Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022

Could you be looking forward to buying an electric muscle stimulator? Then, relax, for you are at the right site. We are here to present you with everything you need to know regarding this modern health devices.

Any product that relates to your general well being should be purchased with utmost precaution. Therefore, before presenting you with comprehensive reviews of the top ten best Electric Muscle Stimulators in 2022, we saw it wise to help you familiarize with muscle stimulators in the best way. Pay attention!

What are electric muscle stimulators?

A muscle stimulator is a machine designed to contract the body muscles through electric current. Electric muscle stimulators find use in relieving pain and re-educating the body muscles. By contracting the muscles, muscle stimulators, release endorphins and hinder the transmission of pain signals.

Through muscle stimulators, body muscles gain a fast, safe and ultra-effective workout. Even more, muscle stimulators improve blood circulation. These devices are easily portable and can be used anywhere.

Electric muscle stimulators find use by professionals in performing various types of physical therapy.

The Working

Electric muscle stimulators work by mimicking the brain. As we know, under normal exercise or activities, the brain transmits impulses to the muscles under use, resulting in voluntary contraction. Now, an electric muscle stimulator sends gentle electrical pulses to the brain which resemble the normal brain impulses.

When you experience pain or discomfort in a given area on your body, an electric muscle stimulator comes in to relieve the pain or re-educate the muscles in the particular body section.

Wires from the machine fit with the adhesive patches stuck on the skin over the paining area or affected tissue. The stimulator transmits an electric current to the affected area.

Through the machine’s settings, one can adjust the electric current’s strength depending on the intensity of the problem. The device works differently in tackling various body problems including pain and muscle re-education.

Muscle re-education:

Some muscles in the body may experience problems while contracting. This issue is common among stroke and orthopedic surgery victims. Again, anyone can experience trouble while trying to move some joints or muscles.

Stimulators send electric impulses to the affected muscles causing involuntary contraction. While the stimulator works, the victim should seek to move the affected muscles. Through this process, the brain re-learns how to control the muscles resulting in something called muscle re-education.

Pain relief:

Researchers have differed in explaining how electric muscle stimulators aid in pain relief. As a result, two theories explaining this phenomenon exist. One is the Gate Control Theory. It suggests that pain signals deliver messages to the brain via nerves which pass through a gate.

Now, the electric stimulation from electronic muscle stimulators block the pain carrying nerves from passing through the gate. The second theory suggests that the electric stimuli force the brain to produce natural painkillers called enkephalins and endorphins. The painkillers result to pain relief.

Other benefits of using electric muscle stimulators:

Apart from pain relief and muscle re-education, electric muscle stimulators provide other benefits to the body. Electric muscle stimulators help in:

  • Eliminating toxins
  • Improving posture
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Providing relief from discomfort and stress resulting from overworked muscles

Factors to consider when buying an electric muscle stimulator:


Some electronic muscle stimulator brands and models suit TENS or EMS or both. So what type of treatment are you seeking? If you wish to focus on the muscles, the EMS models suit you best. Again, if you are looking forward to relieving pain, then the TENS models will work for you. Furthermore, if you find a machine that serves both functions, then it’s a gold mine.


Machine with support for four electrode pads are preferred over those that support 2. Ensure that the featured pads are of the highest quality and are durable. Washable and reusable pads are better. Also, ensure that the pads are safe for your skin. Finally, avoid sharing pads with anyone.


If you are looking to massage or relieve a particular body area, ensure that the preset modes in your preferred machine can be used for the particular part of the body.

Intensity levels

Ensure that the treatment intensity featured in a given machine matches your condition. Will the strength bring about permanent healing or muscle re-education?

Brand- Ensure that you purchase a machine from a trusted brand.

10. iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator

iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

iReliev is the Company behind the design and engineering of this electric muscle stimulator. It ranks among the rare TENS and EMS massage and pain relief devices. It brings you both the EMS and TENS function.

With these two functions, you can now choose your preferred therapy. For the TENS unit, 7 functional modes are available and an extra mode that suits people living with arthritis. Again, if you opt to go for the EMS unit, you will have 6 modes to re-educate, heal and rejuvenate your muscles.

Apart from relieving pain and re-educating the muscles, this device also helps in healing body injuries.

Also, among its functional features are 25 levels of 80 mA intensity. You can now configure your preferred therapy depending on your condition. An adjustable 5-60 minute time that comes built into this machine lets you customize your therapy sessions in the best way. You can customize the time you want to spend on the treatment.

Also noted, is the featured lock function. This feature automatically turns this machine off when out of use to save on power.

The portability of this electric muscle stimulator is also worth appreciation. It features a light weight as well as a convenient size for easy portability.

9. AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

Ranking among the simplest and highly versatile TENS units, The AccuRelief™ Electrotherapy device is great to have at work, home, or while you travel. It brings you 6 pre-set functional programs to serve your various body healing needs.

Even more, it allows for the use of 2-4 electrode pads at your various pain areas. With 25 levels of variable healing intensity, you will be free to choose your preferred healing strength for your condition.

It comes with an auto shut-off feature and a preset session timer of 30 minutes.

What’s interesting, this unit is FDA certified and approved for safety. It will help you tackle joint, muscular, arthritis, and back problems without drugs.

Its screen is easy to read while its large buttons allow for easy operations.

Its pads are reusable and washable.

What’s in the box:

  • The tens unit
  • 4 self-adhesive electrode pads
  • A pair of lead wires
  • Belt clip
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • User manual

This unit weighs 2.7 ounces and measures 4.6*1.3*2.4 inches. Therefore, it’s ultra-portable for use anywhere and anytime. However, it’s not rechargeable

The manufacturer wraps it with a 1-year warranty for the unit and not the accessories.

8. TEC.BEAN Tens EMS Pain Relief Massager

TEC.BEAN Tens EMS Pain Relief Massager

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

The TEC.BEAN Company is proud to present pain victims with this exclusive electronic stimulator. It’s an exceptional product with an incredible performance.

Unlike other electric muscle stimulators, this one features both the TENS and EMS functions. Therefore, it’s meant to serve your muscles as well as the nerves. With these two massage functions, this machine becomes ultra-versatile. It can help you eliminate any pain in any body part.

What’s more, this machine features 20 intensity levels and 16 operational modes. With these functions, you can now customize your therapy sessions to tackle various body conditions including muscle spasms, back pain, arthritis, among others.

It sources its power from the embedded rechargeable battery. The lithium battery supports this machine for up to 10 hours of continuous utilization. Therefore, you will always proceed with your therapy without any interference.

Furthermore, it features an auto-shut-off feature which automatically turns it off when out of use.

This is one of the best electric muscle stimulators that you can buy today. It will serve you with no disappointments.

7. Omron Pain Relief Pro

Omron Pain Relief Pro

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

For those who were waiting for an upgrade of the Omron PM3030, you will be happy to use the Omron Pain Relief Pro. Well, in as much as we would like to praise the Omron PM3030, it comes with some unavoidable downsides. Fortunately, the Omron Pain Relief Pro is here to set things in line.

It features 8 pre-set modes. 5 of the functional modes are set to serve specific body parts including the legs, arm, Lower back, joints and foot. However, the modes can also help other areas of the body. They are interchangeable.

The other three modes facilitate various massage styles like tap, rub and knead. The modes are more than you need.

This device allows for pre-set therapy sessions which last 15 minutes. When the time elapses, the auto shut-off feature turns the device off. This might prevent you from overusing the machine.

The Omron PM3031 is a single channel TENS unit. It only works with two pads. It can only treat a single body area at a time.

It features 10 intensity levels. The broad range of intensity provides you with great flexibility. You can now set your preferred treatment strength.

Operating this device is as easy as ABC thanks to its simple user interface.

It sources its power from 2 AAA batteries which are not rechargeable but could see you using this device for up to 4 months when used for 15 minutes every day.

6. Balego 7000

Balego 7000

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

At first sight, you might confuse the Balego® 7000 with the old portable radios. But is your first glance accurate? Not even a single jot.

Well, this TENS unit is engineered to relieve pain and not for entertain purposes. Its appearance could lead you to dismissing one of the best TENS units on the market so far.

It has been on the market for a while now. Even more, this device continues to receive a warm welcome by physical therapists across the globe. Despite being non-rechargeable, many people choose to see its many positive features rather than one downside.

Within it are five operational modes including burst, modulation, SD1, normal, and SD2. The featured instructional manual performs incredibly well in explaining each mode’s function.

Beyond the modes, this TENS unit comes with 3 other adjustable settings including:

  • Intensity
  • Pulse width
  • Frequency

With the broad pool of functional modes and other settings, this device provides you with extreme flexibility and versatility for all your TENS therapy sessions.

What’s interesting, you will not find as much control and freedom in other machines. In this machine, you can tweak the controls as much as you wish until you land at your preferred settings for your condition.

Even more, this device features a timing function. You now have the freedom to decide the length of your session. From this features, you can tell that this machine will let you tailor everything to your requirements and body condition.

Furthermore, just like most of the other TENS machines on the market the Balego® 7000 TENS unit is dual channel. You can choose to use two or four pads concurrently.

Therefore, you have the power work on two body areas simultaneously. Its intensity is also impressive as it ranges from 0-100 mA. The intensity controls allow you to choose from the 8 intensity levels.

Lastly among its impressive features are the two protective covers to prevent electric injuries.

5. HealthmateForever 6 Modes Electric Pain Relief Massager

HealthmateForever 6 Modes Electric Pain Relief Massager

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

Apart from being a great pain relief device, the HeathmateForever NK6GL TENS unit, also helps in toning, rejuvenating and firming the gluteal muscles, through its 5 body building modes.

It comes with a vast pool of impressive features. Among them are 6 programmable massage modes fitted in a rectangular design. They include Tuina-(push and pull), tapping, acupuncture, scraping combination and body building.

Its easy controls are also worth appreciation. Through the accessible T button, you can adjust the stimulation time between 10-60 minutes. Again, the + and – buttons allow you to utilize the 20 levels of muscle-stimulation intensity. All the settings are easily accessible on its backlit LCD display. Furthermore, in the case of an emergency, the pause button will help you bring the stimulations to a halt.

Even more, this machine supports for concurrent dual output, thanks to its 4 pads. You can apply the pads to two different areas simultaneously.

Within this machine is a rechargeable lithium battery. The powerful battery keeps this machine working continuously for up to 10 hours.

It’s a lightweight device that suits use anywhere and anytime.

4. Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

Do you like buying high-quality products that are simple to use? Then get ready for the Omron Electrotherapy Pain relief device PM3030 review is about to impress you.

Its precise design ensures that you don’t have to be a computer scientist to use it. Among all the electrotherapy devices reviewed, this is the most straightforward regarding features, functionality, and operation.

Within it, are 3 preset user-mode programs. Each suit distinct body areas: lower back, arm, foot/leg.

Please note that this machine is not restricted to only these three body sections. You are free to select the program that best suits your pain.

An auto shut-off feature turns the device off after each 15-minute therapy session. Therefore, if you wish to use this device again after the first session, you will have to press the on button- a slight downside. The Omron Company recommends the use of this electrotherapy machine for 30 minutes session 3 times a day.

The PM3030 features a single channel. Therefore, you can only use 2 pads with it. It does not support simultaneous treating of two body sections.

With this device, you will be free to use the 5 featured intensity levels. You should use the up and down buttons to adjust the intensity to your preferred level.


This electric muscle stimulator is not digital. The five intensity levels are indicated through blinking LEDS. The LED lights are tough to follow.

On its other upsides, the PM3030 uses only 2 AAA batteries. The batteries can last up to 3 months when utilized for about 15 minutes a day.

When the Omron Company indicates that this device is extremely portable, it’s no lie. At only 60 g with batteries, this device is ultra-lightweight. It’s also small to fit in your pocket.

You can carry with you even as you travel, as it won’t occupy too much of your space.

Included accessories in the package:

  • Tens unit
  • 2 self-adhesive pads
  • Electrode pads
  • 2 batteries
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Instructions
  • Pad holder

3. Tens Unit – Tens Machine for Pain Management

Tens Unit - Tens Machine for Pain Management

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

If pain has been costing you sleepless nights and unending agony, then you should consider the Tens Machine for Pain Management. It’s a medical tool designed to manage and rehabilitate pain. It’s a machine that finds use in many homes, hospital settings and physical therapy clinics.

It features four electrode pads. Also, it features five operational modes including modulation, normal, burst, strength span 1 and strength span 2. You should select your preferred mode depending on the intensity of your pain.

Even more, this machine features a reliable memory. The inbuilt memory lets you maintain a clear record of your muscle stimulation sessions. It can record sessions of up to 900 hours.

Apart from the machine, the package also includes a carrying case, an instruction manual, 9-volt battery, Tens unit manual, and the lead wires.

Its light weight and convenient size make it easily portable for use anywhere and at any time.

2. HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit Electronic Pulse Massager

HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

Ranking as the number one best seller among the various electric muscle stimulator models on the market is this product by the HealthmateForever Company. Its excellent performance, convenience, and reliability allow it to find use among many individuals across the globe.

It’s a multifunctional massager as it suits massaging almost all the body parts. It comes with 15 functional modes for extreme versatility. This electric massager will help you relax, distress, rejuvenate and ease the pain in most of your body parts including the neck, back, ankle, shoulder, hip, foot, elbow, knee wrist, among others.

Furthermore, it supports various massage techniques including random, tap, knead, acupuncture, scraping, and cupping.

The available speed and intensity knobs are there to let you set your preferred massage settings according to your therapist’s advice.

It sources its power from 3 AAA batteries.

Also, it comes with support for auto shut down thus saves on power when out of use. From our opinion, this is a great product that’s worth your hard-earned money.

1. truMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

truMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Top 10 Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Reviewed In 2022 1

TruMedic is a trusted electric muscle stimulator brand. Over the years, their high-grade medical technological devices have found use among physical therapists. This is one of the TruMedic’s TENS machine, whose incredible performance captured our attention.

It’s a versatile pain relief agent designed to aid you wherever and at any time. It features a user-friendly interface to let you use it without the help of a professional. Its control buttons and settings are all simple.

Through its bright screen, you can easily alter the settings to suit your preferred therapy. All its inbuilt functions, as well as the recommended treatment durations, are indicated on the screen.

Also, you can vary the intensity of the stimulation from mild to medium or strong through the control buttons.

Despite its numerous functional components, this machine is lightweight. Therefore, you can take it with you wherever you go. It will be of help to you anywhere and anytime.

Who should operate an electric muscle stimulator?

For over-the-counter electronic muscle stimulators, no technical assistance is necessary. You can use the device on your own. However, ensure that you adhere to all the featured instructions to avoid physical injuries.

You should also consult your doctor before using an electric muscle stimulator. He/she should determine your candidacy to using this device.

How often should an electric muscle stimulator be used?

If you wish to achieve excellent results from the utilization of an electric muscle stimulator, then you should utilize it daily for at least 15 minutes. Worth noting is that there is no limit to how often or how long one should use a muscle stimulator. The more you use one, the faster and better are the results unless your physical therapist advises otherwise.

Who should not use an electric muscle stimulator?

Seizure prone or epileptic individuals, pregnant women, pacemakers, heart disease victims, should consult with their doctors before utilizing any health-related electronic device on their bodies.

How soon should one expect tangible results?

Within the first 3-4 weeks of using an electric muscle stimulator, you should start seeing results. However, you should begin feeling better after the first few sessions.

Electronic muscle stimulation will suit your busy lifestyle appropriately. You can utilize it as an exercise resource regardless of your tight schedules, location, or weather.

Even more, you can choose to read a book or watch television while the muscle stimulator works its magic.

Are electric muscle stimulators safe?

When used as directed, electric muscle stimulators are totally safe. Their reliability has led to their widespread application in the medical profession. The electric muscle stimulation technology finds extensive use in hospitals and physical therapy centers.

What’s interesting, after exhaustive analysis, many electrical muscle stimulators brands are now FDA certified. Doctors use these devices to help patients who require muscle spasms relaxation, muscle re-education, preventing muscle atrophy, improving muscle performance after experiencing stroke or undergoing surgery, among other conditions.

Therefore, you should use an electric muscle stimulator with utmost confidence as when used as instructed, it will never result in adverse effects. However, you need to ensure that you are using a certified device.

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