Top 10 Best Entertainment Magazines Reviewed

Magazines are good sources of information. They are also good sources of entertainment for both men and women. Finally, according to global reports, people who read magazines often know more about the happenings around the globe. Instead of spending most of your time gambling or playing video games, read a magazine for once. They are cheap. They also come in many themes that benefit people of all cadres. Whether you like sports, health, wellness, or science, Amazon is awash will many bestselling titles that you will like.

What should people look out for when shopping for magazines on the Internet? The benefits of reading magazines are diverse. For the best experience, however, check the content of your title of choice before buying. Is it entertaining? Is it informative or good enough to keep you awake at night? You should also check its reputation. Does it have a legion of followers? Good things attract crowds. Always keep that in mind. Finally, what is its format? If you do not have Kindle or one of the best readers in stores, choose a paperback magazine instead. Here are some of the best sellers in 2022 that have captivated thousands of people worldwide:

10. People


People is one of the most popular magazines in America to date. It has also gained fame around the globe because of its quality of production. Famed for highlighting the best of the celebrity world, it appeals to people of various age groups. It also covers cultural-related news, which appeals to men and women alike. If you are planning a long trip, buy one to stay entertained outdoors.

Established in 1974, the People magazine has a rich history. Developed to provide stories about people and not issues, it was an instant, particularly with the younger generation. Even though it has retained this objective to date, it has transformed into an interesting all-around magazine for people of all ages. Buy yours to learn the tales of your favorite superstars. This weekly magazine also covers everyday people with interesting storylines.

In the last three decades, People magazine has attracted a lot of attention worldwide. It has an audience of over forty-six million readers. It also has balanced publications with high-resolution pictures that keep readers engaged. Buy yours today.


  • Balanced news articles
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Weekly releases
  • Over 46,000 readers
  • High print quality


  • Overpriced magazine
  • Glorifies mostly celebrities

9. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

The Entertainment Weekly is one of the most-read magazines to date. Even though its high print quality has contributed to this, the quality of its stores is one of its major draws. With one, for instance, you will stay informed about the latest news in the global entertainment industry. It covers interviews with renowned superstars. It also covers exposes on programs, movie, music, and books that are trending online. Overall, this magazine is a one-stop shop for everything nice worldwide.

Besides entertainment, this magazine provides insights of some of the most successful icons all over the world. Whether you are into technology or fashion, you will get the latest gossip of who is planning for a wedding of the year. You will also learn more about the relationships on the rocks and cheaters of the week. At home, the Entertainment Weekly is a time killer. You can also use it to kill time in the bus when traveling for long distances.


  • Quality print
  • Good coverage of books
  • Good coverage of movies
  • Juicy gossip
  • Verified news articles


  • Advertisement oriented
  • Leaner content

8. Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Are you a knowledge maniac? If you are looking for a good magazine that can keep you informed and entertained at the same time, consider Mental Floss. Dating back to 2001, it has remained relevant for many years. This is not by coincidence. The fun and interesting articles offered has attracted it a legion of loyal readers. It is also affordable and ideal for people of all ages. If you are looking for a magazine for a person who desires to learn more, Mental Floss will earn you many brownie points.

Curated by a team of expert journalists and academics, the value of this magazine is immense. Forget about the childish photo-bombed magazines that are available online. Sections such as Scatterbrained outline facts, trivia, and fascinating anecdotes about everyday topics. This magazine also has a unique “Be Amazing” section for short articles and interviews. Finally, if you are a science junkie, this magazine is for you. It has an interesting Left-Brain/Right-Brain section with a blend of science logic, art, and literature articles that you will like.

Mental Floss is available on a bi-monthly basis. Because of its diverse content, it is an interesting magazine to have at home. It is informational. It also promotes creative thinking by solving quizzes or puzzles.


  • Bi-monthly releases
  • Interesting quizzes and puzzles
  • Well-researched and outlined content
  • Interesting facts and stories
  • For people of all ages
  • Interesting design and style


  • Inconsistent releases

7. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

If you are in this age group and passionate about popular culture, this magazine will never let you down. It has a fun outlook. It is also gentle on the eye and has many fun articles in various segments. The modern audio and electronics columns, for instance, are popular with teens. It also covers interviews and interesting photojournalism features.

Ranked among the leading publications in 2022, Rolling Stone is a resource for news on music, politics, and film. Once you get a copy, you will enjoy non-stop entertainment without spending a fortune. You will also stay informed about popular trends and have juicy gossips to share with friends every week. Rolling Stone is a publication for young adults.

Do you enjoy Rock and Roll? Thanks to this magazine’s Rock and Roll section, you will never miss the release of an upcoming album or song again. It also lists trending shows and breaking news in the Rock and Roll industry in each issue.


  • Popular Rock and Roll section
  • Resource for music and film
  • Interesting photojournalism features
  • Eye-catching design
  • Conveniently priced


  • Only for young adults

6. TV Guide

TV Guide

TV Guide is top-rated entertainment magazine published on a weekly basis. According to statistics, people have read over two million issues since its release in 2011. This is an impressive feat. If you like reading, consider buying one. You will get a well-curated magazine with interesting celebrity news. It also has impressive television listings, gossips, and film reviews with a wide audience.

The TV Guide started as a regional publication in New York City. Over time, it has covered TV icons such as Lucille Ball. It has also satisfied the interests of readers by reviewing the best and biggest celebrity tales. Do not hesitate to buy your copy. With its publishers hard at work to improve its structure and content, it gets better by the day.


  • Reputable magazine
  • Impressive film listings
  • Unbiased film review
  • Inviting interface and prints
  • Popular since 2001
  • Affordable subscription service
  • Full size/full-color images


  • Cumbersome digital version
  • Shoddy TV listings

5. The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

Talking about Hollywood, the glitz and glamor of celebrities come to mind. The Hollywood Reporter transforms such thoughts into a reality. Printed weekly, this entertainment magazine is one of the most influential to date. Because it has been in circulation for over 80 years, it is also one of the most trusted sources for news on entertainment. If you are looking for a timeless magazine that you and your generation will enjoy reading, this is one of the best.

Most entertainment magazines cover the lives of well-known celebrities. Even though form part of The Hollywood Reporter too, its in-depth coverage of Awards is invaluable. It also presents all races and explores the business impact of all wins and nominations . After reading this magazine, you will feel entertained like never before. It will also inspire you to chase your goals and help you to transform your opportunities into businesses.


  • Reputable analysts
  • Balanced reporting
  • Inviting layout
  • Weekly releases
  • Reputable magazine
  • Pretty photography
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee


  • Expensive subscription

4. The New Yorker

The New Yorker

The New Yorker provides its readers with trending information of the entertainment industry. With a copy, for instance, expect a mix of reporting and remarks on politics and international affairs. It also covers the arts, fiction, cartoons, and reviews of some of the best books on Amazon. Even though it is not as fun looking as other magazines, its ability to inform users is a major pro.

The New Yorker also devotes a section to advertisements. The ads are in varying categories. If you are looking for a car, for instance, its automotive section is worth looking at. You also get travel, financial services, and fashion-related advertisements that appeal to most of its readers. You will have a fun time with it too.

If you are questioning the reputation of The New Yorker, think again. Founded in 1925, it is one of the oldest most sought-after magazines globally. It has also won 53 National Magazine Awards. These mirror its value.


  • Award winning magazine
  • Popular advertisements section
  • Covers most themes
  • For people of all ages
  • Unique cartoonist covers
  • Great articles


  • Confusing subscription service

3. Us Weekly

Us Weekly

The main audience for the Us Weekly magazine is young, elite, and affluent adults. People with an interest in the world of entertainment also find it exciting. It emphasizes on the lifestyle of celebrities. The health and beauty routines and nutrition and fitness advice that it shares appeal to most of its readers. Finally, if you have an interest in film, television, music, and fashion-forward trends, consider this magazine. Each publication has dedicated sections.

The Us Weekly’s reports at least 18 award shows every year. To stay informed about their dates and organization, this is one of the best resources to use. Finally, the segment “Hollywood’s Best Diets” features classic menus that you can try out at home. You also gain access to food planners and get advice from the top celebrity trainers.


  • Informative segments
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to read
  • Covers many aspects
  • Great price


  • Inconsistent

2. People StyleWatch

People StyleWatch

To get the most recent news in the world of fashion and beauty, People StyleWatch is the magazine to buy. It covers the dressing styles of celebrities. Each issue also gives insights for getting affordable yet chic outfits. Finally, you get reviews of celebrities with the best styles and price cuts on fashion items.

People StyleWatch is accessible to most people. It is affordable. It is also readily accessible in web stores such as Amazon. Finally, the tips and tricks that it shares have helped people to shop smart and improve their image on a budget. You will learn how to transform your closet items into stylish pieces. The suggestions on low-cost designer clothes that it shares often are also invaluable.


  • Covers everything fashion
  • Valuable tips, tricks, and suggestions
  • Decently priced
  • Brings the best out of readers
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Digital and paper versions


  • Too many advertisements

1. MAD Magazine


MAD Magazine

MAD is America’s longest-running humor publication to date. Established in 1952 by Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines, it was originally a comic book. As of July 6, 2022, there were at least 537 issues in circulation. Popular globally, it offers readers satire on aspects of life such as politics and entertainment.

MAD magazine has several segments. It covers TV and movie parodies and freeform articles. It also has parodies on the ongoing American culture, big businesses, and education. With is bold and vibrant images, this magazine is fun to read. It also blends humor into most of its publications to keep readers entertained. You will like it.


  • Humorous and satirical publications
  • Bold and vibrant images
  • Organized into segments
  • Over 500 issues in circulation
  • Interesting covers


  • Long waiting time


Magazines are entertaining publications, they are also good for passing time and often educate people on one or two pressing issues. To get the best releases in 2022, choose one of the 10 magazines on our list. They are reputable publications. Content is superb. Finally, they have inviting designs. You can read them for long without getting tired.

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