Top 10 Best Dog Life Jackets Reviewed In 2022

If you love going out often as a family to have some good outdoor moments, then there are safety accessories that you must carry with you. For those with dogs as pets, then a dog life jacket is a must carry especially when kayaking, sailing or just walking around the sea. Dogs are very enthusiastic swimmers are will always try to jump into waters. Well, they can swim alright but when they get tired things can get serious with your dog drowning. A dog life jacket will come in handy helping your dog float safely to the shores of the lake. We have done some extensive research to help you find the best dog life jacket in 2022. Please go through the list as you look for a life jacket that properly fits your dog and offers the highest safety standards possible.

10. Paws Aboard Polka Dot Doggy Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Polka Dot Doggy Life Jacket

The Polka Dot Doggy life jacket by Paws Aboard starts out top ten list with excellent features to keep your dog afloat. The jacket is designed to provide maximum buoyancy and visibility two crucial features every life jacket must contain. Apart from the ultimate buoyancy, Polka life jacket securely fits your dog making it feel comfortable at all times. It has a simple non0choke design that allows dog owners to apply pressure to the dog’s belly and not the neck in the case in drowns in water.

9. Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket Dog Lifesaver Vest Pet Reflective Life Preserver by Vivaglory

Vivaglory Dog Life Jackets Life Saver Preserver Vest with Extra Padding and Extreme Bright Color for Dogs

The Dog lifesaver jacket by Vovaglory is another great dog life jacket to help keep your dog’s head above water at all times when it falls into the water. It is a high-quality jacket made with durable materials that last for long. The neoprene belly band keeps the dog comfortable with the adjustable straps allowing users to fit different sizes of dogs. The jacket is available in five different colors and sizes. The jacket is highly visible allowing you to see your dog from long distances.

8. Swimways Sea Squirts Doggie Jacket, Blue

Swimways Sea Squirts Doggie Jacket, Blue

The blue colored Swimways dog life jacket is another great jacket for your dog made of heavy duty fabric materials. The jackets support full-body floatation ensuring your dog does not swallow a lot of water. There is a flexible dorsal fin and handle that allows you to operate quickly and manage the life jacket. The jacket is a good fit and looks great making your dog stand out from the rest in a crowded area. The metal-d ring is another great feature that allows users to connect a lease easily.

7. Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket –Red

Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket- Red

The Neoprene Doggy Lifejacket comes in a distinct red color that is highly visible from a distance making it easy to spot your dog. The vision of your dog is further enhanced by the reflective straps all-round the jacket. The handle at the top of the jacket enables you to hold the dog easily out of the water. The nylon straps are adjustable making it quite easy to fit any dog. The Velcro fastening around the belly keeps the dog secure.

6. Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Quick Release Easy-Fit Adjustable Dog Life Preserver

The Outward Hound was among the most wished for life jackets in 2022 and rightfully so coming with a unique lightweight design. The jacket has an extra front floater, unlike most dog life jackets that keep the head up all times to prevent water moved by the waves from affecting your dog. There are two convenient grab handles at the top for faster and secure rescue of the dog from the water.

5. Hurtta Collection Life Dog Jackets

Hurtta Collection, Life Jacket for Dogs

The Hurtta life dog jackets are well known across Europe and considered the best with a wide array of features to keep your dog afloat. The jacket is made of a reflective 3M reflectors on the back to provide dog owners with maximum visibility of their dogs. The sturdy handle on the jacket makes it easier to rescue your dog. The jacket is ideal for those who love swimming and boat hunting with their dogs.

4. Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Jacket

Kurgo Surf N Turf Dog Life Jacket - Lifetime Warranty

The Kurgo is an excellent dog life jacket that can also be used as a life vest or rain coat. It is quite versatile and fits a wide range of dogs. The two transverse handles at the back allow for quick extraction of dogs from the water. There are metal-d rings for attaching to the lease and easily walking your dog around. The color of the jacket is highly reflective enabling you to see your dog from a distance.

3. Camouflage Pet Dog Swimming Life Jacket

Camouflage Pet Dog Swimming Life Jacket Preserver Life Vest Coat With Adjustable Belt

The camouflage dog life jacket is made to look like your dog and dog owners can choose from the different colors that match the looks of their dogs. The jacket is a great value for money and fits dogs of different sizes. The neck and chest region can easily be adjusted to fit your dog properly. There a quick pick up handles at the back that allows you to rescue your dog faster enough. The mesh fibers all around the jacket allow your dog to perspire and dry faster.

2. He&Ha Pet multifunctional Pet Life Jacket High-Quality Easy Fit

He&Ha Pet Multi-functional Pet Life Jackets High Quality Easy-Fit Dog Life Vest

The He&Ha is another great choice for a dog life jacket in 2022 if you own a pet. It is a quality buy with features perfectly located to support the dog well in water. There are back handles that allow dog owners to grab their dogs easily off the water. The d ring connections allow for lease connections. The 15mm pearl wool inside the life jacket allows for easy floatation of your dog in the water. Mesh allows around the jacket further makes it secure and a good choice for people with dogs in 2022.

1. Ruffwear K9 Float Coat Life Jacket

Ruffwear K9 Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

The K9 ruff wear is our best dog life jacket in 2022. It is a confident jacket that assures safety to your dog as you walk and enjoy good times near water bodies. The jacket properly fits in a naturally swimming position allows your dog to swim to shore safely. The foam cells inside the jacket easily allow dogs of all sizes easily float on water. The Telescoping neck closure is ideal for fitting dogs of different neck sizes.


For dog owners who love spending much time with their dogs, dog life jackets are a must if you go to water areas regularly. They can help save your beloved dog’s life in case of accidents. Order one today and enjoy the great benefits of playing with your dog wherever you want to be.

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