Top 10 Best Cheap Cases Samsung Galaxy S7-S7 Edge Reviewed In 2022

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge that you are looking to protect from dents and scratches? Instead of purchasing a new handbag and or limiting use, as some people often do, a Samsung Galaxy case will serve you better. Lightweight and made of impact-resistant accessories that do not mar phones over time, most models absorb shock well to protect phones from damage. They are also stylish, have accurate cutouts that enable you to operate your phone as usual, and create water-resistant barriers that protect smartphones further from the elements. Currently, the 10 best are:

10. SGM S7 Case

S7 Case, Galaxy S7 Case, SGM Premium Hybrid High Impact Shock Absorbent Defender Case With Anti-Slip Grip For Galaxy S7

Featuring an aesthetic black and gold themed body and a hybrid shock absorbing design that protects the Samsung Galaxy S7 from scratches, SGM is a premium case with several innovative features. Its form-fitting design, for instance, is easy to install and remove. Its body (polycarbonate and TPU is smooth, well-finished, and has an anti-slip grip that boosts safety further while its accurate cutouts (for camera, speaker, and controls) allow you to operate your smartphone naturally in all environments. With an original, thus, you will give you Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone an aesthetic and custom look while maximizing its overall functionality and safety at the same time.

9. Caseology Envoy Series

Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Caseology® [Envoy Series] [GENUINE LEATHER] [Leather Cherry Oak] Leather Bound Bumper Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2022) - Leather Cherry Oak

Manufactured using a genuine and well-finished leather and a sturdy case that protects phones well, this Envoy Series by Caseology is a valuable S7 Edge case with a stylish cherry oak theme and a comfortable non-slip finish that make its ideal for travel. Fitting and removal is straightforward without scratching and or damaging phones. The shock absorbent TPU liner that comes built it deflects shock around your phone to lower the risk of physical and mechanical damage. Its cutouts on the, on the other hand, are true to size while its semi-rigid polycarbonate bumper adds another layer of protection without introducing unnecessary bulk. Caseology Envoy Series is affordable and ages gracefully to optimize phone aesthetics.

8. Obliq Flex Pro

Galaxy S7 Case, OBLIQ [Flex Pro][Carbon] Premium PU Leather Slim Fit TPU Bumper Form Fitting Heavy Duty Protective Cover for Galaxy S7(2022)

By purchasing this 2022 edition of the popular Obliq Flex Pro line of Samsung Galaxy S7 cases, you get a durable accessory made of super-protective carbon. The material is aesthetic, flexes for easier installation and removal, and has a light and slim-fitting design with a built-in TPU bumper that protects your phone’s screen from scratches when placed on a flat surface. Certified MIL-STD 810G 516.6, this S7 case offers military-grade protection against shock and impact in general. Cutouts are precisely measured and its aesthetic finish perfect for making a style statement.

7. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series

Galaxy S7 Edge Case, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2022 Release, Retail Package (Frost-Black)

Featuring an aesthetic frost and black theme a light hybrid design that fits the Samsung Galaxy Edge like a glove, this Unicorn Beetle Series case from Supcase is a premium accessory that works well for women and men. Slim and with a minimalist and form fitting design, this case offers superior protection from dents and scratches without bulking smartphones. Its defined edges absorb impact well while its smooth finished body has a clean anti-slip coating that lowers the risk of your phone slipping and falling even if you have sweaty hands. It also has an elevated front bezel that protects your phone’s screen from scratching or shattering and accurate button and camera cutouts.

6. Caseology Parallax Series

Galaxy S7 Case, Caseology® [Parallax Series] Textured Pattern Grip Case [Pink] [Shock Proof] for Samsung Galaxy S7 (2022) - Pink

Recommended for women, this pink-themed Parallax Series S7 case by Caseology is a shockproof phone accessory with a textured body and a patterned grip that prevent your phone from slipping in transit. If weight is a concern, this case has a safely slim design that millions of S7 enthusiasts appreciate. Its subtle and playful geometry fits phones well while the dual-layered TPU used to make it not only offers superior drop protection but also has raised lips that protect your phone’s screen from scratching and or shattering.

5. Spigen Tough Armor

Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Tough Armor] HEAVY DUTY [Gunmetal] EXTREME Protection - Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 (2022) - (555CS20018)

Designed to offer optimal smartphone protection in all environments, Spigen is surprisingly lightweight and therefore perfect for daily commuting. It has a rugged dual-layered design with a striking gunmetal finish that improves phone aesthetics significantly. The TPU and polycarbonate used to manufacture it, on the other hand, are premium while its raised lip design protects screens well from scratches and damage in general. You also get large and convenient cutouts, a drop-tested military-grade body, and an air-cushioned interior that fortifies and protects phones further.

4. Spigen Rugged Armor

Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Spigen® [Rugged Armor] Resilient [Black] Ultimate protection from drops and impacts for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2022) - (556CS20033)

Designed for use with the Galaxy S7 Edge phone, this rugged armor edition from Spigen is a resilient black-themed case that absorbs impacts and drops. Installation and removal are hassle-free. Its newly designed body (using flexible TPU) has anti-slip carbon fiber textures, stylish glossy accents, and a raised 1.2mm raised lip that protects phone screens. It also has a military-grade (MIL-STD 810G 516.6) air cushion technology for added protection, tactile buttons that ease operation of S7 phones, and a rugged yet slim design that fits comfortably in the hand and pockets.

3. i-Blason Armorbox

Galaxy S7 Case, [Armorbox] i-Blason built in [Screen Protector] [Full body] [Heavy Duty Protection ] Shock Reduction - Bumper Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 2022 Release (Black)

Designed to offer full-body and heavy-duty protection without bulking and or lowering the functionality of Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones, i-Blason Armorbox has a sturdy body with a built-in screen protector and a raised bumper. It has a striking black theme, a sturdy dual layered design (flexible TPU inner and a hard shell polycarbonate shell) with accurate cutouts, and hardback case with a clip for mounting phones on belts for easier transportation. I-Blason Armorbox is cheap and improves phone aesthetics significantly.

2. OBLIQ Slim Meta

Galaxy S7 Edge Case, OBLIQ [Slim Meta][Satin Silver] Slim Fit Premium Dual Layer Protection Case with Metallic Brush Finish Back with Shock Absorbing TPU Inner Layer for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Featuring a stylish silver finish and a dual layered design (TPU inner and polycarbonate shell) that absorbs shock well to protect phones from damage, OBLIQ Slim Meta is durable and designed with the user’s best interest at heart. As most OBLIQ phone cases, for instance, its military-grade construction is novel. Its raised corners protect phones better while its slim body is not only comfortable to hold but also has precise cutouts that retain phone functionality. Buy a new one to get an elegant case with a grip-enhancing finish.

1. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

Galaxy S7 Edge Case, SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case WITHOUT Built-in Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2022 Release), Unicorn Beetle PRO Series - Retail Package (Black-Black)

Even though this rugged holster case lacks the screen protector common in most SUPCASE products, it is durable and has a well finished deign that offers full body protection. Recommended for use with the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, installation and removal are also easy while its black on black unicorn beetle design does not lower the value of smartphones over time. Cutouts are precise. Its rugged dual-layered design withstands physical abuse well while its decent price has made it a sought-after product globally.

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