Top 10 Best Exercise Mats Reviewed In 2022

Do you exercise at home or in a gym often? Do you want to protect your body from injuries and or your floor from bumps whenever you are exercising? If you have answered yes to these two questions, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed some of the type of  exercise mats that offer these benefits and more. Visit Amazon and buy yours to have a memorable time whenever you are working out at home or at your local gym.

What makes our exercise mats some of the best workout accessories for everyday use? First, for just a few dollars, you get a durable accessory that withstands abuse well. These meats are also comfortable. They will protect your body from bumps and scratches. They will also protect your floors from dents and or scratches as you lift weight or use the best elliptical trainers. Finally, because of their portability, you can carry them around easily in your car or on your back. This makes them ideal workout accessories for people of all cadres.

10. SPRI Folding Exercise Mats

SPRI Folding Exercise Mats

Even though simple, exercise mats are vital workout accessories that you should choose wisely. For a memorable experience, for instance, SPRI is a reputable product with a portable foldable design that people appreciate. You can travel with it effortlessly to and from your gym. It also consumes less storage space, which makes it ideal for use in homes. Measuring 72-inches long, you also get a spacious (adult sized) exercise mat that you will enjoy using.

Apart from its style, most people appreciate the performance of this exercise mat. If you are conscious about safety, for instance, its plush top will not scratch nor irritate your skin as you work out. It also has a padded design that cushions the body well. Whenever you land awkwardly, therefore, the risk of injuring yourself is low.

Because of its versatile design, SPRI accommodates a range of workout routines. You can use it for yoga, for instance, with positive results. You can also use it do press-ups or to relax after a tiring workout. This is mat is durable, affordable, and comes with a free instruction booklet and care sheet.


  • Free instruction booklet
  • Free care sheet
  • Smooth surface
  • Excellent padding
  • 72 inches long
  • Limitless applications
  • Foldable design


  • None

9. Fit Spirit Yoga Starter Set Kit

Fit Spirit Yoga Starter Set Kit

Do you do yoga for fun or for relaxation? Are you shopping for a quality starter mat that you can use at home or in your local gym without spending a fortune? This professional-grade starter kit by Fit Spirit is one of the best. Buy yours to get an affordable yoga mat with many interesting attributes.

Featuring a low profile 0.5-inch thick design, for instance, users of this mat appreciate its value. Its lightweight design, for instance, makes it an excellent mat for traveling. You can carry it around easily to and from your gym without straining your back. It is also super comfortable and cushions the body well to minimize stress and or the risk of injuries.

With Fit Spirit, you do not get the cheaply made starter mats that wear off easily. Instead, you get a durable accessory with a spacious 72×14-inch design. Whether you are tall or short, therefore, you will enjoy using it on a day-to-day basis. It also has a slip-resistant surface that minimizes the risk of injuries. Fit Spirit Yoga Starter Set Kit lacks heavy metals and chemicals such as phthalates.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Lacks heavy metal
  • Comfortable 0.5-inch padding
  • Portable design
  • Spacious 72×14-inch design
  • Perfect for yoga
  • Inviting color


  • Stretches

8. ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

The value of owning an exercise mat is immense. With a quality one such as ProSource, it gets even better. If you are having a rough time with your existing mat, buy it to get a professional-grade puzzle mat with a unique tiled design. Even though it requires a bit of time to setup, its functionality is impressive. Because it interlocks tightly, for instance, you get a durable and non-slip mat that will serve you well for long. The EVA foam used to make it is, on the other hand, is soft, comfortable, and supportive.

Fully assembled, this mat covers around 24 square feet. Whether you are a beginner or professional, therefore, you will have a memorable time on it whilst working out. It is also portable and has a water-resistant design with tight 12-end borders that secures it well over time.

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat supports multiple applications. Apart from cushioning your body, you can use it to protect your floors from scratches or dents.


  • Supports multiple applications
  • Secure 12-end borders
  • Covers up to 24 square feet
  • Comfortable EVA foam
  • Non-slip surface
  • Long lasting


  • Buckles and stretches under weight

7. Spoga Premium Comfort Foam Mat

Spoga Premium Comfort Foam Mat

Spoga is a popular sports brand with some of the best workout accessories in the market. If you are shopping for a new mat, for instance, and choose this model, you get a spacious 71-inch workout accessory. Made of 5/8-inch thick comfort foam (heavy duty), it also comfortable and designed to support the body well. At home or at your local gym, you will have a memorable time whenever you are doing push-ups or sit-ups.

Spoga Premium is a durable foam mat. Unlike some models that rip or lose their shape over time, it handles such abuse well. Its surface is smooth and durable, while its portable design is perfect for traveling. Finally, because of its water resistant design, it benefits people who sweat a lot. Forget about it logging with sweat and developing pungent odors over time.


  • 5/8-inch thick comfort foam
  • 71-inches long
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in carrying strap
  • Non-slip surface (textured)


  • Poor packaging
  • Way too soft

6. Everlast Folding Mat

Everlast Folding Mat

Endorsed by most established sports persons, Everlast has delivered quality products over the years. In addition to its quality punching bags, for instance, it has many premium mats with this folding model topping the list. Measuring 1-5/8-inches thick, for instance, it has a comfortable and supportive design that people enjoy using. It is also affordable and has a plush and non-irritant design that is ideal for everyday use.

Sizing is impressive. With an original model, you get a spacious 72 x 24-inch accessory that fits people of all stature. It also accommodates numerous workout routines and has a wipe-clean surface that you maintain easily using water and soap. This mat folds for easier transportation and or storage.

Some brands of mats have chemical laden designs that often irritate individuals. With this one, however, you get a metal and toxin-free accessory that delivers positive results. It is easy to setup. It is also non-slip and has a sewed-on handle for easier transportation.


  • Sewed-on carrying handle
  • Non-slip surface
  • Chemical and toxin-free
  • Spacious 72 x 24-inch design
  • Wipe-clean surface
  • 1-5/8-inches thick
  • Foldable


  • Expensive

5. Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat

Ranked among the top 10 best exercise mats for 2022, Stamina Fold-to-Fit is a valuable mat with a professional-grade design. If you have used several low-quality models with poor results, expect a marked improvement with this model. Its innovative closed shell construction, for instance, is durable. You can lay, roll, or jump on it without compromising its structure over time. It is also spacious (84 x 36-inches) and recommended for both men and women.

As most mats, reviewed, Stamina Fold-to-Fit supports multiple applications. You can use it for everyday workouts, for instance, with positive results. If you have equipment that you use often, it is also a valuable product to own. You can use it cushion your delicate wooden floors from stress, for instance. If your machine rattles whenever you are on it, on the other hand, this mat is also an ideal remedy. By dampening noise, it delivers a quiet workout environment that most people appreciate.

Do you travel to and from your gym occasionally? Stamina Fold-to-Fit is a portable exercise mat that you will enjoy using. It is lighter that some brands, for instance. It also has a foldable design that you can carry around easily on your car or back.


  • Foldable
  • Multi-functional design
  • Closed shell construction
  • Portable (seven sections)
  • Non-slip pebble surface


  • Somewhat flimsy

4. Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Mat

Sivan Health and Fitness haft Inch Extra Thick Mat

Do you like extra thick mats? Are you shopping for a new one for day-to-day use? With Sivan Health and Fitness, you get an extra thick 1/2-inch mat that measures around 71-inches long. It is spacious. It is also durable and has a functional design that improves how people exercise at home.

Made of a high-density comfort foam, you will have a memorable experience on this mat. It is soft and comfortable to use, for instance. Forget about it irritating your sensitive skin as you go about your routines. It is also supportive and has a stable design that retains its shape longer. Devoid of your size or the exercise that you enjoy, this mat will serve you well.

Safety is a vital attribute that you must look out for when shopping for a new exercise mat. A slippery model, for instance, increases the risk of injuries, particularly if you sweat a lot. Sivan Health and Fitness has no such issues. It has a textured non-slip surface that benefits people of all cadres. It also lacks irritants such as heavy metals found in some low-grade exercise mats.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Lacks harmful chemicals
  • High-density comfort foam
  • 1/2-inch thick
  • 71-inches long
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Sewed in carrying handle


  • Very soft

3. HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

A sought after product worldwide, HemingWeigh is a spacious mat that measures 23-inches by 71-inches. It is also extra thick and made of an exclusive foam that cushions and supports the body well without losing its shape. Finally, because of its breathable design, users enjoy a cool and comfortable workout experience every time.

In terms of functionality, HemingWeigh Extra Thick is among the best workout accessories in the market. With its double-sided finish, for instance, you can use both sides with positive results. Its surfaces are plush and non-slip, while its wipe-clean design is easy to maintain. All you need is a clean rug, soap, and water to clean it well.

With this, you do not have to worry about transportation. This is twofold. First, because of its lightweight design, you can carry it easily between rooms or to your local gym. It also has a sturdy strap system that eases its transportation further.


  • 23 x 71-inch design
  • Extra thick foam padding
  • Very easy to clean
  • Non-slip double-sided design
  • Breathable surface


  • Cracks easily

2. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

Even though designed for yoga, BalanceFrom GoYoga is a versatile accessory with a durable all-purpose design. Measuring 1/2-inch thick, it has a well-padded high-density design that makes exercising fun. The tear resistant materials used to make it are skin-safe, while its 71-inch long design benefits people of all stature.

The foam used to manufacture this mat is thick and durable. Because it lacks additives such as petroleum hydrocarbons or fire retardants, it is also odor-free and safe for day-to-day use. This mat also has a safe non-slip surface that resists moisture, carrying straps and a two-year BalanceFrom warranty. You will appreciate its value.


  • Two-year BalanceFrom warranty
  • High-density foam
  • Non-slip surface
  • Tear-resistant cover
  • 1/2-inch thick
  • All-purpose design


  • Stretchy
  • Non-resilient

1. Prosource Premium 1/2-Inch Yoga Mat

Prosource Premium hafl Inch Yoga Mat

To get value for money, Prosource Premium is our pick of the best exercise mat to purchase in 2022. It has a 1/2 –inch thick design that cradles and supports the body well. It is also comfortable and designed to retain its shape over time.

This mat has carrying straps for easier transportation. It is also non-slip and has a moisture resistant surface that protects its foam from sweat and water. Visit Amazon to get a cheap and professional-grade accessory that will serve you well for long.


  • Rolls easily
  • Cost-effective
  • Built-in carrying strap
  • Moisture-resistant cover
  • Non-slip
  • 1/2 –inch thick


  • Squishy


To exercise smarter and safer at home or in your local gym, one of our 10 recommended exercise mats will serve you the best. They are comfortable to use. They are also durable and have non-slip designs.

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