Top 10 Best Double Edge Razors Blades Reviewed

Nothing is comparable to a traditional shaving razor with double-edge blades. Although they are taken as less safe, double edge razors are still preferred by majority men over the one time use ones. However, the type of the blade determines how good the shave will turn out to be. The blades need to be made using top quality materials, and they should be so sharp that they can cut without having to spend time using the razor more than once on one spot. There are numerous models of double edge razors out there, but not all are superb. This article highlights just the top 10 best double edge razor blades reviewed. Choosing one of these will be like choosing the most efficient in the market. Read on.

10. Gillette 7 o’Clock Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blade


Gillette 7 o’Clock is a rather decent double edge razor model from the manufacturer but one that is less popular than their other lines. It is made using stainless steel, and comes in 5 blades packs. This wonderful product is Russian made, and it is marketed as one among the sharpest double-edge razors you can find on the markets. The blades are just very safe for they are made of stainless steel, and they do not develop any rust even after long periods.

9. Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades


Dorco razors are reasonably priced if bought in packs of 100, or more. These razor blades are made of stainless steel; they are super sharp but not exceeding other razor models that recommend them to starters. These razor blades come in packs of 100, 200, and/or 300, and each single blade packaged as a unit in its own wrapper.

8. Shark Double Edge Razor Blades


This is another great model of double edge razors that comes in packs of 100 with twenty boxes of five blades in each. The blades of this razor model are made of top quality stainless steel; they are indubitably sharp and can retain that sharpness for a very long span of time. Due to its centered cutouts, these blades fit most of the standard razors and have a quite competitive price tag, which is why many people turn to the Shark razor blades.

7. Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Variety Pack



The Variety Pack has some of the most treasured double edge razors like the Shark, Sharp, 7 a.m., and Astra. Each pack of this model has 100 double-edge blades, and each brand is individually packed, making it easy to have them tested and the perfect blade singled out. The only disadvantage of the variety Pack is the a bit higher price tag.

6. Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Razor



This razor model is well known for its sharpness. Wilkinson razors are particularly for veteran razor users who have used them for a long time and have their experience, as novice users would risk cutting themselves badly. These blades are reasonably priced and are packed in fives. Each one blade is individually wrapped and to make sure they are very safe to handle, they come inside a plastic wrapper.

5. Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades



The Merkur razor blades are famed as premium. They are manufactured from top quality stainless steel in Germany. Every pack carries ten blades and every single blade is packed individually in its own wrapper. Being extremely sharp, the Merkur blades are usually recommended to veteran razor blade users. Starters are not barred from trying, anyway.

4. Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades



The Blue line of razor blades by Gillette were manufactured to be both reasonably affordable as well as very reliable. The blades come in fives in one pack and are made in Russia. Every single razor blade of these is made of top quality stainless steel which is corrosion free as well as rust proof, while their sharpness is regarded to be medium, a reason they are recommended to starters or person who commonly use disposal razors.

3. Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades



Derby Extra double-edge blades have been the choicest product for many gentlemen who have been around the block for longer. They are reasonably priced blades made of great quality stainless steel, and it can comfortably fit most standard razors. The blades are somewhere in the middle class regarding sharpness, making them appropriate and safe for both the beginners and experienced persons. Each pack of this model has 100 razors, and every single one one them is wrapped individually as a unit in a paper.

2. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades



The Astra Platinum is made in the cold Russia, where they are designed from premium quality stainless steel. Every box carries twenty packs of five blades, and every single blade is wrapped in a wax paper, making them very safe to handle. They are very sharp yet they are affordably priced.

1. Personna Double Edge Razor Blades



Then there is the Personna, the most famous double edge razor blades on the shelves. This product comes in large boxes of 100 blades, whereby each blade is individually wrapped in carton boxes, making them very safe to handle. These blades are glide-coated to make them sharper. They can comfortably fit most regular razors.

Mainly, double-edge razor blades are almost identical with just marginal variations that stand them apart. All are made with stainless steel, and feature various sharpness levels. A beginner is advised to go for the not-so-sharp ones while more experienced users might want to use the sharpest of the stock. Nonetheless, anyone who is adult can try the sharpest blades for an interesting experience, albeit with care.

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