Top 10 Best Combat Boots Reviewed In 2021

Perfect for camping, hiking, and casual use, combat boots are protective high-top footwear with stylish design. Made of leather and high-grade synthetic materials, most models are durable. Most boots are also comfortable and have multi-functional designs with heavy-duty soles that work well on all terrain. If you appreciate the value of combat boots and want a new pair, we have listed 10 of the best combat boots in Amazon. Even though cheap, their professional-grade designs last for years. They also have unique/charming designs and come in many sizes that suit the needs of most individuals.

10. Ameritac Side Zip Boots

Ameritac Men's Side Zip Suede Leather Combat Outdoor Desert Tan Boots, 9-Inch

In the past, combat boots were heavy and ill-fitting footwear reserved for soldiers and a security personnel. However, with the advent of technology, most models have become lighter and comfortable with Ameritac attracting positive attention. With one, for instance, you get a comfortable side zippered combat boot that conquers the toughest of terrains. The suede leather used to make it is stylish (tan-themed) and durable. Its high cut 9-inch design supports the foot well, while its lined interior keeps feet cool. These combat boots also have gusseted tongues that keep debris and other materials out, aggressive high-traction lugs, and a secure speed lacing system.

9. Forever Link Mango 61K

Mango 61K Little Kids Combat Lace Up Boots Black

As their adult versions, combat boots for kids are popular accessories because of their safe and comfortable designs. This lace up Forever Link Mango 61K model, for instance, is a premium black-themed boot with an appealing unisex design. It fits girls and boys comfortably. The lightweight synthetic material used to make it is durable, while its low-profile 1-inch heel is safe to walk on. For easier wearing and removal, Forever Link Mango 61K has a convenient side zipper closure that comes in handy. It is easy to use. The zippered closure is also non-irritant and seals tight to delivers a snug and comfortable fit.

8. Marco Republic Navigator

Marco Republic Navigator Womens Military Combat Boots

Perfect for exploring the outdoors, Marco Republic Navigator is a novel combat boot for women with a durable military-grade design. Made of heavy-duty faux leather, its black body is aesthetic. It also flexes for a comfortable fit and has a stable 1.5-inch heel that improves the stability of users. Even though tall, therefore, walking in this combat boot is not as hard as some comparable similar sized models. Buyers also get a low profile (0.75-inches) platform, a comfortable rounded toe, and a 7.25-inch shaft with a wide 9-inch boot opening.

7. Room Of Fashion (ROF) Boots

ROF Women's Lug Heel Ankle to Mid Calf Booties Zipper Closure Combat Military Motorcycle Boots

Room of Fashion (ROF) is a pair timeless mid-calf boots for women with comfortable zippered designs that offer value. Recommended for riding motorcycles, hiking, and for use as a fashion item, their versatile designs appeal to most women. Quality of construction is admirable, while their rugged heels are stable and designed to maximize the safety of users. Made of a low-maintenance synthetic material, these boots are light and fun to walk in. Heel height is approximately 1.25-inches, while their slip-resistant lugged soles grip surfaces well to improve traction and stability. If you like stylish boots but have money issues, consider Room of Fashion. Even with the premium features buyers get, pricing is impressive in most reputable online outlets such as Amazon.

6. Soda Dome


Its uncommon name notwithstanding, Soda Dome is a quality pair of combat boots, each with an eye-catching military outlook. Even though synthetic, these boots hold up well over the years. They do not tear nor rip easily under punishing conditions. Seams are tight and non-irritant, while its durable manmade sole has high-traction lugs that boost stability. On loose ground, therefore, the risk of slipping and injury is slim. Women also like their warm 10-inch shafts, wide boot openings, and easy to wear and remove side-zippered designs.

5. West Blvd Lagos

West Blvd Womens Lagos Combat Boots

Whether you want combat boots for hiking or making a style statement at school, West Blvd Lagos works the best. Featuring a classic cowboy-style brown-2 theme, these eye-catching USA-made combat boots complement various looks. The durable synthetic material used to make them is easy to clean, while their flexible synthetic soles last long. They do not crack easily, for instance. By normalizing motion, users enjoy a comfortable experience on all terrain. West Blvd Lagos is cruelty-free. Heels (0.5-inches) and platforms (0.25-inches) are low profile, while its mid-sized 5.5-inch shaft is both stable and protective.

4. JJF Shoes

Women Military Combat Foldable Cuff Faux Leather Plaid-Quilted Back Zipper Lace Up Boots

With comfort as one of its major strengths, JJF Shoes deliver where most women’s combat boots have failed. Instead of restraining feet, for instance, its round toe design fits both narrow and wide feet comfortably. Its zippered closure is easy to use, while the tall 7.5-inch shaft offered is both stylish and protective. In chilly weather, it keeps feet warm. It also keeps debris out and has a quilted faux leather cuff with an eye-catching feminine look. These lace-up boots are affordable and have comfortable low profile (1.25-inches) heels.

3. DailyShoes Combat Boots

Women's DailyShoes Combat Style up Ankle Bootie Quilted Military Knit Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots

In top 10 best combat boots reviewed in 2021, these quilted leather boots are popular for their durability and multi-functional designs. The quilted synthetic fabric used to make them is durable. Its black Pu theme has a fun grunge look that wearers appreciate, while its unique rubber sole is durable and comfortable. Because of its flexible design, stability is also impressive on smooth and rugged terrain. These boots are warm. Their fold-down shafts are durable and have roomy 4 and 3.5-inch pockets for storing cash, ID cards, and credit cards.

2. Rocky C4T

Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot

Rocky C4T is a pair of dessert tan tactical boots for men made of fabric and leather. Measuring 7-inches, their tall shafts are stable and designed to maximize comfort. They also protect users from debris and the elements and stabilize heels to lower the risk of injuries. These combat boots have low profile rubber soles (1-inch platform and 1.5-inch heel), speed eyelets, and fast drying waterproof designs.

1. Steve Madden Troopa

Steve Madden Women's Troopa Lace-Up Boot

Many women choose comfortable and well-constructed combat boots. If you have a similar taste and currently shopping for a new pair of boots, Steve Madden Troopa is the best. Made of brown leather it has a charming and durable design that delivers all-day comfort. Its lace-up design fits snug, while its durable rubber sole performs well on all terrain. Steve Madden Troopa has a tall 8-inch shaft (water-resistant) that keeps feet warm. It also has a stable low profile heel (1-inch), a wide boot opening (11.5-inches) and stylish stitching detail.

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