Top 10 Best Egg Slicers in 2022 Reviews

Scores of amazing equipment and tools are being introduced into the market everyday, and the egg category is no exception. Different kinds of egg tools are available, with the most popular one being an egg slicer. An egg slicer helps slice hard boiled, slippery eggs evenly and nicely. Apart from the egg, the slicer can also be used to slice strawberries, mushrooms, pitted olives, soft cheese etc. If all these interests you, and you plan to buy this amazing tool, then go through the list given below to discover the top 10 best egg slicer in 2022.

10. Ikea Egg Slicer


This is a great egg slicer, which together with serving its purpose, also looks attractive. It comes with a removable steel frame, which makes it easy for you to clean the slicer after use. The body of this slicer is made of ABS plastic and its handle/bracket/wire is made of stainless steel, ensuring great durability.

9. New Star 42364 Egg Slicer-Best Egg Slicers


This is a perfect, compact, 3-in-one egg slicer, which will help you cut eggs into thick wedges or thin oval slices, and you can use it both vertically and horizontally. This is an ideal tool for making egg-based appetizer or salads. You can also use this tool to cut vegetables and fruits like mushrooms, kiwis, and strawberries.

8. OXO Good Grips Slicer and Chopper


With the OXO slicer and chopper, you will easily be able to slice hard-cooked eggs for an egg salad or a sandwich. Just one press will give you a perfect oblong or round slice. You can rotate the egg holder, and press it again, and you shall get egg pieces ready for your salad. It comes with a perfect egg holder that cradles the egg from below and above thus giving you neat and even slices.

7. Prepworks GT-3667 Compact Egg Slicer


This egg slicer by Progressive International will help you have your eggs and also slice them or make wedges. It is very simple to use, and all you need to do is place the egg in the center of the base, and select any slicer plate. The Prepworks egg slicer comes with a drawer in which all the sliced eggs are stored compactly. You can also use the slicer to slice mushrooms and strawberries.

6. HIC Heavy Duty Slicer


Get ready to dice and slice your hard-boiled eggs perfectly using the HIC heavy-duty slicer. All you need to do is hard boil the eggs, remove their shell, place one egg horizontally in the slicer’s base, and press top down slowly to get perfectly even slices. If you wish to dice, all you need to do is rotate the sliced egg vertically, and slice once again.

5. Zyliss Egg Slicer


The Zyliss egg slicer is made of stainless steel and long lasting ABS plastic. You can use it to slice eggs quickly and cleanly. It comes with a non-slip base, which helps it stay in place on the countertop when you slice. All the parts are dishwasher safe, and the cutter comes with a five-year limited warranty.

4. OXO Good Grips Slicer


This OXO slicer is a perfect tool for slicing hard-boiled eggs easily. Using this tool you will get perfect 5mm slices just with one press. Using the holder, you can cradle the egg in 2 ways, so you can opt for oblong or round slices. Its non-slip base offers a comfortable grip when you slice the eggs, and its raised handle can be opened and closed easily, and this makes the tool very easy to use.

3. Norpro Egg Slicer


This 4-in-1 egg slicer helps slice eggs on the right side, on the left side it offers moon-shaped wedges, it pierces the end of the shells with a little sharp needle, and it also has a garnishing tool, which can be used to create amazing edible masterpieces.

2. Zyliss Easy Slice Tomato Slicer


Even though this is a tomato slicer, its ultra-sharp serrated stainless steel blades can also be used to slice eggs perfectly. Its non-slip feet provide complete stability, and its soft grip handle makes it easy to use.

1. Westmark W1020 Slicer


Westmark is popular for its great quality kitchen gadgets, and this is exactly what its W1020 egg slicer also ensures. Using it, you can easily create oval and round slices. Its ergonomically shaped handle makes it very easy to use this tool. It is created out of superior quality cast aluminum, which is power coated for making cleaning easier. This amazing tool is lightweight, durable, and dishwasher safe.

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