Top 10 Best Car Transport Companies in USA 2022 Reviews

If you live in the United States or even overseas and you want cars transported from anywhere to your location, you can find a great auto transport company that can serve you well. Nevertheless, with so many of such companies out there, making the right decision as to which company to use can be difficult, even daunting. To save you from the stress and time wastage, we have shortlisted the top 10 best car transport companies in USA in 2022 to choose from.

40 Terminals and 30 carriers can get your car to where you want it. They also even have an iPhone app.

10. A-Z Affordable Transport

Opening our list of the top 10 best car transport companies in USA in 2022 is the A-Z Affordable Transport Company, which is based in Los Angeles, CA. This company has been in business since 1998 and was initially formed to serve the Los Angeles but has now spread to be other States and countries to become a national and international carrier.

The company is ranked top due to the fact that it is pocket friendly to many people while at the same time have great customer care service and above average services. The company is licensed, secured and bonded. A-Z affordable has policies that enable you to receive your car just as it was prior to shipment.

9. USA Auto Shippers


The US Auto Shippers is one the most used car transport company in the Unites States of America. This company has offices all over the US and provides local, nationwide and international auto transporting services. The company has as many as 84 shipping destinations in the United States.

Among the services offered by USA Auto Shippers that make the company so popular are transportation of classic and collector cars, corporate relocation, enclosed auto transport, international car shipping, motorcycle transport, RV transport and snowbirds. If you need a company that will provide you with fast, safe and secure delivery, low prices and free quotation.

8. Car Shipping Company

Receiving much attention and credit is the Car Shipping Company based in the United States of America and offering nationwide auto shipping services. The company has the largest fleet of more than 6,000 Department of Transport licensed carriers in the road in various locations around the United States.

According to the company, they are the best in terms of the quality of the customer services offered, the shipping prices, flexibility in service delivery and the varieties of services offered. The company is well known for open carriers, collector and classic cars, corporate relocation, enclosed auto transport, motorcycle transport, international car shipping and snowbirds.

7. Automobile Shippers

Another great car transport company that deserves to be mentioned in our shortlist of the top 10 best car transport companies in USA in 2022 is the Automobile Shippers. This company has several carries licensed by US Department of Transport and approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The company also has guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

The company can help you save money even as you ship you car. This is because of their money saving policy of offering only individually custom tailored quotes and no “one size fits all” costs. There also periodical discounts that you can take advantage of. Automobile Shippers also ensure your car meaning that in case of any accident or loss, you are protected ad you will be compensated in kind.

6. Auto Transporting

Auto Transporting is another company that can be included in the list of the top 10 excellent car transport companies in USA in 2022. This is because of the superiority of the services offered. The company is present in all the 50 States in USA. The company is committed to customer satisfaction through great customer care service, fast shipping and delivery and safe and secure services.

Because the company understands that, it is not the last time you are having your car transported, they also have customer guidance service where you will receive tips on how to best move your car. Examples of tips include ways on how to transport cars cheaply, easily and securely.

5. Safe Auto Transport

Just as the name sounds, this company places a lot of emphasis in the safety and security of the cars they transport. The company uses state-of-the-art transportation carrier that use the latest technology to ensure that you will receive your can at an appropriate time and in the original condition in which it was received.

Safe Auto Transport offer a variety of car transportation services including classic and collector cars, enclosed auto transport, corporate relocation, international car shipping, motorcycle transport, international car shipping, RV transport and seasonal moves/snowbirds.

4. Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS)

Ranked fourth in the list of top 10 popular car transport companies in USA in 2022 is the dependable Auto Shippers. Having been in the business since 1984, this company has learned the art and science of customer service support and service delivery. As the name sounds, the company is dependable and responsible.

The company transports a wide variety of automobiles including cars, trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), antique cars, ATVs, custom cars, motorcycles, vans, boats and even planes. They have nationwide network of carriers meaning that you can find one close to you.

3. Auto Shipping

If you want to move and carry along your car with you to your new home, one of the best companies to choose for your car transportation is Auto Shipping. With nationwide thousands carrier fleet, you will surely find one close to your location. This company will help you move your car or vehicle fast, affordable, reliably, safely and of course securely.

Auto Shipping is licensed by Department of Transport (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), secured and bonded. No matter what your car transport needs are, all you need to do is to make a call to the company’s customer care department and you will be advised accordingly. The car transportation services offered include collector and classic cars, corporate relocation, enclosed auto transport, motorcycle transport, international car shipping and snowbirds.

2. Car Shippers

This company deserves this position not only because of the quality of the services they offer but also customer reviews. Car shippers is rated gorgeous overall by many auto transport companies review websites. The company has professional live agents standing by with direct access to over 6,000 US Department of Transport licensed carriers ready at all times to respond to your call.

The shipping services include Alaska auto transport, Hawaii auto transport, classic and collector car shipping, enclosed auto transport, golf cart shipping, military vehicle shipping, motorcycle shipping, boat, jet, ski and RV as well as Snowbird/seasonal car movers.

1. Ship A Car Inc

Ship A Car Inc. is an affordable and dependable auto shipping company in the United States of America. This company has the largest network trucks dispatched on the major roads to help you with carrying your car from and to anywhere in the USA. Furthermore, the company offers simple car shipping services that not only save their client’s time and money but also give them piece of mind when the car is on the move.

The company boasts of offering tailor made services customized to the individual needs of each customer. In other words, they understand that each vehicle owner has unique needs and value their asses. They will handle the vehicle as though it was their own. In the end, you will be 100% satisfied with the services of the company and have your vehicle safely with you.

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