Top 10 Best Comfortable Sleep Masks in 2022 Reviews

Today we are looking at what are the top 10 best comfortable sleep masks in 2022. But first let’s make sure we all know what a sleep mask is. Sleep masks are also known as eye masks. Otherwise known as the “wear on plane” mask. But most of us do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night. The thing is, when pure darkness registers with the brain, it causes production of melatonin (otherwise known as the natural chemical of sleep). For this reason, these may work even better with the added use of earplugs.

In any case, given that–they are not just for use on the airplane. These can benefit overnight shift workers, people with insomnia, cops and firemen or people who just wake up in the middle of the night that need to use the bathroom and then cannot go back to sleep because it is now light out. Those who occasionally stay up too late and then find themselves unable to fall asleep. Or even those whose spouse or partner keeps different sleeping hours from them regardless of the reason.

Without further chatter, let’s get to the top 10 best comfortable sleep masks in 2022.

01. ALASKA BEAR – Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold

1. ALASKA BEAR - Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold

The first thing to notice is that it is the 1 best selling sleep mask on Amazon. This may or may not have something to do with it being on sale; but if it was the only reason you’d think there would be a lot of bad reviews; which there are not. Upon further inspection, there are a lot of coupons on this item so that would completely explain why it is a best seller and there are no bad reviews.

It is made with silk on both sides. It is compatible with both ear plugs and a CPAP mask (which is great given how those that would need a CPAP have sleep issues anyway). It is also worth noting that if you are a small person this will be large on your face, but most likely as with some of the other masks that is going to be necessary in order to cover up all of the light.

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02. Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

2. Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

As of when this was written, this one is a bit more than the previous one. However, you will notice it is a 1 seller in eye masks and pillows where the previous entry was #1 in sleep masks. Cheaper isn’t better in all cases either. If you notice, this one includes a carrying case and ear plugs. It also has adjustable velcro straps. It doesn’t specify what the fabric is; but it should be far more important that this does not put any pressure on your eyes themselves so it does it do its job.

03. 3D Sleep Mask Design by PrettyCare with 2 Pack Eye Mask

3. 3D Sleep Mask Design by PrettyCare with 2 Pack Eye Mask

This one is two pack, is silk and comes with a carrying case. It also comes with ear plugs. For those of us (yes I will admit to being one of them) that would need to worry about it…it does not smudge makeup. As of when this was written, its price is the same as the bedtime bliss listed in front of this one. I haven’t found anything wrong with any of the products so far…but so far I would have to declare this one the winner.

04. Purple Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss

4. Purple Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss

This one is my favorite color…purple. I know that something so trivial should not be the only deciding factor in a purchase…but sometimes when all things are equal something trivial will decide for you. Anyway, it is made from bamboo and cotton. There is no pressure on the eyes with this and there is room for you to comfortably open them while it is still on.

05. #1 Rated Patented Sleep Mask – Premium Quality Eye Mask

5. #1 Rated Patented Sleep Mask - Premium Quality Eye Mask

One would have to wonder why it is the 1 rated but is not the #1 seller. Anyway, I am hard pressed to find a majorly negative review on this one as well, One thing to notice about this one is, it is the first 3D mask to have the nose cut out. So if you are uncomfortable with the mask covering your nose, that would make this one the mask for you.

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06. ALASKA BEAR – 2 straps natural silk sleep mask

6. ALASKA BEAR - 2 straps natural silk sleep mask

This one seems to be more or less the first one that is listed here. It is slightly more expensive (at least at the time of writing this) and have two straps. It is made of the same mulberry silk that the first one is. It claims to relieve insomnia and migraines. Insomnia can be relieved by actually sleeping which is what all of these are for. As for the migraines, that would probably depend on if the root cause of the migraines is a lack of sleep.

07. Sleep Master Sleep Mask

7. Sleep Master Sleep Mask

This is the first one on the list that is more than a couple of dollars more than the rest of them (yes at the time of writing this not everything is at retail but even the sale/retail prices seem more consistent). Then we have this that is almost double the price of everything else on the list so far. It does not come with ear plugs as many of the others do on this list or a carrying case or anything else for that matter. I cannot find anything distinctive about this one to justify the price difference.

08. Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit

8. Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit

The strap on this one does have a tendency to ride down. It will cut into the ears on some people. Further the nose opening is strange on this one. It puts a strange pressure on the eyes that does not need to be there. Finally due to the bad positioning of the strap it is not recommended for side sleepers. Dream Essentials is recognized as a good sleep mask brand so it is included in this list to be thorough. However, I don’t have a reason to recommend this one.

09. Lewis N Clark Black Eye Mask

9. Lewis N Clark Black Eye Mask

First, this is the cheapest one on here so far, as of the time of writing this. Most of them have been in the $10-$15 range. This one is not on sale and cheaper than that. It is probably cheaper because it is cotton and not satin or silk as some of these others. More importantly there are no earplugs included, let alone the carrying bag. Lewis N Clark is a reliable sleep mask brand; still I would only recommend this one to the most stingy people.

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10. Bucky Eye Mask

10. Bucky Eye Mask

The price on this one is similar to most of them here. The first thing I notice about this one is: it is the first one to come in multiple colors. It is made of foam that won’t smudge makeup or put unwanted pressure on the eyes. A concern with this one is some people have reported that sweating while wearing this mask will cause the dye of the mask to stain your pillow. Finally, they fall apart more often than the others if you attempt to wash them. For that reason I would not recommend it.

So there are the top 10 best comfortable sleep masks in 2022. In conclusion, we can safely rule out the Bucky Eye Mask. The staining and lack of being able to wash it issues make it impossible to recommend; even if you are the color nazi type. Next out is the Sleep Master Sleep Mask. There is just no reason for the extra expense. As to the Lewis N Clark, it is stable as a sleep mask. However, it lacks the ear plugs that so many on the others on this list come with. For that reason I would only recommend it if you are that frugal as a sleep mask works even better with ear plugs and many to most of these on the list are not that much more in price that have ear plugs. As for the Dream Essentials it rides funny and cuts into some peoples ears and makes it difficult for people to sleep on their side in the process. No, I cannot recommend it either.

So, now on to the ones I might recommend. As for the Alaska Bear ones, there is nothing good or bad about them. Their is silk on both sides which makes it quite comfortable. But, it doesn’t come with ear plugs and other ones do. So for that reason while it wouldn’t be disappointing as the others would, it is just not my first recommendation. As to what is, it is the 3D Sleep Mask. Not only does it come with two masks–it comes with ear plugs and a travel bag. Further the price difference is not noticeable.

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