Top 10 Best Can Openers Reviewed In 2022

Purchasing a can opener is much more delicate matter than it may seem. This is so because you will need to be extra careful to ensure that the opener that you purchase is easy to hold, it produces smooth/safe edges for your safety, and it doesn’t interfere with the can’s contents to avoid contamination. With all these factors are now taken into account we are going to give you a review of the top 10 best can openers in 2022:

10. Lesirit Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

Lesirit Stainless Steel Portable Manual Can Opener (A)

With this can opener, you are guaranteed great services for a very long time. The material making up this opener is a high-quality stainless steel. This also means that the opener is protected from rust. This opener works perfectly opening all sorts of cans and bottles, and this is why it is perfect for use in a bar. Its handles are coated with a non-slip material for a firm grip while the blades produce smooth and safe edges. The opener can perform its duties without the blades getting in touch with cans or bottles contents hence cases of contamination when it’s used are rare.

9. OXO Steel Can Opener

OXO SteeL Can Opener

The OXO can opener has been perfectly designed with some reasonably big handles. The big handles have been cushioned adequately, and this helps in absorbing pressure thus allowing you to use the opener much more comfortably. The knob, on the other hand, is oversized, and this helps one to be able to turn it around quickly for better performance. It has a built-in bottle opener cap, and the cutting wheels are well – sharpened for effective working. This can opener is only hand washable.

8. Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can

Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener

This can opener has a patented designing feature that enables it to leave some very smooth and safe edges along surfaces that have cut. The designers of this opener were also careful to ensure that the cutting wheels never come into contact with food, and this, therefore, helps to eliminate any chances of cross contamination. The manufacturing material is a heavy duty you can hence rely on this opener to provide its services for a very long time before it starts breaking down. The opener is also very easy to use and was well manufactured to ensure that its user is safe from any harm.

7. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Heavyweight Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener, Black

The cutting units of this can opener can be removed from the primary unit. This allows you to be able to clean them properly to avoid any sorts of dirt accumulation in them. The patented technology infused in this can opener will have it opening all the cans with just one try. You won’t have to struggle several times attempting to open a can. It has an extra tall designing making it possible for opening even the taller or bigger cans.

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6. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

This particular OXO can opener will ensure that it does not leave any sharp markings on the lids or cans that it has opened. The side grip is also very firm and comfortable to move hence you can turn it around to use it correctly. The cutting wheels are made of a stainless steel material. These wheels are therefore very durable and are always protected from rust. Furthermore, the wheels have been perfectly designed to ensure that they do not come into contact with the contents of your can. The knob can be turned around easily while the handles have a soft but firm grip to ensure that the opener never slips from your hands.

5. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome

This can opener has an attractive designing hence making it very ideal for use in the living room, office, etc. it is an electric opener, and therefore, it can open all type or sizes of cans with pop – tops included. Its ergonomic lever is large and mounted properly allowing it perform its operations with so much ease.

4. EZ – DUZ – IT 3028 Deluxe Can Opener

EZ-DUZ-IT 3028 Deluxe Can Opener with Grips, Black

This can opener has been made out of some heavy duty gauge steel. This steel has contributed to the durability of this high-performance opener. Its deluxe handles have been coated with a thick rubber which assists in absorbing most of the pressure making sure that the user can operate it comfortably. The cutting blade, on the other hand, is made of carbon steel. This has also significantly contributed to both the opener’s durability and fantastic performance. For easy and smooth operating, the opener has been given a gear like designing which makes can opening an easy task that can be done by almost anyone. To keep it clean and free from dirt you can wash it with your hands using warm and soapy water.

3. holm Kitchen Collection Professional Ergonomic Can Opener

hölm Kitchen Collection Professional Ergonomic Smooth Edge, Side Cut Manual Can Opener. Sharp Easy Turn Design with Good Soft Grips Handle. High Quality Kitchen Cans, Lid Lifter that Won't Touch Food

This is arguably one of the best can openers that you can find in the market right now. It has been made from high-quality materials, a combination of plastic and quality silicone on different parts to ensure that it offers its services for a lifetime! It has some side cutting blades that can cut oval or round, big or small cuts while also making sure the blades do not touch the content of that can. Its sphere discs are razor sharp cutting through the cans so effortlessly resulting in smooth and safe edges. The edges from this opener are even safe for children.

2. . Swing – A – Way 407BK Portable Can Opener

Swing-A-Way 407BK Portable Can Opener, Black

If you are searching for a light highly portable can opener then the Swing – A – Way can opener is your best choice. This opener has been made out of some very durable metal. This metal helps to increase the opener’s lifespan. The handles of this opener have been coated with some high-quality rubber. This rubber assists in absorbing most of the pressure produced when the opener is being used. As a result, the user of the opener will not be experiencing any hand fatigue. It also comes with a bottle opener feature.

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1. Zyliss Lock N’ Lift Manual Can Opener

Zyliss 20362 Lock-n-Lift Manual Can Opener

This manual can opener is capable of locking onto all sizes of cans. As a result, you can use this opener on typically any kind of can. Its cutting mechanism is very safe giving a very smooth edge along the cut lids or cans hence making sure that you are safe from any kinds of cut accidents. The cutting blades are made of a stainless steel material shielding the blades from rust. The handling grip is soft and very firm thus saving its user from hand fatigue. With just a little effort, the opener is cutting out the lids or cans smoothly and quickly. It also has a tiny magnet which helps to lift off the lid while the lever releases it for disposal.

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