Top 10 Best Digital Times-Stopwatches Reviewed In 2022

It is, of course, very important to cook food for just or about the right duration, or doing other activities like exercises for just a certain time span. It is, however, very unfortunate that many of us, especially as we get growing older, begin to find it difficult to keep good track of how long a certain activity has been running, such as cooking a piece of meat, and that way, before you know it, the whole pot is smoking, or you have run out of time for an upcoming activity. That is why you need to have a digital time stopwatch with you. It helps you do what you want for exactly the right duration for it, and no more, and prevent catastrophes and waste of time. In that light, this article brings you the top 10 best digital time stopwatches reviewed 2022. Read on and discover your best.

10. Woods 50008 Indoor 7-Day Digital Outlet Timer

Woods 50008 Indoor 7-Day Digital Outlet Timer

This digital timer bears it all when you talk about ease of use and convenience at home. It features to-the-minute digital settings, a random setting and a sleep countdown function, that turns lights on at unpredictable moments, making the home look occupied when it’s not. Its 2 outlets allow you plug in a couple of devices and using the timer, control both. Its programmable timer settings repeat each week on a seven-day cycle. It has a large and easy to read LCD display. It works well with fans, lamps, and any 2-prong/conductor appliances. It also as up to 20 on/off settings in a day—repeats weekly. There are also options to program every day differently or weekdays different from weekends.

9. West Bend Digital Timer, White

West Bend Digital Timer, White

With this digital timer, you perfectly take the guesswork out of cooking or baking. It features easy to read LCD display and also a built-in alarm to serve you with timely alerts. It counts up to and also from 100 hours, offering plenty of duration for most cooking/baking tasks. It comes with a clip, magnet, stand, as well as a hanging hole, making it easy to position the timer wherever you need it. In the package is a single AAA battery to power this digital timer.

8. Woods 50009 Indoor 7-Day Heavy Duty Digital Outlet

Woods 50009 Indoor 7-Day Heavy Duty Digital Outlet

This is another best digital timer with up to 20 different settings for a day. Its programmable timer can control a motor load of up to 3/4 hp. It’s great for fans and heater, since it’s rated at 15 Amps, 1875 watts. It is also LED and CFL compatible, making it work well with energy efficient bulbs—with daytime energy saving features. It perfectly fits on the bottom outlet, therefore leaves the top wide open for you to plug in other devices/appliances.

7. MeasurePro CCT400 Digital Timer, Clock, and Stopwatch

MeasurePro CCT400 Digital Timer, Clock, and Stopwatch

MeasurePro CCT400 has been designed to become as most user friendly as possible, and provides great functionalities that turn to be your aiding guide. The clock/timer can be used at the kitchen for alerting you when time is done. As such, prepare your meal to perfection using the MeasurePro digital Kitchen clock/timer. Moreover, you can challenge oneself using its stopwatch function. Undertake a task you want to speed up and then monitor your progress—cleaning up, typing, others. You also can use it for timing your exercise regimen, in which case you will need to increase the time span every day. The product is built to last long.

6. KitchenAid Classic Digital Timer, Black

KitchenAid Classic Digital Timer, Black

Keep monitoring your cooking times using this convenient and portable KitchenAid Ditgital time stopwatch. This timer is individually packaged. It is made of heavy-duty cast metal, and features a rubberized non-slip base. The large LCD display is clearly readable, featuring an oversized button for easy and quick setting. Its memory lets you reselect the previously used setting with a simple touch, and has a maximum duration of nine hours, fifty-nine minutes, and fifty-nine seconds. It runs on 2 AA batteries that are not included in the package.

5. MARATHON TI080006-BK Digital 100 Minute Timer w/ Magnetic

MARATHON TI080006-BK Digital 100 Minute Timer w Magnetic

This is a great laboratory and/or kitchen essential. Its large LCD display is quite easy reading and the clip features on the back makes it even more convenient using anywhere. Count-up or count-down in minutes and seconds—up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. It has a 60-second alarm, a magnetic back clip that attaches to metal surfaces. It easily clips to apron or belt and also converts to a quite convenient stand. A large digital-display AA battery is included.

4. MARATHON TI080001 Large Digital Timer 24 Hour

MARATHON TI080001 Large Digital Timer 24 Hour

Manufactured by Marathon Watch Company, this is an easy to use timer considered among the most durable, reliable timers available. It is wedge-shaped for laboratory and table-top use. It runs on 1 AA battery included in the package. It has a large, 2-inch diagonal display and large rubber buttons. It can be easily washed down and also used constantly. It counts down in one second increments and when it reaches zero, beeps loudly for 1 minute before starting to count up for you to see what time has elapsed. It is great for longer cooking recipes like roasts, or for experiments that take long time to finish. Moreover, it has a memory button that allows you easily program a unique time that you usually use—like 22 minutes for the favorite cookie recipe. It can also be used as a clock. Among other features is a non-slip bottom for stability as well as surface protection.

3. Woods 50007 Indoor Digital Lamp Timer, Daily Settings

Woods 50007 Indoor Digital Lamp Timer, Daily Settings

This digital time stopwatch turns lamps, holiday lights, fans, as well as other electrical devices on/off automatically at programmed times. It is easy to set and also a superb way of realizing energy saving. With a two-pack of timers, utilize one for each outlet and therefore maximize your in-house holiday/lighting needs. Its slim design doesn’t block the open outlet, with 2 timers able to fit a single receptacle. Its features are among them a large and easy to read LCD display, self-recharging battery back up in the case of power outage, multiple settings—up to two on/off settings a day, plus a simple push button programming. It also includes warm neutrals that compliment your home interior at the same time maximizing convenience, energy savings and safety.

2. Intermatic DT620 Heavy Duty Indoor Digital Plug-In Timer

Intermatic DT620 Heavy Duty Indoor Digital Plug-In Timer

This greatly energy-saving indoor digital plug-in timer is specifically designed for the table lamps, air conditioners, as well as holiday lights. With its two grounded receptacles, the timer can control two separate devices perfectly. It features 28 on/off settings in a day, auto daylight saving time adjustment, and astronomic settings, among others. A 15 Amp rating and 120 VAC are included.

1. Wrenwane Digital Timer

Wrenwane Digital Timer

This is an attractive looking, as well as easy-to-use timer that is made of premium quality, hard plastic and one boasting super-large display digits readable from across the room. Its alarm is clear to hear from another room, but not so loud to hurt your eardrums. You enjoy 2 options for placement—the magnet at the back for attaching to a fridge door or you can pull back its retractable stand and have te timer sit on a flat surface. It counts up and/or down to allow you use it as a stopwatch and also a countdown timer—ideal for food cooking, gym workout, homework, games, sports, office/classroom timer tasks. The highest time set is ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds. This timer remembers the last setting, and that is great for repeat activities.

It is an undeniable fact that the above reviewed top 10 best digital time stopwatches in 2022 are not the only on the market today, but that they are the best in terms of build quality and functionality is also a fact. As such, you can never go wrong by choosing one from the above, if you need it.

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