Top 10 Best eReader Screen Protectors Reviewed

As you carry your eBook in a briefcase or purse, you need to protect it using screen protector from any physical harm. The screen protectors are made using advanced technology of anti-glare and privacy shields for an improved experience when reading. Custom-fit films plus self-adhering backings relieve you from the worry of keeping your eReader safe from scratches and other physical harm.

eReader screen protectors are designed in various sizes, depending on the brand, to fit particular eBook reader devices. Some other products have special features that give them universal compatibility to the screen protectors. As such, to ensure you choose top quality screen protector, this article highlights the top 10 best eBook eReader screen protectors reviewed. Read on.

10. Body Glove WriteRight Universal e-reader Screen Protector



From Body Gloves, this is a simple yet effective solution for any electronic device, e-readers included. Its static cling film attaches perfectly to the e-reader screen, and it doesn’t leave residues. It’s a clear screen protector that provides glare reduction and scratch resistance. Backing on the sheets features grids, making it easy to fit several eReaders plus other e-gadgets.

9. amFilm Premium Screen Protector Film




From amFilm, the Premium Screen Protector is uniquely tailored for the Kindle eReaders to provide optimal performance. The top-quality PET film does reduce glare and protect the eReader screen from any scratches or the usual wear. This self-adhering screen protector provides seamless attachment, and it doesn’t leave any residue after it’s removed. It’s made for the Kindle touch and Kindle 4th generation.

8. Barnes & Noble Anti-Glare Screen Protector Kit




It’s an excellent kit featuring every necessary accessory to protect your Nook eReader, the Nook Simple Touch included. The clear films are simple to install and easy to remove, leaving no residue. The screen protector reduces glare while resisting smudges from fingerprints. Pre-cut films are made to perfectly fit the e-reader screen for complete protection. It comes with a micro-fiber cloth for easy dirt removal without depositing any lint.

7. ZAGG Barnotabs Screen Protector




This screen protector maintains the spanking new look of your eReader, and it’s specially made for Nook tablets. It features self-healing properties for resisting dirt, dust, as well as scratches, so you will increase the life of your eBook reader with this custom-fit protector. Besides, the product is Kindle screen compatible.

6. eForCity Reusable Screen Protectors



eForCity makes a reusable screen protector featuring a film that’s offers scratch resistance and UV protection. This self-adhering film has a silicone coating and is washable for successive use. Its smooth surface is perfect for touch-screens and also stylus operation. It’s UV protection decreases glare to save you eye strain occasioned by reading on an LCD screen. It’s made for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note.

5. Moshi iVisor AG Screen Protector






It’s a multi-layered screen protector that offers perfect features for Kindle and Apple eReaders for improved e-reading experience. Its anti-reflective surface reduces glare and retains the screen clarity. Each film has the EZ-Glide surface treatment for improved touch-screen sensitivity. This protector also reduces fingerprints smudging, saving you screen cleaning time. The film’s borders have an adhesive backing which sticks to the device’s casing and not the screen, an innovative design that ensures no air bubbles after you install the protector. It can be cleaned and reused for continuous protection of Apple iPads and Kindle Fire eReaders.

4. GreatShield Ultra Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film




This anti-glare screen protector by GreatShield features thermoplastic urethane, it is 0.008 inches thin, and has 3-layer PET film which offers durable scratch and dirt resistance. It doesn’t impede your eReaders’ touch sensitivity, but offers glare elimination. The matte covering is great for blocking UV rays for comfortable eBook reading anywhere. Its adhesive backing has no glue, therefore no reside left after it’s removed. You can remove, clean, and use this anti-glare screen protector again. It can be cut to fit several eReaders, such as Apple iPad, Kindle, and Acer Iconia Tab.

3. 3M Privacy Screen Protector



If you want to protect your confidential materials, look for a privacy screen protector by 3M. You will be able to see clear texts and images when directly facing the screen as others see just a darkened screen at angles. In portrait position the screen protector will add confidentiality using the 3M’s micro-louver technology. The landscape position lets you share information with other viewers. This screen protector preserves the clarity as well as touch screen sensitivity at the same time reducing glare. It’s compatible with Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Samsung galaxy tab, Kindle Fire HD, Lenovo ThinkPad, and Acer Iconia tab.

2. Liquid-Armor Invisible Screen Protector



Liquid-Amor provides spray-on screen-protection that offers universal compatibility. Do not use adhesive films but use spray the solution onto a provided micro-fiber cloth and then wipe this product over the eRader LCD display screen. The spray features nano-coating technology for protecting glass screens from scratches, at the same time repelling dust with its anti-static barrier. The special formula provides clear protection that’s twice stronger than traditional film protectors. It can be used on any eReader with LCD glass-screens.

1. Targus Screen Protector with Bubble-Free Adhesive



As a top brand in the protection of e-devices, Targus designed a line of sterling and stunning screen protectors that feature bubble-free, residue-free adhesive. The adhesive on this product’s backing allows smooth and bubble-free application. Besides hassle-free installing, you will enjoy scratch resistance and glare reduction as an eBook reader. This wonderful screen protector can be used on a variety of eEeaders as well as tablets, among them Kindle Fire, Kindle DX, Apple iPad and iPad 2, iPad Mini, Samsung galaxy Tab, Nook, Blackberry Playbook, and Acer Tablet.

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