Top 10 Best eBook Electronic Reading Lights Reviewed

eBook Reader lights are important accessories for facilitating convenient and rewarding reading or writing experience on your favorite eReader, especially if you are doing during the night and do not wish to disturb your partner or other people around you, or in low light place, at home or while travelling. As such, if you need an eReader light to step up your e-reading life, here are the top 10 best eBook electronic reading lights reviewed. Read on to find your best choice.

10. Energizer LED Book Light


Having recently been improved, this is a a flexible book light that works great with eReaders, books, and magazines. Its clip attaches easily to your eBook reader, while the rubber neck seamlessly bends, holding its position to provide precision lighting on your e-reader. It’s now using a wide-angle Nichia LED to provide wider, more evenly flood of light, and the oversized spring clip will attach easily to Kindles, books, and more. It’s powered by Lithium coin-cells that are replaceable and can last 10 hours of constant reading.

9. Belkin Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle



This is a compact and powerful clip-on light for your eBook reader like the Kindle, featuring 3 super LEDs that provide warm reading light and two brightness settings for customized convenience. It’s easily adjustable arm allows you to position it in nearly any angle, and its slim design allows easy carrying/storage, same as the lamp head’s tuck-into-the-clip design. The clip is ultra-wide for strong and secure grip. Designed to attach, it works well with stands and covers. Has one year warranty.

8. iKross Black Dual LED Clip-On Reading Book Light


This is a durable dual LED clip-on light for Amazon Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle 6-inch, Kindle 4, Kindle Touch/ touch 3G eBook readers, PDAs and tablets that’s very easy and convenient to use and store. It’s has a smart intelligent compact design, featuring an On/Off switch, and clips seamlessly and firmly to anything from eBook Reader and Laptop to books. Its flexible neck can point light at your desired angle. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries.

7. Merkury Innovations M-KRL110 E-book Travel Light


This is the ideal light for your dear Kindle or any other eBook reader type. It brings even greater portability to your eReader by showering its display with even and convenient LED light beam. It has a built-in clip for attaching firmly to the Kindle or other eReader and offer you a whopping 20 hours of continuous reading with its 3 AAA batteries. Its neck is totally adjustable, allowing you the ease of positioning the light head precisely where you need it.

6. iKross Black Dual-LED Clip-On ereader Light


This is another iKross Dual LED clip on eBook reader light that’s durable and convenient to use, carry and store. It brings life to your night e-reading or writing, or when you are on the move. It simply and securely clips on your eBook reader, and its smart intelligent and compact design is fun handling. It provides great reading light for your eBook readers, smartphone, or tablet.

5. SumacLife Kindle light Clip-On LED Book Light eReader


The SumacLife Clip on LED Book Light offers you enjoyable reading experience with appropriate light amount without aving to disturb others. Its brilliant and friendly white LED lighting produces even light without any inconveniencing hot spots. Its strong clip grips on your Kindle/Kindle DX, Sony Kindle, or any other eReader perfectly and securely. It seamlessly bends to form a compact shape for easy carrying and storage. It comes with 3 AAA batteries, on which it runs.

4. Kandle by Ozeri Flex Reading Light


Kandle by Ozeri Flex Reading light is specially designed for the latest generation Amazon Kindle and all other models and other eBook readers. It features a fully flexible adjustable neck that’s completely customizable so that you position the lamp head how you need it. It further features three surface-mounted lifetime-LEDs that are optimized to evenly distribute light without creating any glare or eyestrain. It’s new-design power-button has soft-light and ultra-light settings for flawless screen illumination, and it’s WideLip design perfectly attaches to the KindleTM, Sony®, and any eReader without blocking the display. It comes with two CR2032 installed batteries, an extra set of batteries, and a protective pouch.

3. Bundle Monster 4pc Clip-On Flex-Neck LED Bright Reading Book-light Set


This 4 piece set eReader light comes in black, purple, white, and pink colors, an ideal set to share with your family or friends. It is an easy-to-grip, most versatile light in its new high-tech finish that perfectly complements any digital tool. It’s specially designed to perfectly attach to your tablet/eReader covers—like Nook, iPad, Kobo, or Kindle—book or computer. It’s ideal for convenient reading in dark-lit areas at home or when traveling. Its neck is completely articulated to be aimed where you need light. It’s powered by three AAA batteries.

2. Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Book Light


This is a compulsive little multi tasker—you will be even grilling by its light in next to no time. It features 2 LEDs, making it a versatile and super bright yet convenient eReader light. You can set the light intensity by just pressing the button once or twice, as you please. Its flexible neck allows you to set the light at the ideal angle. Its clip comes extra-wide for keeping your hands free the moment it matters most. In case the battery power runs low, plug it n, and keep plugging away—this thing is a jack of all trades easy to carry eReader light. It has a blue color frame.

1. Zakka Republic LED Clip-on Reading Light 4pc Set


It’s a 4 piece high power reading light set that’s both functional and stylish, coming in four different colors—white, purple, black, and pink—wonderful for family and friends sharing, or for leaving in several places so you can always have eReader light whenever you shift areas. It’s a very lightweight clip-on reading light providing a convenient source great for working or reading in low light places. Its adjustable neck ensures you can tilt the light at different angles. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries.

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