. Omron is among the most established brands in the blood pressure monitor market. If you’re a first-time user, you won’t have any problem with it. A light at the top lets you know whether you’re using it correctly. Besides, it operates on a set of pencil batteries, besides coming along with a carrying case The UltraSilent Inflation makes it silent enough that you take measurements anywhere discreetly.

Yes, it holds true that your health is more important than the money you’ve got. But, you’d want to keep the latter in mind while making any purchase. Don’t just look purely at the dollars and cents. Consider the overall value you’ll get out of a package. The above models offer remarkably high value when compared to many other units available on the market.

It’s inarguably a smart idea to monitor your blood pressure. Doctors recommend that patients keep track of their blood pressure at home using an automatic monitor. Each of the monitors reviewed above is designed to fit your upper arm. Use these products in consultation with qualified medical practitioners. You’re definite not to regret making a purchase of any of the above gadgets. Read the reviews again and determine which one would suit you best. Good luck!


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