Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2022 Reviews

They might seem simple, but dual monitor stands come in handy for use both at home and in office. They are ideal for use with standing desks, graphic designers, benefit gamer, as well as for business executives. They are made from heavy duty materials by advanced technologies. As such, if you use more than one computer screens and want a quality stand for serving you satisfactorily, you ought to read this article to the end and select your best from the following top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2022.

10. Arctic z-2 Dual Monitor Stand


This is one among the best dual monitor stands that save you desktop space by mounting your two monitors on it. With it, you can rotate your monitors to 360 degrees for the convenience of use. It also allows you to adjust your monitors’ height to fit your convenience to view. For excellent data transfer, it features 4 USB port hub and also supports flat screen display with 13-inch to 30-inch range.

9. Mount It! M1 7C24-Best Dual Monitor Stands


This stand features a desk mount spring arm for allowing ease of attaching and/or detaching of the monitors. It supports 13-30-inch flat screens, providing great flexibility when selecting the computer screen you need to mount on. Its built-in spring mechanism helps you in adjusting the monitors’ height easily. For an ideal viewing angle, the stand can rotate 360-degrees and tilt 90 degrees. Additionally, it conceals all the cables thanks to its desk arm great cable management that helps avoid inconveniences.

8. Vonhaus Dual LCD LED Dual Monitor Stand


It can hold screen size of up to 27 inches. It features a built-in deluxe gas spring for ease of adjusting the monitor’s height. Its C-clamp mount allows you fit nearly every desk type, and its grommet (bolt style) is flexible to allow for a broad variety of types of desks. It further features an easy to adjust an arm, and it allows you to fit the monitors either in landscape or portrait shapes.

7. Mon Mount Dual LCD Monitor Stand


This model of the dual stand is available in several colors and holds monitors of up to 24 inches. After fitting, the monitors will be conveniently visible for you can easily adjust them in horizontal, vertical, and planar alignments. Since you can mount monitors of different sizes means that you are not restricted to fit a monitor(s) of a particular size. You can tilt, rotate, or swivel the monitor to get the right viewing angle on this stand.

6. Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand


If what you need is a high quality and durable dual stand for your computer screens, then you have it in this model. It is a quite stable model for you can firmly clamp its base onto your desk. Again, it provides you the freedom to mount on monitors measuring up to 27 inches. The stand can also rotate, swivel, tilt to your convenience, and is easily adjustable to your convenient viewing height. You can also increase or decrease the space separating your monitors.

5. LX Dual Side by Side Arm


You will be able to create a great multi-display work space for you can lift your computer screens to achieve the desired angle when using this stand, saving great workspace. You easily change the viewing from landscape to portrait mode for viewing your pages even without scrolling. This stand further has a great cable management feature which conceals the cables for neatness and convenience.

4. Planar Dual Monitor Stand


Many users have praised the matchless ease of installing this dual monitor stand. It offers convenience to you for it can rotate 90 degrees for changing from portrait mode to landscape, can tilt up or down by +/- 15 degrees, and swivel side to side by +/- 20 degrees. Moreover, the monitor on this stand is adjustable to 13 inches to suit the user’s viewing point of desire.

3. Easy Mount LCD Dual Monitor Stand

Best Dual Monitor Stands

This stand can hold monitor screens measuring up to 27 inches. To perfectly suit your workspace, you can easily adjust the distance between your two monitors. The monitors are adjustable through the entire pole in height, and the whole assembly is rotatable on the central pole, and you separately can rotate the screens for a quick, convenient viewing or orientation.

2. Mount It! Free Mounting Monitor Stand


This model of a dual monitor is strong enough to support monitors weighing up to 22 lbs each. On it, you can mount monitor screens of variable sizes, ranging from 13-24 inches. Regardless of your height, you will enjoy the great convenience provided by this dual monitor stand thanks to the easy height adjustment feature it has. The screens are also rotatable, can be swiveled, and also tilted for proper viewing.

1. Mount IT! Articulating Dual Arm3 Stage Computer


This dual stand is one of the best product on the market today. Its greatness is attributed to the fact that it is cable to hold two large-size computer monitor screens without any failure. Among its other best features is its ability to rotate, tilt, or swivel the screens to any of your desired direction, offering easy and proper viewing. You also are free to change these screens from portrait mode to the landscape mode for added convenience.

Like most other things, dual monitor stands are becoming popular by the day and beginning to flood the market with an influx of models from different brands. As such, you should be careful selecting yours to avoid the embarrassment of a non-functional, poor quality purchase. However, turning to the above reviewed top 10 best dual monitor stands in 2022 will be the safest and best quality purchase to make.

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