Top 10 Best Essential Portable Phone Chargers 2021

Phones are arguably the best technology gadgets ever made by man. You just can’t seem to get enough of them and just when you think that there is no more room for improvement, the phone making companies come up with these crazy ideas that make you wonder where we are heading to. The powerhouses when it comes to phone making like Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC among many others work every day, every hour to bring us the best technology has to offer, thus, the need for the Best Essential Portable Phone Chargers.

These phones, however, don’t have batteries which can last forever as they charge depletes and this can be very annoying especially when you are away from a power outlet. This calls for the need to have a portable phone charger to make sure that your phone always has power. We have rounded up the Top 10 Best Essential Portable Phone Chargers in 2021 to save you annoying situations.

10. Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Charger

– With Flashlight for Apple Phone iPad Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Tablets

The portable charger from Aibocn Baymin is a very reliable back up charger which is easily held in the hand as it measures 0.78*5.4*2 inches. It has a very high charger capacity having a 10000mAh power bank. This makes it charge for more than 3 times depending on the size of your phone battery. It has a double USB Port and making it very versatile is the fact that it can be used to charge your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC phones among others.

The power bank can also be used at night it has a flashlight which can help you in camping activities or even hiking or simply whatever you want to at night. To use it you need to press the ON/OFF button by twice to turn it on when you want to charge and press ON/OFF button twice again to switch it off after you are done. It’s versatile as it supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. It protects your phone from battery damage as it shuts off automatically if a short circuit or overload output occurs while charging a phone



  • It has an excellent quality
  • Easy to carry around
  • It is affordable


  • It charges phones slowly

9. Poweradd Slim 2 Ultra-compact 5000mAh Portable Charger

– with 2.1A Fast Charge for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, USB-enabled Devices

The Poweradd Ultra Slim portable charger was designed with the idea of making a charger that is light when it comes to weight and has an ultra-compact design. Quality and safety were also put into mind when making the charger and has a very high-speed charging system so there is no need to waste any more time any longer. It has an output current of 2.1A with an adapter which allows for the fastest charging time, twice as faster than the 1A input. Besides, it is also compatible with many models of Apple and Android smartphones.
Its design is a desirable sleek and sophisticated one which is eye catching and comes a 5000mAh capacity with grade A cell which can give you 2 charging sessions. It also has LED lights to indicate when the charge and discharge status instantly. The design equally makes it easy to carry when travelling.



  • The high-quality material makes it last long
  • It has a hexagonal tubular shape making it fit in any pocket, bag and purse
  • It is portable


  • It does not auto-start when a USB is plugged in

8. EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank Ultra High Capacity

– External Battery 3 USB Output External Battery Pack with LED Flashlight

– Portable Charger for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, HTC and More- Black & Red

Well, this is a very powerful power bank considering it has a power capacity of 22400mAh External Battery which is very efficient and fast when it comes to charging. It has a measurement of 6.2 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches, and measures 0.99lbs. It’s fast charging capability is made possible by the presence of the DC 5V 2A input which is very fast compared to its predecessor, the 2A input version and therefore saves 50% of your time.

Its features include with 4 Integrated LED indicators which show the status of its power. It has 3 built in modes when it comes to the flashlight which is very useful for the night. These modes include an emergency mode (SOS), the bright mode and finally the average mode. The lithium-ion battery is complimented by microchips which makes the power bank last long and ensure safety of your phone and offer over 500+ recharge cycles. It has 3 charging ports which are 2.4A for iPad, 2A for Samsung Tab, 1A for iPhones which can all be charged at once.

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  • Has a reasonable, budget friendly price
  • This power bank lasts long
  • Charges a phone for more than five times on a full single charge


  • It is fairly heavy

7. Battery Pack RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger 22000mAh 5.8A Output

– 3-Port Power Bank (2.4A Input, iSmart 2.0 USB Ports, Li-polymer Battery Banks)

– portable battery chargers For Smartphone Tablet – Black

The Battery Pack RAVPower portable charger with a large capacity of 22,000 mAh just make lives regarding phone charge better in every way. To start with, the charger has three iSmart 2.0 USB ports which are able to charge three phones simultaneously. The large power capacity guarantees you nearly a week without having to use a power socket depending on your uses. On a single charge, the power bank can charge an iPhone 6s about a maximum of 9 times, and a Galaxy S7 to a maximum of 5 times, or an iPad Mini more than 2 times! This is really incredible. It uses the 5V / 2A or 2.4A ac adapter to charge it when its charge is depleted and takes up to 10-11 hours to be fully charged.

The charger uses state of the art technology which is a new high-density Li-polymer battery the lasts longer compared to the normal Li-polymer batteries and 18650 cells in terms of performance and protection.
Its shell is made of the UL94 V-0 fire-resistant thermoplastic alloy material used to make high end cars and to prove how good its battery is, its quality test is the same as that of the iPhone’s own battery!



  • It is a functional, reliable and portable source of power for all electronics
  • It is a powerful external battery for backpacking
  • Charge phones faster


  • It is burdensome and therefore not easily managed

6. [Upgraded] Poweradd 2nd Gen 3.4A Pilot 2GS 10,000mAh

– Dual USB Portable Charger External Battery Pack with High-Speed Charge

– For iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy and More – Silver (Apple Cable Not Included)

This unit is an upgrade from Poweradd which is of good quality and pretty affordable when it comes to its price. It comes the USA and it’s a 3.4A Combined portable power bank that comes with 10000mAh battery capacity perfect for solving your charging problems. The affordable price makes it one of the best buys you can get. To add on to its portability, it comes with a compact design and its lengths are rounded for easy holding. The Aviation Aluminum body makes its weight very low and durable.

It has two USB charging ports; the 1.0A + 2.4A ports which charge two devices simultaneously with the 2.4A port providing a faster charging process which is supported by the Smart Identification output which can identify your device, charge them faster, and at the same time ensure it’s protected. It can smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V USB-charged devices and charges an iPhone 6 from empty-to-full for 4 cycles and 3 charge cycles for the Samsung Galaxy S6.



  • Has a high charging capacity and its valuable
  • This is a nice portable power cell
  • Has a good color


It is a bit heavier compared to other power banks

5. Anker PowerCore 10000, One of the Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries

– Ultra-Compact, High-speed Charging Technology Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More

This is the Anker Power core 10000mAh capacity power bank which is made by ANKER, which probably is the America’s leading USB Charging Brand which has always and still continues to make its loyal customers happy. Considering its large capacity, the power back is relatively small and light. It is said to be smaller than a deck of cards and as light as a baseball! It can charge phones 3 times averagely and one time when it comes to tablets.

Furthermore, it comes with the PowerIQ and Voltage Boost technologies from Anker which ensure the devices are charged as fast as possible up to 2.4 however does not support the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. To make sure your devices are protected, it comes with the surge protection, short circuit prevention and many other advanced safety features. The charger was made using high tech chips and it comes with it a micro USB cable and a travel pouch.



  • It is small, about the size of a deck of cards making it easy to carry around
  • It charges quickly, just as fast as the 2A wall chargers


  • The Anker has only one charging port

4. Jackery Mini Premium 3350mAh Portable Charger

– External Battery Pack, Power Bank, & Portable iPhone Charger for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6 (Black)

This is probably the smallest ever made portable charger to solve all your problems in regard to this. Among others, it features include, high energy density battery technology, has a fast charging capability to save on time. It is made of a compact sleek design to make it easier to carry around and advanced safety measures to ensure there is no chance for risk with your phone with the protection circuits.

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It’s made with the ultra-reliable A+ lithium-ion battery cells and its body is made of aluminum and high end microchips together with circuits which guarantee protection. The technology enables you to recharge it more than 500 times in its lifetime on average. The LED indicator lets you know when it is fully charged and how much power is available. It can charge products like Apple: iPhone SE 6 6Plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4 Air Mini iPod (Apple cable required). Other phone types include HTC One, Motorola Moto X, Sony Xperia, most Android phones and tablets among others. It has the 3350mAh battery which is not so much and has a 5V/1.5A output



  • Its slim design is convenient and doesn’t take a lot of space
  • The LED indicator shows when you are in need of charge
  • Fairly fast in the charge


  • You need to press the button to start charging

3. Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger

– (External Battery Power Bank) with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology (Black)

Imagine a portable power bank with the shape of a candy bar as the Astro E1 is exactly that. It comes with an upgraded battery capacity as it the latest in its series. From the leading American company Anker, it comes with technology allowing it to charge phones faster and in a safer way as compared to predecessor. It has an incredibly impressive candy bar shape and also size which makes it the most portable power bank. With its improved battery capacity, it can charge your Apple or Android smartphone one to two times on average and can even charge an iPad mini to about the 80% level.

The high speed charging technology associated with Ankers’s PowerIQ provides fast charging with intelligence. The battery is premium Panasonic battery cells which provide safety. The package comes with a micro USB cable and a travel pouch.



  • Amazing product at an amazing affordable price
  • Good quality
  • This glossy black power bank is very beautiful


  • Has issues when it comes to durability

2. Portable Chargers 16750 RAVPower 16750mAh External Battery Pack

– 4.5A Dual USB Output External Phone Charger Battery Bank Power Bank

– (iSmart 2.0 Tech) for Nintendo Switch, iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 – Black

The RAVPower RP-PB19 16750mAh Battery Pack power bank has on its ratings, mostly 5-star rating reviews which shows just how a quality of product it is. It has more than 400,000 satisfied customers who all praise the unit from RAVPower making it one of the best sellers of the company. The unit can charge two devices at the same time using its 4.5A current USB ports which thanks to the iSmart 2.0 technology each charging is optimized.

For it to be full charged, it needs 8 hours and uses the DC 5V/2.4A charger and if you use the traditional DC 5V/1A input it takes up to 17 hours. You need to turn on the flashlight to know the battery level once and twice respectively. It has a matte finish which is fingerprint and light-scratch proof. The battery is a Premium A+ 18650 battery which can be charged over 500 cycles over its lifetime. In terms of safety, it comes with a voltage surge and an over discharge protection mechanism and automatically goes off if charging problems arise.



  • This product is well built and of solid construction
  • It charges two devices at once
  • An excellent power for its size


  • It is quite expensive.

1. Anker PowerCore+ mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

– (3rd Generation, Premium Aluminum Power Bank), One of the Most Compact External Batteries

This portable charger has the shape of a lipstick tube that has been tried to be copied by the competitors but have all never quite succeeded. This is the unit from America’s Leading USB Charging Brand, Anker. It has the shape of the original lipstick tube design and with this upgrade comes improved battery cells to increase efficiency and safety. One of its features is the intelligent high-speed charging technology for all devices. The LED indicator lest you know how much power is remaining. The MultiProtect Safety System prevents power surges, and short circuits. Besides, it comes with an 18-month warranty.

Moreover, this power bank works well with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets (including the Nexus 7) and other USB-charged devices. It however doesn’t work with iPod nano, iPod Classic, HP Touchpad, LG G2, Asus tablets and some GPS and Bluetooth devices.



  • It is small and portable
  • Comes with a little bag that can hold the battery as well as the cable
  • Holds a decent amount of power for its size
  • It has various colour choices


  • It has a small battery capacity


Let this list act as a guide when it comes to shopping for good portable charger considering there is a plethora of these units from different companies. Let’s not all forget the presence of many knock offs and second rate products which can lead you to buying mediocre products.

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