Top 10 Best Cervical Tractions 2021 Reviews

Are you tired of the stiff neck or stinging shoulder pain that is lowering your productivity at home or work? Have tried using medication with little to know success? Here is a list of the top 10 cervical traction devices that can help:

10. Saunders Cervical Traction-HomeTrac

Saunders Cervical Traction-HomeTrac

The Saunders Cervical Traction device opens our list of the top 10 Saunders cervical traction in 2021 Reviews. While in use, this high quality device made of a comfortable material provides up to 50 pounds of traction on the cervical area of the spine, stretching it safely. Unlike many devices, this Saunders cervical traction comes pre-assemble. Simply wear it around your neck area as directed and regulate the pressure if necessary, to take care of chronic and acute neck pain that result as people age. It can also help to alleviate conditions related to poor head posture and other underlying medical conditions.

9. Cervical Traction Kit Set Device System

The Head Neck Spine Cervical Traction device is a simple yet effective device that can help to lower back pains and other dysfunctions. Apart for being light, this traction system is durable. If you take care of it well, it will serve you well for a long time, before you think of getting a replacement. The patent-pending design and soft cushioned surfaces of this innovating traction kit hug the neck area gently. When stretching your cervical bones, therefore, you will not only stay comfortable, but also have good results in the end. Finally, the single hinge design and one-button pump release system on this traction device make it one of the easiest to use.

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8. Pronex-Cervical Traction Device

The single regular cervical traction device by Pronex comes eighth on our list. Generally, it consists of a set of blue cushions made of soft foam, which hug the neck and shoulders. Like other traction devices, the device is comfortable even if worn for a long duration. To break the cycle of pain cause by health complications over a ten year period and lower the need for costly pain medication or the risk of addiction, make sure that you use it regularly, and as directed.

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7. Core 990 Overhead Traction System

Core 990 Overhead Traction System

For those who have chronic spinal problems (cervical area) and surgery is not an option, the Core 990 overhead system is and cheap and highly effective cervical traction device that can help you lower pressure. It consists of a comfortable strap that you wear around your neck and shoulders and a water filled bag that provides the needed tension. Generally, the amount of water that you pour in the bag the greater the pressure the device will exert on your neck area and vice versa. The Core 990 overhead traction system is also cheap, durable, and effective than many over-the-top brands that are available in the market.

6. Cervical Neck Traction with Adjustable Straps

The Cervical Neck Traction by Simplicity has earned a spot on many top 10 Saunders Cervical Traction in 2021 Reviews because of the following reasons: First, unlike many manual systems that rely on external accessories (water bags, etc) to exert pressure on the affected area, it uses a comfortable and inflatable neck traction device, to stretch cervical bones. Once positioned well under the jaw, you use a pump to inflate the accessory, until you unload your cervical spine gently. Limit head motion and make sure that it supports your jaw bone well, for best results. Another attributes that give the Cervical Neck Traction device and edge over its competition is its flexibility and portability. You can use it at home, in the office, or when you are driving, to lower acute or chronic back pain.

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5. Neckpro Over-the-Door Cervical Traction with Adjustable Door Bracket

Unlike many over-the-door cervical traction systems that are complicated and rely on traditional weights and water bags to provide tension, the Neckpro is a revolutionary cervical traction device that has helped millions of people lower neck and back pain since the year 2000. It consists of a soft strap that a person wears on the neck area, a rope racket, and compression spring that helps to depressurize the cervical region of the spine. When in use, the patented rope racket clicks as you regulator pressure, each corresponding to a one pound increase or decrease in pressure.

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4. Posture Pump Model 1000 Cervical Disc Hydrator, Standard Version

The Posture Pump model 1000 is by far one of the most advanced cervical disk hydra-tors that are available in the market. It is easy to operate, portable, and most importantly, uses a patented up and down motion to promote joint nutrition and lubrication. If you have grappled with chronic neck pain or stiffness for a long time, this beautifully crafted disk hydra-tor will help you to get your life back.

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3. Adjustable Door Bracket Model – Neckpro Cervical Traction Device

The Neckpro is an advanced over-the-door cervical traction device that is a best seller in stores worldwide. Unlike conventional over-the-door designs that draw pressure for water bags and weights, this cervical traction device has a computerized system (consisting of a unique ratchet and compression spring) that is not only precise, but also effective. Many people suffering from muscle spasm, osteoarthritis, and many other conditions affecting the upper extremity have recorded impressive recovery times using this cervical traction device.

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2. Replacement Pump/Gauge Assembly

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The Replacement Pump/Gauge assembly by Saunders takes our number two spot. When in use, this device directs around 50 pounds of traction to the back of the head. To maximize safety and effectiveness of this innovative device, Saunders has included a detailed usage guide and an instruction video in the package to guide users.

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1. ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device

The new model ComforTrac home cervical traction device has taken the number one sport on this top 10 Saunders cervical traction in 2021 reviews for the following reasons: first, its patented pendulum design is very effective. It allows for smoother lumber traction when in use, lowering discomfort and pain as a result. This traction device also has comfortable cushioned surfaces. Finally, its single hinge design and effortless pumping systems makes it very easy to use a home setting.

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