Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers Reviewed in 2022

Even though the stock seats that come with vehicles are comfortable and aesthetic, they are prone to ripping and or fading over time. These are major setbacks for car owners, particularly those planning to sell their vehicles for a profit in the future. While parking your car in a shade and cleaning its seat often work, installing a car seat cover is the best solution. Available in numerous interesting designs, for instance, they improve the overall look of vehicles. Comfort levels are admirable, while the rip-proof materials used to make them protect underlying stock seats effectively. To enjoy these benefits without compromising style or function, these 10 car seat covers work the best.

10. FH Group FB070GRAY102


FH Group has manufactured numerous top quality car seat covers that improve the value and functionality of vehicles. This sporty FB070GRAY102 model, for instance, is a durable airbag-ready set of two covers with a stylish gray theme. Attainable ready-to-use, they are easy to install (both buckets and covers). Their specially stitched designs are durable, while the stretchy fabric used to make it cradles seats for a clean and well-defined look. Forget about the saggy low-quality models that individuals have fitted in their vehicles. You will have a promising experience with this set whenever you are resting in or driving your vehicle. These semi-customized covers are machine washable and recommended for use in SUVs, vans, trucks, and cars.



EDEALYN PU is a soft leatherette car seat with a comfortable cushioned design that cradles the body well when driving. It is non-slip, fits most bucket car seats, and has a luxurious look that improves the value of cars significantly. Unlike your faded low-grade stock ones, your car will look clean and inviting with an original set installed. EDEALYN PU is approximately 0.35-inches thick. It measures 52 x 53 centimeters and has numerous breathable holes that keep drivers and passengers cool and comfortable. Finally, you do not need special assistance to install this seat cover as required. For an instant transformation, simply slide it over your car’s seat and secure it well.

8. BDK Charcoal Trim Black


As its name suggest, BDK is a black-themed car seat with stylish charcoal accents that improves its value. Retailing as a nine piece set (for both rear bench and front bucket seats), its affordability is desirable. Seams are flat and double-stitched for stability, while the premium fabric used make them improves the look of car interior. The material is also 100% washable, odor-free, and does not trap dirt or allergens as some low-grade fabric ones often do. Even if you drive in dusty environments often, your seats will stay clean, including their headrests. For a customized fit, make sure that you select the correct size for your vehicle.



Christened the Travel Master, this red and black set of FH GROUP FH-FB071115-SEAT seat covers offer value. Made of embossed polyester cloth, these covers are stylish, flexible, and durable. The thick (4mm) foam used to cushion them is comfortable, while their sturdy designs cradle the body well to better comfort levels further. If you drive for hours, therefore, you do not have to worry about the irritation your poorly made stock seat subject you every day. The two front bucket covers it comes with are airbag-compatible. Installation is a breeze, while the five separate headrests offered complement their interesting looks.

6. Oxgord Seat Covers


For a total transformation of your car’s interior, this 17-piece set of covers from Oxgord is among the best for 2022. The two bucket seat covers offered, for instance, are durable, eye-catching, and recommended or use in SUVs, trucks, and cars. You also get a bench seat cover, a steering wheel cover, and headrest protectors, each with a low-maintenance black and gray theme. For individuals shopping for comfortable seat covers, these models work well. Their padded designs (3mm thick) cradle the body comfortably. Finishing such as zippers are non-irritant, while their ability to protect seats from odors, liquids, and wear/tear make them ideal day-to-day seat covers.

5. Auto Expressions Braxton


Braxton from Auto Expressions is a set of two black-themed seats that feature innovative designs and fabrics. Featuring easy to install universal designs, these covers fit most types of seats in sedans, vans, and sports utility vehicles. Their smooth and non-slip surfaces are fun to sit on, while the innovative fabrics used to make them boost their value further. They are rip, stain, and fade-proof, for instance. They also protect seats against splits and pet hairs and have unique superfit flaps that deliver a wrinkle-free fit. Devoid of the vehicle in your possession, Auto Expressions Braxton will transform its dirty and old seats into new and good-looking ones.

4. OxGord Purple Zebra Print


Have you ever thought of installing purple seat covers in your vehicle? With OxGord now attainable cheap online, you can fulfill this wish on a budget. Featuring stylish zebra prints, this purple-themed 21-piece set has a charming look that transforms drab car interiors into masterpieces. Fit is excellent, while the deluxe velour fabric used in their production is both smooth and long lasting. The material is also durable and among the best for protecting delicate car seats from dust, allergens, and environmental elements such as UV. Apart from its airbag-compatible bucket covers, you get a rear split bench cover, shoulder pads, and a steering wheel cover.

3. FH GROUP FH-FB102112 Classic


For years, cloth car seat covers have faced ridicule because of their drab designs. Today, however, they are among the most popular products in this niche with FH GROUP FH-FB102112 leading the pack. These high back universal covers (bucket) are comfortable. Their solid black themed blend well in cars, while the breathable and washable fabric (100%) used to make them lasts long. It does not tear nor rip easily, for instance. It also protects against daily wear and dust and has a breathable weave the keeps drivers cool even during the summer. Because of its affordability, you can use it to do a complete overhaul of your car’s seats/interior without spending a fortune.

2. Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8


If want your car seats to have a classic look but with an updated feel, Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 works best. Universal, this Baja cover is easy to install on most seats. The multi-colored blanket fabric used to make it is both stylish and durable, while its convenient slip-on design does not require a lot of effort to install. It slides easily over most standard seats without bunching as some brands often do.

1. FH Group FH-FB050114


Top of our list, FH Group FH-FB050114 is a universal fit black-themed seat cover for trucks, cars, and vans. Attainable as a full set (two front buckets, four headrest covers, and one rear bench) of covers, it is an affordable option for doing a full interior overhaul. The heavy-duty cloth used to make it lasts long, while comfortable and breathable design makes driving fun.

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