Top 10 Best Component Speaker Systems Reviewed In 2022

When shopping for entertainment systems for home use, bigger is not always better. Component systems, for instance, are space efficient yet innovative accessories with durable and feature-rich designs that improve how individuals entertain. The advanced receivers individuals get, for instance, are powerful, multi-functional, and have premium components that improve sound quality and projection in most environments. Speaker systems, on the other hand, are durable, very easy to setup, and have premium drivers that generate immersive sound when listing to music from CDs, radios, and smart accessories such as phones and USB sticks. To stay well entertained on a budget without cluttering personal space, we have reviewed the 10 best models for 2022.

10. Yamaha MCR-N560BL


Often looked upon by music enthusiasts, micro components systems play an essential role in the entertainment industry because of the value they offer. Even though compact, for instance, Yamaha MCR-N560BL is a powerful musical accessory with an advanced Network player and Airplay compatible design that is perfect for entertaining. build is durable using plastic, while its vibration-free speaker design (two-way) produces crisp and interference-free sound that individuals appreciate. Yamaha MCR-N560BL plays music from USB devices, iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It is also Wi-Fi compatible and has a high-efficiency amplifier (digital) that improves its performance further.

9. Sharp XLHF102B


Sharp XLHF102B is a Bluetooth-enabled Hi-Fi component system with an efficient 50-watt design that does not consume a lot of power. While the CD player offered is a simple single disk model, it is durable and plays several types of disks well. Bluetooth streaming is fast and reliable, while its compact yet stylish design blends well in homes and offices without cluttering personal space. You can also use it in your bedroom or in a den in your basement and have an enjoyable time overall whenever you spare time to entertain. With Sharp XLHF102B, you also get a full remote control, a built-in AM/FM tuner, and a well-built speaker system with a subwoofer output terminal.

8. Yamaha MCR-332BL


Combining style and superior sound output in a compact and affordable package, Yamaha MCR-332BL is a popular micro component system that works well. If you are tired of your large subwoofer system and choose it as a replacement, you get a dependable PianoCraft accessory with premium sound quality. Its newly designed bass reflex speakers (two-way) produce loud and bass-rich sound without vibrating, while its iPad, iPhone, and iPod compatible design diversifies listening options. Finally, its built-in AM/FM radio works perfectly. The full remote control offered, on the other hand, guarantees an enjoyable hands-free experience when entertaining.

7. Yamaha MCR-B020BL


Commonly found in homes and offices, Yamaha MCR-B020BL is a bestselling component system with a clutter-free mini design that users like. This does not mean you sacrifice sound for size. Even though ranked among the smallest products in this niche, it is also one of the most powerful because of its premium design. The CD player and AM/FM radio offered, for instance, are durable, very easy to use, and produce crisp sounds that enthusiasts find entertaining. The Bluetooth adapter offered supports on-demand wireless streaming, while its front mounted AUX and USB ports are perfect for playing music from phones and charging phones respectively. Speaker systems are durable stylish and produce bass-rich sound.

6. Sony CMT-FX300I


Designed to deliver crisp and interference-free sound indoors, Sony CMT-FX300I is also easy to setup and has a convenient space efficient HiFi design that lasts. Even though cheaper than larger hyped systems, it does not look cheap nor work cheaply at all. On the contrary, its premium plastic construction is both clean and long lasting. Speakers are modest yet sweet sounding, while the advanced DSGX bass amplifier integrated into its system improves sound projection and quality further. When entertaining, therefore, you will enjoy a memorable experience no matter the type of music you are listening. Users also appreciate its built-in headphone jack for quiet listening, power efficiency (two 5-watt RMS) and unique standalone design.

5. Onkyo CS-265(B)


Do you have a collection of compact disks (CDs) that you listen to often? While laptops and DVD players read most types well, purchase Onkyo CS-265(B) to enjoy an immersive bass-rich experience without breaking the bank. Featuring a power efficient 20-watt system, it generates clear highs and thumping bass without soaring electricity costs. The HiFi mini accessory that individuals get does not clutter shelves nor personal space, in general, while its built-in digital amplifier and digital audio processing technology better its functionality further. This system plays several types of CDs (encoded, CD-RW, and CD-R). It also supports Bluetooth streaming and has vibration-free speakers with a super bass function that improves sound quality further.

4. Denon D-M39S


Featuring a simple and straight circuit micro design, a built in power amp, and a high precision system (192kHz/24-Bit) that offers value, Denon D-M39S never disappoints. Even though discontinued, the high fidelity sound and support for various sources of music has kept it relevant in the entertainment space. If you have an iPod or an iPhone with your collection of desired music, this system accepts most models. It also has a digital optical input that works with televisions and quality speakers with noise reducing Triple Noise reduction Designs (TNRD) that preserves the clarity and purity of sounds, unlike some larger models.

3. Yamaha MCR-232BL


Talking about the top 10 best stereo system components reviewed 2022; Yamaha MCR-232BL is a notable product of worth. Attainable in black, it is stylish. Its micro design is space-efficient; while the bass reflex speakers (two-way) it comes with are stylish and has an advanced VCCS technology that improves sound reproduction. Whether you are listening to music from a CD (via the provided CD player), a radio program (AM/FM), or your iPhone, this system will never let you down. It even has a high fidelity AUX terminal and a subwoofer output for installing third party speakers.

2. Sony CMT-LX20i


With Sony CMT-LX20i, you get a micro shelf system that delivers a full range of immersive sound in a compact and affordable package. With its slot-loading CD player, you will be able to play your treasured classics whenever you are relaxing at home. For the millennial that have ditched CDs for media streaming, this system also has a quality iPod dock that comes in handy. All you have to do is load your favorite music in your iPod and stick it on the system to enjoy music. Even though cheap, Sony CMT-LX20i is durable and has a self-sufficient standalone system that revolutionizes entertainment.

1. Onkyo CS-445


Favored by most music enthusiasts, Onkyo CS-445 is an iPod and iPhone compatible 40-watt component system with a versatile audio system. Fitted with a high-performance CD receiver, listening to music has never been as enjoyable. Video (composite) and sound output are outstanding, while the digital subwoofer output offered enables users to complement its performance with their desired speakers.

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