Top 10 Best Drip Irrigation Kits Reviewed In 2021

Drip irrigation is one of the best techniques for subsistence and greenhouse farming. It is one of the best techniques for lawn maintenance for many reasons. If you are conscious about water use, for instance, you will enjoy using this system. Compared to the best sprinklers, it has a water efficient system that most people appreciate. Drip irrigation systems are also affordable to install and maintain. Forget about the hefty costs associated with some  overhead irrigation systems that some people have at home. Buy an original kit and install it well for the best experience.

Are you planning to set up a new drip irrigation system on your lawn and or garden? The water your plants well while keeping water consumption low, the quality of the kit that you use is vital. Even though some people opt for standard garden hoses, do not make the same mistake. Buy one of the 10 drip irrigation kits that we have reviewed to get good results. Because these kits come ready to use, you do not have to customize them in any way for them to work well. They are also durable and have quality accessories that never disappoint.

10. Koram Blank Distribution, Repair, and Expansion Drip Kit

Koram 100ft 1 per 4 Blank Distribution Tubing Irrigation Gardener's Greenhouse Plant Cooling Suite Watering Drip Repair and Expansion Kit Accessories include Universal Spigot Connector IR-2F

Do you have a commercial of subsistence farm? Do you have a hard time watering your lawn often using traditional remedies such as watering cans? You have come to the right place. If you have a few dollars to spend, buy this Koram Blank Distribution, Repair, and Expansion Drip Kit to solve your problems permanently. Designed ti water plants well while keeping water consumption low, it is an ideal drip irrigation kit. It is also durable and cheap.

Designed to cover up to 100 feet, this kit can water up to 40 plants at full stretch. For those with large lawns or gardens, this is impressive. Installation of its drippers and barbed fittings are also easy and tool-less. Finally, because Koram saves water consumption by up to 65% (compared to other techniques), users enjoy significant cost savings over the years. If needed, you can easily automate its system with one of the best irrigation timers to lower water consumption further.

Koram Blank Distribution, Repair, and Expansion Drip Kit is an affordable product. For just a few dollars, you get a 1.4-inch distribution tubing (blank). You also get 40 1/4-inch barbed tees, 10 1/4-inch barbed couplings, 40 irrigation drippers, and 40 1/4-inch tubing stakes. These fittings are durable and have an optimal operating pressure of 50 PSI.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Irrigates up to forty plants
  • Saves water consumption by up to 65%
  • Compatible with irrigation timers
  • Cost effective
  • Heavy-duty fittings
  • Covers up to 100 feet


  • No assembly instructions

9. DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit

DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit

If you have a rose garden or a small flower garden, DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit is one of the best drip irrigation kits to use. Even though cheap and simple looking, its dependable system never disappoints. It is also durable and comes with all the necessary components that you will need to set up a functional irrigation system. You will enjoy using one.

Recommended for use on most raised bed farms, DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit is very easy to setup. It also works well in most in-ground vegetable gardens and planter boxes covering up to 150 square feet. Considering the small sums of money that people pay for it, this expandable kit is ideal. Each package comes with a durable hose and 66 drip emitters.

All drip emitters have efficient 0.52 GPH designs that lower wastages. Because they come pre-installed with its hose (9-inches apart), you can install this kit off the shelf without compromising their performance. For those with limited time, this is ideal. Finally, because DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit has a flexible design, you can install it anywhere on your lawn with positive results. It also has a low-pressure system (up to 15PSI) that works with most standard water faucets.


  • Flexible design
  • Low-pressure system (up to 25PSI)
  • Pre-installed emitters (0.52GPM)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Works on most lawns and gardens
  • Covers up to 125 square feet


  • None

8. Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT

Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT Drip Irrigation Spot Watering Manifold on a Spike Kit, Bubblers and Emitters

The rain bird SWDMSPKIT uses an advanced spot watering technique. By reducing evaporation from the ground and the leaves of plants, its saves up to 65% of water people use to water their lawns. Compared to traditional watering techniques such as watering cans, this is desirable. Spot watering also increases plant yields and controls weeds well.

The kit has micro bubblers that encourage healthy root development. You also get a 30 Psi pressure regulator and a professional grade spot watering spike kit that works well with most garden hoses. You do not have to update your faucets and or pay expensive plumbing to use it effectively. Basically, you get a top-grade plug and use drip irrigation kit.

Are you tired of your drip irrigation kits clogging often because of the fine consistency of your soil? Buy Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT to cure this problem permanently. The drip watering devices offered (four 2.0GPH emitters, four 1.0 GPH emitters, 2 full pattern bubblers, and 2 half pattern bubblers) are professional-grade. You also get a fine mesh filter that keeps dirt and soil out of its system to prevent clogging. Set up well, this kit waters between 15 and 25 plants efficiently.


  • Quality watering devices
  • Up to 65% water savings
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • Clog-proof design
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced spot watering technique


  • Low coverage (15-25 plants)

7. Orbit 69525

Orbit 69525 Micro Bubbler Complete Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

Orbit 69525 from Orbit DripMaster is an acclaimed Micro Bubbler drip kit with a versatile all-in-one design. This kit is unlike some comparable systems. For instance, while most brands require a bit of skill to install, you do not have to struggle with it. Simply connect it to a compatible faucet to have a functional system in minutes. The Pipe, stakes, and all other components offered, on the other hand, are durable. Forget about the performance issues that some models have.

Unlike some drip irrigation systems that come pre-assembled, you get a blank slate with this one. When setting up your system, therefore, you can easily customize its drip distance to maximize its effectiveness. The 3-in-1 faucet adapter offered is versatile, while its flexible design betters its functionality further. You do not have to water plants in rows.

Are you tired of the expensive water bills that you pay every month? If your irrigation system is to blame, Orbit 69525 is a suitable replacement. Compared to the best underground sprinklers, for instance, it has a water efficient design that lowers consumption by up to 70%. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty irrigation. It also benefits people with a tight budget and those conscious about the environment. At full stretch, this drip irrigation kit covers up to 250 square feet.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Works with most timers
  • Affordable
  • Up to 70% water savings
  • Covers up to 250 square feet
  • Flexible design


  • Delicate hose (kinks easily)

6. Orbit DripMaster 67431

Orbit DripMaster 67431 1 per 4-Inch Barb Assortment, 30-Pack

Growth is something that all humans experience. It shows progress and prosperity in many cases. The same applies to plants. Unfortunately, because of the low-grade irrigation systems that some people have at home, we compromise their health. We also lower the value of our lawns and gardens as a result. Do not be part of this group. Install a quality drip kit such as Orbit DripMaster 67431 instead. It is affordable. It is also easy to use and delivers professional results always.

If you are shopping for barbs that you can use with your existing irrigation tubing, Orbit DripMaster 67431 is one of the best products to use. With each package, you get 30 assorted barbs that work with most irrigation tubes. The package also includes 10 plugs, 10 couplings, 5 elbows, and five tees that work with most commonly used in drip irrigation systems. Whether you have a soaker or a distribution tube, for instance, you will have a memorable experience with this drip kit.


  • Durable Components
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small and lightweight
  • Work with soaker and distribution tubing.
  • Cost effective


  • Requires a functional irrigation system

5. Orbit 69500

Orbit 69500 92-Piece Drip Irrigation Assortment Kit

Orbit 69500 is an affordable drip irrigation kit with an assortment of 92 drip accessories. Perfect for residential and commercial used, the value of the components offered is impressive. Each pack has durable 1/4-inch fittings. You also get durable heads that work well in most environments and different-styled barbs for fine-tuning your irrigation system. Finally, you get sprinklers, sprayers, and steamers that work well with most existing irrigation systems in homes.

Orbit 69500 is an affordable product. Even though elaborate, you do not have to worry about installation for two main reasons. First, because its components are universal, you do not special tubes and or equipment to use them. Second, you get a detailed instruction guide with each package. Even if you are a novice, you will create a functional drip irrigation system without hiring a professional. All its accessories come in a refillable case that you can travel with effortlessly.


  • Good assortment of irrigation heads
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Detailed instruction guide
  • Universal components
  • Refillable case


  • Weak connections

4. Koram IR-D

Koram IR-D Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit, 1 per 4-Inches

When shopping for the best gardening tools and equipment, most people like to save money. Unfortunately, because of their poor financial decisions, they end up with low-grade products that often fail to meet their needs. With Koram IR-D, however, you do not have to worry about such heartaches. Even though cheap, you get an all-in-one distribution tubing drip kit that works well on lawns and gardens. In simple terms, you get everything that you need to water plants well.

The distribution tubing that you get, for instance, is a durable and flexible model that supports both spot and area watering. It also has a precise drip technology that keeps plants healthy while saving a lot of water at the same time. You will like this feature too. This tubing kit is easy to setup (plug and use) and has a free Teflon tape for preventing leakages. Its pressure requirements are 25-45 PSI. Finally, you can automate its system using a third-party irrigation timer easily.


  • Flexible tubing
  • Easy to install
  • Leak-proof design
  • Works with 25-45 PSI faucets
  • Compatible with irrigation timers


  • No instructions

3. Rain Bird GRDNERKIT

Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener's Drip Kit

Rain Bird a reputable brand in the drip irrigation niche. It has made numerous valuable kits that continue to serve many people all over the world. The Rain Bird GRDNERKIT meets this threshold. If you enjoy landscaping, for instance, and want an efficient drip irrigation kit that lasts long, an original will not let you down. It waters plants precisely in areas up to 75 feet in size. Its installation (aboveground) is simple. Finally, the diverse accessories offered support both spot and area watering applications. They also support zonal hydration of plant roots. This lowers water use by up to 40%.

For those that like automating their irrigation systems, Rain Bird GRDNERKIT works well with most hose end timers. It also has a multi-function connector that regulates water pressure automatically, filter sediments, and prevent backflow. Finally, with an original package, you get clog-resistant components that will improve how you water your garden or lawn.


  • Easy to install
  • Pressure compensating emitters
  • Precise drip watering (up to 75 square feet)
  • Works with hose end timers
  • Efficient (up to 40%)


  • Expensive compared to other kits

2. Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ

Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit

Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ ranks among the top 10 best drip irrigation kits in 2021. With one, you get a versatile package of 112 universal drip irrigation heads for repair and expansion projects. You also get a long distribution tubing (250 feet) with a self-dispensing 1/4-inch design, reliable connectors, and durable stakes.

Whether you are installing a new drip irrigation system or updating an existing one, this product is very easy to use. The tube, for instance, has a flexible design that you can play around with as needed. With each pack, you also get a detailed instruction and troubleshooting guide for reference. Do not waste money on a professional landscaper.


  • Reusable organizer
  • Printed trouble shooting guide
  • 112 universal parts
  • Ideal for repair and expansion projects


  • Expensive

1. Raindrip R560DP

Raindrip R560DP Automatic Container and Hanging Baskets Kit

Raindrip R560DP tops the list of the best drip irrigation kits. It has quality hanging baskets and a 75-foot pre-assembled water line. You also get quality barbs and a water timer for automating its system, all on a budget.

Installation is simple (in three steps). Customization and expansion are also easy. Finally, because this kit lowers water consumption by up to 70%, expect high cost savings. It virtually pays or itself after two to three months.


  • Easy to customize and expand
  • Comprehensive installation guide
  • Good quality hose
  • Up to 70% water savings
  • Automated system


  • None


Do not let the poorly designs irrigation system on your lawn or garden to ruin your plants. Buy one of our recommended drip irrigation kits to water your plants efficiently while saving water at the same time. They are affordable. They are also easy to setup and have valuable components will never let you down over time.

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