Top 10 Best Board Games Reviewed In 2022

Board games are affordable yet highly entertaining accessories that also help individuals to stay sharp and improve their critical thinking skills further. Most titles are easy to play. They also offer hours of invaluable game time, and have interesting story lines that keep individuals engaged, unlike some contemporary computer, PlayStation, and Xbox games that lay emphasis on entertainment only. If you are organizing a play date or looking for an enjoyable board game for your children, the following 10 board games are the best in 2022:

10. Peaceable Kingdom Count Your Chickens

Peaceable Kingdom Count Your Chickens

Count your Chickens by Peaceable Kingdom is an interesting corporative board game for children that ranks among the most sought-after for many reasons. The kid-friendly story line, for instance, is entertaining and keeps children engaged for several hours during the weekend and or during their free time. It also promotes cooperative gameplay, helps children to develop excellent counting skills without reading boring math textbooks, and promoted better social development skills in children aged between two years and four years. Peaceable Kingdom Count Your Chickens is affordable, kid-friendly, and is readily attainable in web and offline stores.

9. Spin Master Games Quelf Board Game

Spin Master Games Quelf Board Game

Winner of over six game awards (including the board game of the year) since its inception, Quelf by Spin Master Games is an unpredictable and enjoyable board game made for three to eight players aged 12 years and above. It is very easy to play, and has fun card-based story line with no right or wrong answers, and helps players to learn more about each other while having fun at the same time. All you need to pick a card, read instructions, and decide whether to obey the card on not. The first player to finish all places and complete a Scatterbrainz question wins the game.

8. Trouble Game

Trouble Game

Trouble Game by Hasbro is a classic racing and chasing board game with an easy to use pop-O-Matic die roller system that offers hours of fun during long weekends of evenings. Mirroring the traditional snakes and ladders game, players start from a standard start point and have to make their pegs on a tricky course while avoiding other payers at the same time. Depending on what you roll you can move your peg to the start space, watch other players move, and even make intricate maneuvers to cruise through the many warp spaces and obstacles dotted all over the board.

7. Risk Game

Risk Game

As the Trouble Game reviewed herein, Risk Game by Hasbro is a fun yet challenging board game with three playing strategies that individuals can choose (introductory, classic, and two player). Ounce you have claimed territory, you can earn troops, attack your opponents to gain territory, and or fortify your territory to stem off attacks launched by your foes well. For those looking for hours of overwhelming entertainment, Risk Game retails for a few dollars online. It works well for two to five players and comes as a comprehensive pack consisting of a durable board, five armies with 12 Calvary, 40 infantry, and 8 artillery pieces each, 43 playing cards, 2 reference cards, a 5 rolling dice, and detailed instructions.

6. Candy Land – The Kingdom of Sweets Board Game

Candy Land - The Kingdom of Sweets Board Game

Considered among the best board games for 2022, Candy Land – The Kingdom of Sweets is a sweet version of the liked Hasbro line of board games that offers hours of entertaining gameplay. It is affordable, very easy to play, and has an interesting story line that features a competitive race to a castle with several delicious surprises along the way. During your quest, for instance, you will explore destinations such as chunky chocolate mountains and Cupcake Commons. You can also explore many routes to your destinations and therefore, have an all-new imaginative experience whenever you unpack the game to play. Candy Land consists of a wide game board, a card deck, four spawns, and detailed instructions.

5. Apples to Apples Party Box – The Game of Crazy Combinations

Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Crazy Combinations

Christened the Game of Crazy Combinations, this Family Edition of the renowned Apples to Apples Party Box board game by Mattel is a novel household accessory with a hilarious and enjoyable story line that that offers hours of entertaining gameplay. It is card-based, tests outrageous comparisons of people, places, events, and things, and comes with over 500 cards with newly updated content that will leave you and your family members scratching your heads whenever you spare time to socialize. Apples to Apples Party Box game is affordable and comes ready to play.

4. The Game of Life Game

The Game of Life Game

Recommended in top 10 best board games reviews 2022, The Game of Life Game is an easy to play board game of chance that helps players to choose financial moves, careers, and several other variables in their bid to achieve their preferred life’s goals. It supports three to six players, is very easy to setup and play, and comes with a durable game board, spin to win tokens, cards, cards, and money packs and a detailed game guide.

3. Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle Board Game by MindWare is a well-designed tactical strategic board game that offers several in-game choices for a personalized and enjoyable gaming experience. Even though simple to play, its intricate story line helps players to hone their tactical maneuvering skills. It also improves forward thinking and strategic planning skills, and comes with simple and easy to follow rules that work great for younger players. All you have to do is to build lines of tiles (both simple and complex) to score points. This family favorite is child safe and comes as a detailed pack including 108 wooden Qwirkle tiles, a rule book, and a drawstring bag.

2. Jax Sequence Game

Jax Sequence Game

Popular among both children and adults, Jax Sequence Game is a quality propriety-designed folding board gamer that works well for players seven years old and up. This sequential card based game is interesting and comes with a pack of 135 sequence playing chips that players organize in rows to achieve a sequence (row of five poker-like chips) to win the game. This game is affordable, need two or more players, and has a play guide.

1. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition

A Game of Thrones - The Board Game Second Edition

Based on the popular novel-adopted HBO series, Game of Thrones, this second edition board game is an invaluable accessory that tops our list of the best in 2022. It has a streamlined and east to use rule book, updated art, and an interesting card-driven story line where players battle to gain control of the Great House of Westeros. It is also easy to play, works well for 3-6 players, and incorporates components of all past expansions.

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