Top 10 Best Corner Curio Cabinets in 2021 Reviews

Everyone needs some space to store their valuable items so that they are safe, and most importantly, as a display that adds on to a room’s elegance. Things like trophies and other treasures can be put in curio designs to act as a sign of success and well-being of an organization or business. Curio cabinets could also serve in the kitchen for storing some of the delicate and most beautiful utensils. Throughout the market, there are several designs of curio cabinets by different manufacturers.

This post provides you with a clear insight of what you should look out for when buying a curio cabinet. After doing our comprehensive research, we are pleased to present you with the top 10 Best Corner Curio Cabinets in 2021 reviews. Our aim is to ease your selection. After going through our reviews, you will be sure to get one product that suits your needs and home decor. Here are the designs by top companies.

10. Pulaski Curio, 18 by 11 by 70-Inch, Brown

 Best Corner Curio Cabinets

Pulaski is the Company behind the making of this product. It is a brown Curio that measures 18” by 11” by 70 inches. If you are seeking for a simple yet elegant product, then, this is your match. It is made of select hardwood solids and veneers and brings you a gallery iii finish. It has an entry point on the right side of the structure coupled with shelves that have adjustable glasses. It weighs a total of 70 pounds when assembled. Among the furniture producing companies, Pulaski is among the recognized companies with a reputation of making outstanding products. Its name is synonymous with craftsmanship and styling and has been in the industry for over 60 years. This product has the complete traditional styling coupled with contemporary furnishings blending the past and present. You will love to use this product as it has ample space and adds on to your home’s elegance.

9. Southern Enterprises Essex Corner Curio in Black


Produced by the Southern Enterprises, this product provides your home with an elegant look that you desire. The curio has a standard size of 15.5 by 21.2 by 70 inches weighing a total of 54 pounds. It is lighter than most curio cabinet designs on the market. Its unique feature is that it requires a 25-watt bulb for lighting purposes and another medium E27 bulb at the base of the structure all aiming at making your home glow. Also, the structure of this curio incorporates four adjustable shelves on top of two fixed shelves. Similar to the previous product, this one was designed in the traditional style with lighted corner design and a mirror at the very back of the shelf. It uses a space-saving design implying that it does not eat up extra space while in the living room. It also has a dual cabinet that has been stacked.

8. Curio Cabinet Display with Glass Door, Durable Black Steel Frame, and Lock for Collectibles and Other Items to Showcase


This product features a completely modern look and has a stylish design with sleek lines. The design, moreover, is simple but very functional considering that it provides the desired display for valuables. It saves your space in the living room despite the fact that it accommodates a large number of items on its many shelves. It has a lock that allows the consumer to keep the items on the shelves safe and secure. The fact that it is made out of glass allows you to clean it with ease. You only need a dry cloth to dust this curio cabinet. The most endearing features that come with this product is its sleek modern design and the ability to provide a 360ᵒ view for the valuables stored within it. Because of this features, this product can be used in retail stores for display purposes and to attract customers.

7. Howard Miller 685-102 Vancouver II Curio Cabinet


Howard Miller is a company dedicated to providing you with excellent means of storing your treasured items. This is just another product by them which features an exclusive design, hard to find in other brands. It is a curio design meant to be mounted on the wall or mantel. Its base has been developed without a tip. It has a mirrored back wall that reflects the items displayed on the shelves. This curio cabinet has a hinged front door which is great because it allows easy access to the collectibles inside the shelf. What makes it more interesting, is that this curio has four adjustable shelves where many items can be placed accordingly without congestion. It is a product that has been made in the United States. Its finishing is of the Oak Yorkshire with only select hardwoods and veneers. It also features a delicately arched pediment. It is 8.2 inches long, 20 inches wide and 33.5 inches tall and weighs a total of 40 pounds.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings Traditional Curio Cabinet, Cherry


This product weighs 87 pounds, and it has dimensions of 28 inches for its assembled height, 16 inches in the width and 72 inches in length. This curio, by the Coaster Home Furnishings, has a deep rich brown finish which is very brilliant as a decoration for any room. Due to its space-saving design, this product occupies a tiny space when it is placed in a lone corner. Furthermore, because of its traditional look and design, it is a perfect fit for those seeking to develop a country style theme for their homes. The advantage of purchasing this product is that it comes with a free shipping benefit. In other words, once purchased, it will be transported for you to your destination.

5. Lindsey Curio by Acme Furniture


This curio brings you a rich wood finish that is dark complementing the decoration of your room. It has a total of five shelves on which valuable items can be put on display. Because of its compact and space saving design and structure, this curio can fit in virtually any room in the house. It requires assembling because it is transported as pieces. Regardless, there are precise and concise instructions that are provided to the customer on how to go about the assembly. It measures 22 inches wide, 15 inches long and 72 inches tall when assembled fully. This curio has a compact design which makes it sturdy and stable for utmost safety of your delicate items. Its cost is also worthwhile as it provides a proper account for your money.

4. Pulaski Half Round Curio, 32 by 17 by 76-Inch, Brown


This is just another product by the Pulaski Company which incorporates the select hardwoods and veneers to provide you with the perfect display services. Within it are adjustable glass shelves and glass doors which make your items visible even from a long distance. Unlike most of the curios, this design has a round shape which makes it unique. Its brown color goes well with most home decors. The shelves not only provide the desired display for the collectible items but also provide adequate security for the items. The curio is 17 inches long, 32 inches wide and 76 inches tall with a compact design. In this sense, it does not occupy a lot of space and even though it is rounded, it can be placed almost anywhere in the room. It weighs a total of 3.5 ounces thus lightweight for easy maneuverability. This product comes with an offer of free shipping to the customer’s destination which is an added advantage to the buyer.

3. Pulaski Curio, 30 by 13 by 76-Inch, Black


This is a stylish Pulaski product that is 30 inches long, 13 inches wide and 76 inches high. Its primary color is black which suits most home decors. Its design features only selected hardwood solids and veneers for the finishing. It is not made of wood throughout as it also features the glass-covered shelves. Its finishing is primarily black onyx. It has a total of five adjustable shelves. For leveling purposes, it has adjustable glides. It is cuboid in shape, and its design allows it to be incorporated into the retail displays. This is because it offers a 360 degrees display for the items stored on its shelves. Because of the sharp and creative finishing of the product, it can serve as an art wall. It has a side entry for the items, and it comes with a free shipping offer.

2. Pulaski Curio, 18 by 11 by 70-Inch, Medium Brown


This product comes with an estate oak finish using only select hardwood solids and veneers. It is made of both glass and woods (oak wood). It has a right side entry for your treasured items. It also has adjustable shelves. Designed by the Pulaski Company, this product has a compact shape allowing it to be stood on any corner of the house with maximum stability. Because of the glass shelves all round, the items can be viewed from any side allowing a 360 degrees angle view. This curio is 18 inches long, 11 inches wide and 70 inches tall and comes with a free shipping offer for the customer who purchases it. This curio has traditional shaping on its design together with acanthus carvings on the top door frame. It has interior lighting for the items within that facilitate excellent viewing of the stored items even at night or in low light conditions.

1. Double Door Curio – Mahogany


This is a curio cabinet that is designed from pure mahogany veneer, a rare material which makes it exceptional. It features two fixed shelves with the back wall of the shelves mirrored. It also features a double door but lacks a lock on the door. It features a classic traditional style with a mahogany finish. In overall, it is 36 inches wide, 12 inches long and 30 inches tall. The top shelf alone has dimensions of 32 by nine by 11 inches while the bottom shelf is 32 by nine by 13 inches, enough to store all your treasured items. Other materials used to produce this product include rubber wood, MDF, particle board, a tempered glass (3 mm) and a mirror. It beautifully displays items because of the tempered glass and mirror which makes the items glow. You are free to use this product in your retail shop. It will help you attract potential buyers effortlessly.

The top ten best curio cabinets in 2021 have designs that can be useful as art walls within the house. They are also ideal for use as displays and providing storage spaces for some of the most delicate and beautiful items in the vicinity. The first step in buying the best curio cabinet for your home, office or shop, is knowing what you need and planning your budget. We have done our part. The power to choose your preferred model from the top ten remains in your hands. Go for a high-quality product that will serve you in the best way.

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