Top 10 Best Dog Stairs Reviewed In 2022

Even though some individuals consider them unnecessary expenditures, dog stairs are essential for those conscious about pet health. By promoting physical activity, for instance, they improve bone and joint health . They also improve cardiovascular health, lower the risk of back strain, and help dogs to access hard to reach areas easily. For memorable results, your pet stair of choice should be portable. It should also be sturdy, cushioned to minimize stress and or injuries, and have a fun-to-use design with safety features such as rails and a non-slip bottom. The following 10 bed stairs in Amazon meet this threshold:

10. Majestic Pet Links

Majestic Pet Links Polyester Slipcover Pet Steps

Perfect for keeping dogs active and improving access to hard-to-reach areas, Majestic Pet Links is a sturdy 4-step stairs designed and made in the USA. Lightweight, portable, and with a low profile design that does not clutter space, it is an ideal household accessory. The high-density foam used to make it has a comfortable low-impact design, while its polyester slipcover maximizes safety. Unlike smooth wooden stairs, for instance, the risk of slipping and injury is low. The plush Sherpa steps offered are large and easy to use, while its sturdy denier bases (300/600) does not slip easily on all types of floors.

9. As Seen On TV Deluxe Doggy Steps

As Seen On TV Deluxe Doggy Steps - 3 Steps

Featuring a low-profile three-step design that eases access to beds and couches, this deluxe doggy steps from As Seen on TV is ideal. Even though light, it is durable and designed to support a lot of weight. Assembly is fast and tool-less, while its ability to lower body strain is ideal for individuals with overly active dogs at home. When climbing your bed, therefore, you dog no longer has to jump high and compromise back health as a result. It is also recommended for playing and has a stable base with non-skid pads that maximize dog safety on all types of floors.

8. Solvit PupSTEP Wood Stairs

Solvit PupSTEP Wood Stairs

For years, wood has remained the material of choice for making pet products for many reasons. Its durability, for instance, is admirable. Its strength is higher than that of foam and plastics, and its beautiful outlook appealing to most homeowners. PupSTEP stairs, for instance, is an extra-large 24 x 16 x 20-inch accessory that supports large and medium sized pets well. The stained walnut used to make it is both stylish and durable, while its foldable frame is easy to transport and or store. Tread are large (15-inches wide) and approximately 6-inches deep. The sturdy side rails on its frame, on the other hand, protect pets from tumbling over when climbing up or down this stairs.

7. Animal Planet Wooden Pet Stairs

Animal Planet Wooden Pet Stairs

By purchasing this pet stair from Animal Planet, you get a wooden high-performance accessory with a rich espresso theme. It blends well in homes. The four large steps offered (5-inches) are durable, while its sturdy folding frame eases its storage when not in use. You can fold it easily and store this stair out of sight, instead of cluttering personal space. This pet stair has a sturdy non-slip design that does not compromise the safety of pets. Steps, on the other hand, have soft fabric linings that not only dampen impact but also protect pet from slipping.

6. Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S

Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S Foam Pet Stairs-Steps, 15-Inch

Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S is a 15-inch dog stairs and steps combo with an innovative 5-step design made of premium foam. The material is lightweight, chemical-free, and has a well-reinforced design that does not crumble under pressure. It is also tip-proof and covered with a luxurious Lambswool fabric that boosts its charm and safety rating. For instance, compared to slippery bare wood stairs, your pet will never slip and injure himself or herself on this model. By keeping the feet and body of pets warm, the removable and washable cover also improves their comfort levels during chilly weather.

5. Pet Gear Easy Step IV

Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs, 4-Step for cats and dogs

Perfect for dogs and cats, Easy Step IV stairs from Pet Gear is multi-functional pet accessory with a fun-to-use 4-step design. Available in chocolate, its eye-catching look blends well in homes. The four steps offered have deeper and wider surfaces, while the removable carpet tread used to cushion its body is stylish and protective. It is also non-irritant, warm, and improves traction to prevent dogs from slipping and injuring themselves. Pet owners also appreciate its tool-less snap on design, high weight capacity (150 pounds), and the slip-resistant rubber grippers on its bottom. They secure it on various types of flooring well to minimize the risk of injuries further.

4. Pet Gear Easy Step II

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs, 2-step-for Cats and Dogs up to 150-pounds

Designed to support up to 150 pounds, Easy Step II from Pet Gear is a heavy-duty chocolate-themed dog stairs that also benefits cats. Recommended for indoor use, its cutter-free design is perfect for workout and accessing hard-to-reach areas. Landings are deep, wide, and carpeted for optimal comfort, while its rubberized bottom grips flooring well to prevent slipping and injuries. As most pet gear stairs, this model snaps together easily during setup. To eliminate climbing stress, it features an innovative incline that reduces the distance that your pet travels with each step.

3. Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pet Stairs

Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Décor Pet Steps

To inject life into your dog’s lethargic routines or ease access to a bed, Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pet Stairs works best. Stable, durable, and with a brown and tan theme that blends well in homes, it is a valuable accessory for dog owners of all cadres. Its 26 x 14.8 x 20-inch design supports up to 200 pounds, while the four broad steps offered are deep and padded for optimal support. Whether you pet jumps, walks, or plays on it, the risk of injury is slim. The risk of slipping is also slim, which betters their safety further. Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pet Stairs is lightweight (6 pounds) and has an attractive modern outlook that blends well with home décor.

2. Pet Gear Easy Step II (75 Pounds)

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs, 2-step-for Cats and Dogs up to 75-pounds

Most toy dogs have a difficult time climbing on couches and beds, particularly when unsupervised by their owners. To ease the process while eliminating back and joint strain/stress at the same time, Pet Gear Easy Step II is an ideal solution. Built to support up to 75 pounds, it benefits most small dog breeds. The two broad steps offered are easy to use, while its compact design blends well in living rooms and bedrooms without cluttering space. It also has wider low impact landings with removable carpet treads, a convenient snap-on design, and a stable bottom with rubber grippers that secure it well on all types of flooring.

1. Solvit Pup Step Plus

Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs

This extra small Pup Step Plus stairs is an essential puppy accessory that eases accesses to sleeping areas. Affordable, attractive, and with safety side rails that help puppies to climb in confidence, it is a valuable indoor accessory. Weight capacity is approximately 120 pounds, while its 13 x 6 x 4.75-inch design is attainable fully assembled and ready to use online. You do not have to grapple with complicated setup protocols to have functional pet stairs in your home.

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