Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews

Power inverters are simple yet functional accessories that convert DC power to the conventional AC power needed to operate several types of devices. Whether you want to keep your phone and or tablet charged on the road, power your notebook or radio, a well-designed model will never disappoint you. With the recent advent in technology, several innovative models are currently available with the 10 models reviewed here in ranking among the best in 2021. They are affordable, functional, and easy to use.

10. BESTEK 12V DC to 110V Power Inverter

Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews 1

A trusted brand in the electronics niche, BESTEK is also a trusted brand in the inverters niche with this 12-volt DC to 110-volt power model ranking among the best in the market. Its compact design using quality plastic is durable. It is portable, has dual high-speed USB ports that allow users to charge up to two accessories at the same time, and has a striking red-coffee theme that complements the décor in motor vehicles. BESTEK connects conveniently to all types of cigarette lighter sockets. It works fast, has a built-in 32-volt fuse for optimal safety, and over heat, over current, and short circuit protection.

9. Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

A popular product among regular commuters, Goal Zero 22004 Yeti is a well-built 150-watt solar generator invertor designed for powering smartphones, laptops, lights, and other electrical accessories fast and on demand. It is durable, has a powerful built-in inverter, and a convenient pop-up handle that eases usage. Its stackable shape is space efficient. Its multi-functional system is compatible with most DC outlets, while its easy to use plug and play design supports one hand usage. Whether you like camping or spend many days on the road at a time and want a valuable inverter, it will serve your well.

8. Go Power! GP-175 175-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews 2

Considered among the best in this niche, Go Power! GP-175 is a powerful modified sine wave inverter that generates 175 watts of continuous AC power whist in use. It is light, durable, and plugs into both car utility adapters and cigarette lighters. It is easy to use, has one high-speed AC outlet that makes quick work of charging jobs, and a safe and well-wired system that ships over voltage, overload, and under voltage protected. With each purchase, you get a durable high-performance accessory, backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

7. Wagan 2402-5 Smart AC 200W Inverter

Wagan Smart Inverter with USB Power Port

Do you own an iPad, tablet, and or r-reader such as Amazon kindle that you travel with often? To keep them charged and functional without spending hours in a hotel rooms, Wagan 2402-5 is a smart 200-watt AC inverter that will never disappoint you. It is powerful, has two fast 5-volt output ports that handles different types of charging jobs, and a rugged plastic casing that can withstand constant abuse without losing its functionality. You also get a surge power functionality that boosts performance to 500 watts, and multiple safety features including over charge, short circuit, and over current protection.

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6. Rally 7413 200W Cup Holder Power Inverter with USB Port

Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews 3

Rally 7413 is a powerful 200-watt inverter with a compact, high performance design that stores conveniently it the car’s cup holder. It is durable, has a peak capacity of 400 watts, and a low batter shutdown features that lowers the risk of battery drain. You also get a convenient and easy to use design, a dual outlet design with an additional USB port, 12-volt outlet, and integrated iPod circuitry that boosts its versatility. Rally offers a two-year warranty for this invertor.

5. BESTEK 150W Power Car Inverter

150W Power Inverter Car DC 12V to 110V AC Inverter DC Adapter Laptop Charger Notebook Adapter DC Charger AC Adapter USB Charger

A favored brand in reputable online stores such as Amazon, this 150-watt power car inverter by BESTEK is a professional-grade DC (12-volt) to AC (110-volt) inverter recommended for charging iPad, iPhone, tablets, notebooks, and GPS machines. It is durable, has a functional dual USB port system, and a compact, easy to store and transport design that works well in motor cars. It is affordable, aesthetics, and connects reliably to all cigarette charger ports. You get an 18-month limited manufacturer’s warranty with each purchase.

4. Energizer EN180 12V 180W Cup Inverter

Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews 4

A popular accessory in top 10 best car inverters under 500 watts in 2021 reviews, Energizer EN180 is a 180-watt 12-volt cup car inverter with a neutral black theme that blends well in all types of vehicles. It is ultra-silent, powers up to five devices reliably at the same time (four USB charging ports and a 2.1-amp shares port), and has a compact and portable design that fits snug into most cup holders. This inverter is affordable. It is easy to use, has several safety features, and an electrical system built to North American standards.

3. BESTEK 75W Power Inverter

Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews 5

To charge your smartphone, tablet, and any other USB-compatible accessory without compromising performance, this 75-watt power inverter by BESTEK is an ideal inverter to use. Although cheap, it is durable, has a rotatable and flexible cigarette lighter plug, and a universal dual-USB charging system that works well with several accessories. It is easy to use, offers instantaneous power, and has a fully protected system (overheating, auto –shutdown, low load, overload, over voltage, and shirt circuit) that keeps accessories safe.

2. ENERGIZER 100-Watt Direct Plug in Ultra-Silent Power Inverter

Top 10 Best Car Inverters Under 500 Watts In 2021 Reviews 6

Designed for charging notebooks, smartphones, and even tablets, this 100-watt accessory by ENERGIZER is an ultra-silent direct plug power inverter that works well in all types of cars. It has dual USB charging ports, a well-wired electrical system, and an ETL-approved design that conforms to UL standard 458. It is affordable, easy to use, and thus, recommended for everyday use.

1. BESTEK 300W Dual 110V AC Outlets Power Inverter

300W Dual 110V AC Outlets Power Inverter Car DC 12V to 110V AC Adapter Charger with Dual USB Charging Ports

As most BESTEK power inverters in the market, this 300-watt accessory is a powerful DC to AC charger for smartphones, tablets, and even notebooks. It is durable, easy to use, and features a dual USB charging ports that offers valuable service. It also offers plug and use convenience, plugs directly to all types of cigarette lighter sockets, and has a safe and well-protected system.

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