Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021

There are a whole lot of factors for which we do not want to keep our smartphones in our pockets when driving. Even if chatting on the cellphone when driving is regarded as particularly risky, these times we are likely to use a smartphone for several other actions. Up until finally a several many years ago, people had to expend income on a dedicated GPS unit. Currently, even the more cost-effective smartphones can provide as a GPS, stream music about Bluetooth to the auto audio system or it can just be shown to see the ID of a caller or many notifications. Some might argue that most cars have a developed-in navigations system but we all know that there is practically nothing that can contend with Waze or Google maps.

The trouble comes from the truth that smartphones are fragile. Something like an Apple iphone seven can get destroyed even if it is dropped from a comparatively shorter length. A safe and reliable auto Apple iphone seven mount is a will have to. Though there are no dedicated auto mounts for the Apple iphone seven, there are a whole lot of appropriate models. Their pricing is really low for the most part but how safe they are can fluctuate from just one product to a different. Magnetic ones are likely to be a lot less safe and really a lot any other kind of mount should really be safer to use.

Most effective Auto Mounts For Apple iphone seven in 2021

For the sake of range, we did consist of some magnetic mounts that get the job done with the Apple iphone seven but the most important concentration has been on protection. With these issues in head let’s get suitable into our record of the top 10 greatest auto mounts for Apple iphone seven in 2021.

10. WizGear Common Flat Adhere On Dashboard Magnetic Auto Mount Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 1

WizGear common magnetic auto mount is not specially made for iPhones but it does assistance them. It operates with really a lot any smartphone because of to its magnetic structure. It is a compact product or service that operates nicely for the the most part but it does not feel as safe as common auto mounts that can a more steady system to safe the cellphone into place. It is a superior decide but only in particular predicaments:


  • Small, compact, simple to use
  • Works with all Apple iphone models
  • Cheap


  • Not as safe as some would like
  • Rubberized end will not previous extensive

Even if it has a good building with a rubberized end, it is not as resilient as just one would expect. The coating will appear off in time, more rapidly than expected. The system itself is reasonably good and a lot more convenient than common auto mounts. On the other hand, the use of a magnetic system does not imply that it will keep the smartphone tightly into place. It could tumble off when stopping the auto all of a sudden.

nine. iOttie Effortless One Touch Mini Air Vent Auto Smartphone Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 3

iOttie Effortless One Touch smartphone holder was made to keep the diver-targeted on the road instead than keep his eyes down on the smartphone. It can be put in in the vents of the air conditioning system and it is reasonably compact. Also, it operates with all Apple iphone models and it is really nicely designed which points out why the mount is a little bit more expensive.


  • Rubberized end
  • Secure cradle that rotates and can be fixed into any place
  • Simply click lock system that maintains it safe into the car or truck vent blades


  • Maybe a little bit overpriced
  • Are unable to be modified to keep the cellphone absent from the vents

Most auto smartphone mounts use the vent blades but if the mount is way too shorter, the smartphone will simply block the vent. This is not an issue throughout the summer season but in the winter season when the vents will drive scorching air, the air will be blown directly into the smartphone. The cost should really have been a little bit lower but still, it is not a negative mount. It keeps the smartphone extremely safe in place and the locking system makes it extremely simple to put in or acquire off the vent blades.

8. Soaiy three-in-one Multifunctional Auto Mount

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 5

The Soaiy multifunctional auto mount is a great decide for the ones that do not require something intricate. It does not glance all that really but it serves its intent really nicely. Its building makes it really durable when the flexible upcoming presents a little bit more liberty in conditions of changing it to a appropriate place and angle.


  • Easy mounting system
  • Works with all varieties of smartphones, not only iPhones
  • Flexible neck
  • Works as a charger as nicely


  • Staying a lighter mount indicates that it might not be in the visibility variety of the driver
  • Neck might not be solid more than enough to keep an Apple iphone As well as.

One issue that the mount has is the neck. It is not as firm as envisioned and will not keep the place when utilizing it with an Apple iphone As well as. Another issue is the truth that it might not be seen to the driver since it is put in in the auto lighter socket. On the other hand, this does present a reward. It can also cost the cellphone when holding it consequently remaining a three-in-one product or service. The mount itself holds the smartphone really tightly when the neck is reasonably extensive.

seven. Vansky Auto Cell phone Mount With Common Gooseneck

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 7

Vansky as a manufacturer is not that nicely regarded but their solutions are really good. The common auto cellphone mount they designed comes with an appealing structure and a extremely sound building. The appealing part is its dual operation. It requires to be put in in the auto lighter socket from which it attracts electricity to cost the smartphone. It operates with all Apple iphone models and it has a comparatively good cost tag.


  • Steady neck that can be modified
  • Secure mount for the cellphone with rubberized arms
  • Charging capability


  • Much too small for the Apple iphone As well as models
  • Does not present a superior viewing place

It would seem that all auto smartphone mounts that are inserted into the lighter socket have the identical issue. Since the neck are not able to be way too extensive or else the bodyweight of the cellphone will keep on bending it, the viewing angle and place will confirm to be a little bit out of arrive at. On the other hand, the additional bonus that it operates like a charger and presents a extremely safe keep depend as important pluses. Sad to say, the mount does not get the job done with Apple iphone As well as models that have a case on.

6. EXSHOW Common Windshield Prolonged Arm Auto Cell phone Mount

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 9

EXSHOW common windshield extensive arm auto cellphone mount is a uncomplicated device that was designed to be steady and simple to use. The extensive arm and the double suction system makes it extremely simple to set up the Apple iphone in a superior angle and manage the place. Even if it is designed generally out of plastic it feels durable and reliable.


  • Big and steady arm
  • Double suction system
  • One-hand setup
  • Works with all iPhones


  • Even if it maintains its place, it does shake a whole lot

For the most part there is extremely minor to complain about the mount. It is a uncomplicated device and there is extremely minor that can go completely wrong. The smartphone clamps that safe it into place are rubberized so that it prevents the cellphone from slipping and the suction cup is really reliable. The only issue is the arm as it tends to shake a whole lot when driving. On the other hand, it will not transform its place beneath the bodyweight of the smartphone and it has no problems supporting an Apple iphone As well as.

5. BE Common Smartphone Auto Air Vent Mount Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 11

The BE common smartphone auto mount is just one of the most low-cost solutions in our record. It is extremely small and with a uncomplicated structure. The smartphone is held into place with the help of spring loaded clamps with a rubberized coating. Staying an air vent mount indicates that installation is uncomplicated and it can be placed on the suitable aspect or still left aspect of the driver.


  • Really small still resilient
  • Works with all iPhones like the Apple iphone As well as
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Does not have an extension arm
  • Smartphone will be uncovered directly to scorching air

This is a typical issue for all air vent smartphone mounts as they expose the smartphone directly to warmth. When the warmth is on, it will blow directly into the battery of the Apple iphone. This indicates that utilizing it in the winter season might not be such a great thought. The mounting system is reasonably uncomplicated and a click securing system to get it to keep on to the air vent blades. As for the rubberized coating, this will stop the smartphone from getting scratches from vibrations.

4. Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Cell phone Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 13

The Wuteku magnetic smartphone auto mount is just one of the more clever models. Magnetic auto mounts are not that steady specifically since most of them are made to be placed on the air vents. Wuteku designed their mount get the job done as a dashboard mount with makes it a lot more steady even when driving or breaking. The Apple iphone will remain securely in place in most conditions.


  • Dashboard mount structure
  • Strong magnet that keeps the cellphone secure
  • Works with other varieties of smartphones
  • Effortless to put in


  • Inconsistent high quality. Some customers report that their sticky pad is not sticky more than enough

There is not a lot to complain about the mount except for the truth that some of them do not appear with a appropriate sticky pad to keep it in place. It is accurate that the dashboard kind of the auto does perform an vital part but there are some unsuccessful units that managed to slip trough. It is not a low-cost mount but it will get the job done superior than most other magnetic ones.

three. iOttie Effortless One Touch three (V2.) Auto Mount Common Cell phone Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 15

iOttie managed to make just one of the most secure auto smartphone mounts on the current market. It is also a little bit more expensive but the establish high quality certainly compensates for the greater cost tag. The mount was designed with a safe system that keeps the cellphone secure in place and a highly effective sticky gel pad that operates on any kind of dashboard. Even when the auto vibrates it will not move from its place.


  • Spring loaded locking system
  • Adjustable so that it operates with all iPhones and pretty much all other smartphones
  • Strong sticky gel pad
  • Adjustable arm


  • Sticky gel pad does not get the job done all that nicely when it is super-scorching outdoors

As a dashboard mount, owning an adjustable arm is a important additionally. It can maintain the bodyweight of the smartphone even when entirely prolonged. It begins to wrestle only when it is extremely scorching outdoors throughout the summer season. Other than that it behaves extremely nicely. Washing the pad with water will make it get the job done as if it is new.

2. Mpow Auto Cell phone Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 17

Mpow auto cellphone holder is a uncomplicated product and just one of the several that was made to get the job done with the CD slot of the auto. This makes it instead safe but it makes the CD tray unusable. On the other hand, no person utilizes CDs anymore. The unit does have a several beneficial characteristics and a good establish high quality but most importantly it is extremely low-cost.


  • Can be put in in the CD slot of the auto
  • Adjustable operates with pretty much any smartphone and all iPhones
  • Can be rotated 360 levels
  • Lower cost tag


  • CD slot will come to be unusable

The mount has all the envisioned characteristics. It can be rotated and secured horizontally or vertically. The clamps that keep the smartphone into place are rubberized and stop scratches when the springs guarantee that the cellphone will not tumble off. It does not have an prolonged arm but it operates great just the way it is.

one. iOttie Effortless One Touch 2 Auto Mount Holder

Top 10 Best Car Mounts For iPhone in 2021 19

The iOttie Effortless One Touch 2 auto mount is the original model and the more appreciated just one. It can be put in on to the dashboard or the windshield with the help of its solid suction cup. The arm is adjustable as envisioned and the mount itself was made to get the job done with nearly any smartphone, like the Apple iphone As well as.


  • Works with all iPhones
  • Adjustable arm
  • Can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield
  • 360 rotation


  • Gets to be flimsy when entirely prolonged

The truth that it has an extendable arm is a great additionally but when entirely prolonged it will get flimsy. It will vibrate a whole lot but the Apple iphone will stay securely in place. A massive providing point is the truth that it can be put in on the dashboard and windshield. The suction cup is extremely solid and it should really survive powerful vibrations.

What Kind Of Mount Is Appropriate For You?

It is hard to explain to which mount operates superior. There are quite a few different varieties to opt for from and some get the job done superior than other folks. Just before picking a product it is a superior thought to know precisely how several varieties there are there. They can be put in in many spots of the auto. Right here are all the varieties detailed in just a several words.

  • Air vent mounts. Air vent mounts are good. As extensive as they have some variety of neck or extendable arm they should really be wonderful. If they do not they will expose the cellphone to warmth when turning on the heating system.
  • Cigarette lighter slot mount. These mounts get the job done nicely. They generally cost the cellphone as nicely which is a great additionally but the positioning is not great. The socket is placed in different spots based on the auto and on some vehicles it might be unachievable to have the smartphone in a seen place.
  • Windshield mounts. Windshield mounts are reasonably uncomplicated. The can have an extendable arm or neck or they can appear without the need of just one. What is vital is for the suction cup to be solid more than enough to keep it sticking to the windshield.
  • Dashboard mounts. These are identical to the ones made for the windshield.
  • CD slot mounts. There are only a handful of such mounts. They are likely to be the most convenient ones as they get the job done great and they only keep the CD slot occupied.

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