Top 10 Best Document Scanners Reviewed In 2022

Document scanners can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Yet, whether you’re looking at a dektop model or a handheld model the key functionality remains the same – the transference of data from a paper to an electronic format. The document feeder of today’s scanner can not only accept standard size pages but often cards, receipts and other sizes. Because of this a document scanners can provide the foundation of an e-filing system for home and business use alike. Often enabled with wireless connectivity, scanners can also be used to send and receive faxes, as well as acting as a storage and dispersal device ( can send scans to email recipients ). With so many possibilities of use, it is often difficult to know which one is the right fit for you. As a first step, you should probably take a step back and ask, what do I need this machine to do for me? Have your priorities in order? Then let us take a look at the Top 10 Best Document Scanners.

10. Fujitsu Image Scanner

Fujitsu PA03656-B005 Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500

The Fujitsu PA03656-B005 Image Scanner is a professional, higher response grade scanner on the market today and is most useful for the professionals. It features a slick and sophisticated appearance and blue LED indicators. People report fewer jams and also seem to like the fact you can turn the highly capable Wi-Fi connection off with a simple switch. This Fujitsu scanner has a faster feed and scan feature than most scanners and a rapid processor. It is ideal for all professional tasks.

9. The Neat Company NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

The Neat Company NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

The Neat Company Neat Desk Desktop Scanner comes in at a moderate price yet it is still one of the best selling scanners on This scanner offer faster scanning than older models. Designed for desktop use, it is an excellent ADF scanner with a convenient paper input tray to reduce jams. There is a capability for data storage with the software, so all scanned paperless files can remain organized.

8. MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document and Image Scanner

MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document and Image Scanner

The MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner is definitely one to mention. This is not your traditional scanner, the iScan is a hand held scanner that is easily portable with an 8G removable SIM card and rechargeable battery. What does this mean? Basically you can swipe the scanner over your document of choice and receive the save quality of saved file as a desktop scanner. The iScan is rated as producing medium to high grade resolution files. It is definitely a good buy in tandem with your desktop scanner.

7. DocketPORT Duplex ID & Card Scanner

DocketPORT Duplex ID & Card Scanner

With the Docket PORT Duplex ID and Card Scanner, you get the latest technology in a compact model which saves on desk space and allows you that clean, crisp office look you’ve always desired. Don’t be fooled by its neat size, this scanner packs a punch. Nine different function presents layered formats for the user to choose from.

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6. Epson WorkForce Document Scanner

Epson WorkForce DS-520 Sheet-Fed Color Document Scanner

The Epson Workforce DS-520 Sheet-Fed Color Document Scanner for PC & MAC is a game changer. It is a work horse in terms of production speed, high-definition graphics and bulk load transmissions and doesn’t fall apart then it comes to the more basic scanning needs. This device shares a particular popularity among those who use third party management document software such as TWAIN or ISIS drivers. With three sets of rolling mechanisms, you end up with the best copy scans possible in bulk at high speeds.

5. Epson WorkForce DS-6500 Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

Epson WorkForce DS-6500 Sheet-Fed Scanner

Coming in at the highest cost of any scanner listed so far is the Epson Workforce DS-6500 Sheet-Fed, Color Document & Image Scanner. Features include multi-load capability and high speed action. It also features a single pass duplex scanner with speeds up to 50 ipm. Capture software is included and you are able to scan documents up to the size of 5.8 x 40 inches while even using direct to Cloud storage or file conversion.

4. Fujitsu Fi-7160 Sheetfed Color Scanner

Fujitsu Fi-7160 Sheetfed Color Scanner

Moving up the line in terms of efficiency, speed and cost, the Fujitsu Fi-7160 Sheet fed Color Scanner with Auto Document Feeder is one of the most capable, decked-out scanners on the market with speeds rising up to 120 ipm. Featuring monochrome, grayscale, and color as an ADF high-speed scanner, this is an amazing desktop scanner with full versatility. It utilizes the latest technology for paper feeding so reliability is assured.

3. Xerox DocuMate 3220 Duplex Color Scanner

Xerox DocuMate 3220 Duplex Color Scanner

For mid-range cost and medium duty scanner, the Xerox DocuMate 3220 Duplex Color Scanner for PC and Mac offers practical, high-speed function at an affordable cost. The speed of this model is fantastic at 23ppm and 200bpi simplex and speed at 46ipm and 200 dpi for duplex scanning. The control image sensor maintains automatic contrasts for best imaging. This ADF has a 50 sheet capacity and uses TWAIN and WIA drivers for added versatility.

2. HP Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner

HP Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner

Here we have the basic, all-purpose organization and clean up scanner to help get all the paper stacks and files efficiently into data storage to ensure reliability and space management. The HP Scan jet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner is a simple but efficient option for desktop organization. Single page feeding ensures perfect resolution without skips and can handle many types of paper. You get precise results with 600-dpi resolution. Continuous Web support is included.

1. HP Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner

Fujitsu Scanner

For a higher end model, the Fujitsu Scan Snap S500 Clr 18PPM/36IPM Dupl Scanner offers multiple functions with some of the best resolution on the scanner market. It will perform both simplex and duplex scanning at 18 pages per minute for color duplex. It impressively digitizes both sides of a document at each pass, assuring complete data image transfer. A practical scanner to buy on a mid-range budget, this is a definite pro.

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