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Top 10 Best Dog Steps Reviewed In 2022

As pets age, access to tall household accessories such as couches and bed is a challenge that predisposes them to back and joint pains. The challenge is even greater for puppies, particularly when accessing their off-the-ground sleeping quarters. Spare your pet the foregoing challenges by purchasing one of our recommended dog steps. Sturdy and with comfortable non-slip platforms, they are comfortable and fun to use. Their safe designs benefit dogs of all ages, while their stylish and well-finished designs blend well in homes without cluttering space. To help you make an informed purchase, this article reviews their benefits and their most notable features.

10. Premier Pet Steps

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps, Carpeted Tread with Stained Early American, 17-Inch

Featuring a tall raised panel design with carpeted platforms and a sturdy frame, this Premier Pet Steps is our pick of the tenth best in 2022. Made of solid red oak, it has a durable 17-inch tall design that withstands abuse well. Panels are large and carpeted to protect pets from slipping, while its low profile 5.5-inch steps do not require a lot of energy to use. Whilst climbing, therefore, your dog will exert little effort, which lowers strain and the risk of joint of back injuries significantly. All carpets are warm and stain resistant. Its super strength design, on the other hand, supports over 300 pounds without falling apart.


RESTOLOGY High Density Foam 3 Steps Orthopedic Microsuede Bedding for Small Pets

Do you want a light and durable dog steps that your dog will enjoy using indoors and outdoors? Made of high-density foam, this three-step model from RESTOLOGY is one of the best in 2022. Perfect for small pets, its low-profile design does not require skill and or effort to use. It is also soft, cushions stress well, and has a stable design that supports up to 25 pounds without toppling over. Whether you have an arthritic dog, an old one, or a small one that has trouble accessing sofas, chairs, and loveseats, this accessory is ideal. You only need a few dollars to get an original model that will serve you well for long.

8. Petmate Pet Step II

Petmate Pet Step II

Designed with your dog’s best interests in mind, Petmate Pet Step II is an easy-to-use brown-themed dog step that works well. Backed by decades of research, its USA-made design is durable, stable, and ideal for use on all types of flooring. The lightweight material used in its production is portable and designed to support up to 70 pounds. Steps, on the other hand, are broad, impact absorbing, and have decorative treads that enhance the stability and safety of dogs. Designed to fit most pillow top mattresses and standard sofas, this convenient step also has non-skid rubber feet that prevent it from skidding.

7. Etna Plastic Folding Pet Steps

Etna Plastic Folding Pet Steps

Are you shopping for professional-grade pet steps that you can use outdoors effortlessly? This small folding model from Etna has a recommended feature-rich design that never disappoints. Made of plastic, for instance, it is light and portable. The frame also withstands environmental abuse well and has a compact and foldable design that fits in tight spaces such as car trunks. Even though dogs require coaching use it well, it is a perfect choice for relieving back stress and accessing hard-to-reach areas.

6. As Seen on TV Deluxe Doggy Steps

As Seen On TV Deluxe Doggy Steps - 3 Steps

Treasured by individuals, veterinarians, and celebrities alike, this As Seen on TV doggy steps is a deluxe 3-step accessory for heavy, large, and long dogs. Assembly is straightforward. Unlike some brands that require a sheer amount of screwing to work, this one snaps into place easily. Its frame is stable yet lightweight, while its ability to soothe joint and back strain benefits old or injured dogs. It also benefits puppies or spoiled dogs that need help accessing couches or their sleeping beds. In Amazon As Seen on TV Deluxe Doggy step is affordable and qualifies for free shipping.

5. Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S

Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S Foam Pet Stairs-Steps, 15-Inch

Foam steps are comfortable indoor accessories that help pets to access high areas easily while minimizing joint and back strain at the same time. Measuring 30 x 15 x 23-inches, for instance, this 5-step model from Best Pet Supplies is a durable model that benefits cats and dogs. Recommended for everyday use, its versatility is admirable. The premium Lambswool used to pad its platforms is not only comfortable, warm, and non-slip, but also removable for cleaning (machine-washable). Best Pet Supplies ST200T-S is USA-made, affordable, and perfect for accessing pick-up trucks, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and beds.

4. Armarkat Pet Steps

Armarkat Pet Steps Stairs Ramp for Cats and Dogs

Do not stress your dog further with one of the uncomfortable platforms or stairs common in homes. To improve leverage without straining its back or aggravating an existing medical condition, Armarkat Pet Steps will serve you the best. Accurately sized (17 x 25 x 25-inches) for easier access to couches and beds, dogs have an enjoyable time using it on a day-to-day basis. The premium pressed wood used to make it is durable, while the faux fleece used to cushion its broad platform is warm and comfortable. During cold weather, therefore, your pet will never have a challenging time using this pet steps. It is also non-slip, supports up to 70 pounds, and has pet-centric platforms (9-inches high) that minimize back and joint strain.

3. Pet Studio Pine Frame Steps

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

Made of mahogany-finished pine, Pet Studio is a stylish and high-performance pet steps that work best for aging, small, and arthritic dogs. Featuring a convenient three-step design, climbing up and down is easy. Its convenient 40-inch design helps pets to reach beds and sofas, while its sturdy slip-proof design supports up to 130 pounds comfortably. No matter where you use it, therefore, it will never tip over and injure your dog. By eliminating jumping, on the other hand, your pet will live a healthy and injury-free life.

2. Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Pet Steps

Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Décor Pet Steps

Built to support up to 200 pounds, Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home supports large dogs well in most settings. Brown and tan-themed, it is eye-catching. The four steps offered are sturdy, broad padded for added support, while its portable frame (6-pounds) benefits travelers. Whilst loading your dog in your vehicle, for instance, it will have an easy time scaling its height. You do not have to carry it on your back to load it safely. It also eliminates the need for jumping; a major cause of joint and pack pains that dogs suffer as they age. You can also use this pet step indoors with memorable results.

1. Domestic Pet Pup Step

Domestic Pet Dog Stairs Pup Step Plus Dog Steps Simple

To improve access to couches and bed without spending a lot of money, Pup Step from Domestic Pet is currently the best pet steps to buy. Taller and wider than comparable products in this niche, it performs well in all settings. Its weight limit is around 200 pounds, while its light 9-pound design is not only easy to setup but also easy to carry around. Finally, it is affordable and has a sturdy fold down frame that saves valuable storage space.

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    re:3. Pet Studio Pine Frame Steps The product is called “Rampsteps”

    Yes, the link will show it, but you do not mention that these steps covert instantly to a ramp. I have them and have used them with three successive aging dogs, “Rampsteps” are terrific, fold almost flat, have a handle for carrying, etc. On the downside, they are a bit heavy.

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