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Top 10 Best Breast Pumps Reviewed in 2022

Developed for working moms, women who travel a lot (with or without their babies), and women who do not like breastfeeding their babies, breast pumps are convenient accessories that minimize contamination when in use. All components are BPA-free. They are also easy to setup and use and have fast and quiet designs that save users valuable time when preparing for work. If your leave is ending and you are shopping for a new breast pump that you can use to satisfy your baby’s demand for nutritious milk, the 10 models reviewed herein are among the best in the market. They are comfortable, manufactured using durable and BPA-free materials, and have compact and travel worthy design that you can carry along during your trips.

10. Kinyo FDA Dual-Core

Kinyo FDA Dual-Core Bilateral Breast Pump Milkpump Suction with All Accessories

Kinyo FDA Dual-Core is an elegant bilateral breast pump system with a light and effective pump design, bright LED screens that reflect its performance, and a high-performance dual frequency design system that uses targeted massage to stimulate milk flow. All parts are BPA-free. Its convenient button controls ease operation while its patented super-silent motor system is perfect for use at night.

9. Bellema Melon

Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump

Featuring a durable double pump design for expressing milk from both breasts at the same time, Bellema Melon is a valuable electric breast pump with a unique two-phase pumping system (stimulation and expression) that optimizes comfort. It also works fast, features 25 custom pumping settings that you can optimize to match your needs and has a quiet motor-activated system that allows you to pump discretely without attracting unwanted attention at home and or your workplace. Other key features that have made it sought-after are its soft silicone cushions that do not irritate users, its built in memory function for settings, and the 1-year warranty offered.

8. Philips AVENT (Single)

Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Popular for the baby bottle and baby bottle steamers in its arsenal, Philips AVENT has also manufactured several functional breast pumps with this single edition winning the hearts of millions of women for several reasons. Its compact design, for instance, is space efficient, travel worthy, and relatively easier to use than most bulky models. It is also BPA, has a convenient electrical system with three expression settings (high, medium, and low) that you can optimize to match your needs, and comes with warm and soft massage stimulation cushions (19.5mm and 25mm) that promote consistent milk flow for faster expression.

7. Philips AVENT (Double)

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Durable, comfortable, and with an easy to use double pump design that works fast and efficient, Philips AVENT (Double) has helped millions of women all over the world to maintain an active lifestyle while satisfying their toddler’s breast milk needs at the same time. It is affordable, has a unique BPA-free design with soft massaging cushions that stimulate milk flow, and has a computerized electricity-powered system with three expression settings that can adjust on demand. Built to orient people upright whilst expressive, this double pump is ergonomic and has a two-year return warranty.

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6. Evenflo (Single)

Evenflo Single Breast Pump

Manufactured using a high-density BPA-free plastic, this single breast pump by Evenflo is a durable and baby-safe accessory that comes assembled and ready to use. Although simple and attainable cheap in most reputable stores, this one a kind pump works well. When in use, for instance, its wide mouth fits comfortably on the breast. The gentle pressure that it generates expresses milk fast and comfortable while its simple on the go design works excellently for women who travel often.

5. The First Years (Double)

The First Years Double Breast Pump, Quiet Expressions

Purchase this double breast pump by The First Years to get a durable and super-quiet accessory that you can use discreetly at home, in the park, and in your office if needed. Manufactured using quality plastic and fitted with soft flexi-fit breast shields, it is durable and comfortable to use. The eight suction levels on offer (adjustable) boost its versatility while its convenient 4AAA battery-powered design eliminates the hassle of manual expression, as is always the case with most traditional breast pumps. Even though cheap, The First Years (Double) is efficient, super-quick, and has an easy to use one-handed design that users appreciate.

4. Philips Avent (Manual)

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

To get better control of the milk expression process at homes, this manual breast pump by Philips Avent is one of the best products to use. Design to fit different breast sizes and work fast with minimal irritation, this plastic pump is not only innovative but also offers users a memorable experience by getting them fully engaged in the process. For optimal safety, all parts are BPA-free. The soft and textured massage cushion that it comes with stimulates milk flow well while its compact and lightweight design is perfect for travel. This breast pump is affordable and designed to work with all Philips Avent bottles and storage containers.

3. Medela Harmony (Manual)

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Considered among the most user-friendly breast pumps in the market, Medela Harmony is also durable, ideal for everyday use, and has a convenient manual design that you can use worry-free without worrying about battery changes or your pump running out of power midway. It is BPA-free, has an advanced two-phase milk system, and has a light, portable, and discrete design that you can use in various environments without attracting attention. Pricing is decent while its low maintenance design makes it ideal for everyday use. In addition to this pump, you also get two five-ounce lidded containers, one collar nipple, and bottle stand.

2. Spectra Baby USA S2 (Double/Single)

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double  or Single Breast Pump

Featuring two independent breast pumps that you can use to express milk in tandem, Spectra Baby USA S2 is an advanced 33.pound accessory with a quiet and programmable electrical system that will improve your experience. For optimal safety, this pump has a closed system that lowers the risk of contamination. The timer and night light that it comes with work well. Its versatile all in one design comes with all necessary pumping accessories in a simple and travel-worthy package while its adjustable power and suction system allows you to customize its performance to match your breast type and or your anticipated results.

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1. Medela Pump in Style

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

In top 10 best breast pumps reviewed in 2022, Medela Pump in Style is a popular on the double breast pump with an efficient electrical system that offers value. If you express milk several times a day, this pump will also work best for you. Its fast and ergonomic design minimizes irritation. Usage is also simple while the built-in bottle holders that it comes with minimizes spills and contamination. Medela Pump in Style is battery powered, affordable, and comes with a free removable cooler tote bag with a contoured ice pack compartment that you can use to store four bottles.


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