Top 10 Best Fertilizers & Plant Food-Natural Reviewed In 2022

Like humans, plants require minerals and nutrients to grow and develop healthily. They require ample amounts of nitrogen to develop healthy stalks and leaves. They also require the correct level of potassium during fruiting. The earth provides most of these nutrients. However, it is not always enough to sustain most species of plants to maturity. To solve this problem, it is advisable that you use quality compost whenever you are planting. It is an affordable product. You can even make it yourself using grass clippings and leftover food in your home. Second, invest in the best fertilizers. Packed with minerals and vitamins, they help plants to grow and develop healthily.

Most fertilizers contain minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. Some also contain additives such as Epsom salt, which plays a major role in the development of plants. Which is the best in 2022? To get a fertilizer that will benefit your plants, check the ratio of its nutrients. Are they at the correct level for your plants? Using the wrong type of fertilizer often causes more harm than good. You should also check the reputation of your brand of choice. If most of its users complain about its ineffectiveness, look for another one. After careful research, we have identified 10 of the best Fertilizers & Plant Food-Natural in 2022.

10. Ignitor Rhino Skin Bud Factor x Plant Fertilizer, 1L

Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Bundle Bud Ignitor Rhino Skin Bud Factor x Plant Fertilizer, 1 L

Do you have a subsistence or commercial farm in your backyard? Has its level of production dropped significantly because of poor soil quality or the type of fertilizer you are using? Do not abandon it, as most people often do. With this Ignitor Rhino Skin Bud Factor X Plant Fertilizer, you will bring it back to life without spending a lot of money. It is an affordable product. You also get an effective product that will benefit you in many ways. First, its ability to balance soil PH automatically is desirable. You do not have to use the best soil test kits or chemicals to achieve this.

Ignitor Rhino Skin Bud Factor X Plant Fertilizer also improves the health of plants directly. The powerful plant enhancers that it has, for instance, reduce cropping time. They also increase the weight of crops, which helps them to yield better. Finally, this fertilizer promotes a faster flowering response. If you are growing plants such as tomatoes commercially, you will have good results all year round.


  • Adjusts soil PH automatically
  • Promotes faster flowering
  • Reduced cropping time
  • Increases the weight and productivity of crops
  • Natural fertilizer


  • Lacks a feeding chart

9. Blue Gold Vibrant Floral Organic Fertilizer

Blue Gold Vibrant Floral Organic Liquid Concentrate 200+ Mineral & Nutrient Fix Disease & Mildew Reduce Pest Use Less Fertilizer Increase Bloom of Perennial & Annual More Root Growth Indoor & Outdoor

The chemical-rich fertilizers that most people use not only burn crops but also lower the value of soil over time. If you have one that you are planning to replace, consider using this organic floral fertilizer from Blue Gold. Tested and certified natural/organic, it is safe for all plants. It will never burn your plants as some comparable brands often do. It is also safe for animals, river systems, and the environment in general.

Apart from its safety, Blue Gold Vibrant Floral Organic Fertilizer is a sought after product because of its performance. If you have a flower garden, for instance, its produces colorful flowers with vibrant petals. Because it strengthens root systems, it also helps plants to take up nutrients well and grow better, as a result. Its exotic ingredients also remediate diseases and reduce pest pressure on crops naturally.


  • Develops stronger root systems
  • Produces colorful flowers with vibrant petals
  • Safe for most plant species
  • Safe for the environment (natural)
  • Reduces per pressure on plants
  • Remediates plant diseases naturally


  • None

8. Kelp Meal Plant Fertilizer

Kelp Meal, Plant Fertilizer, USDA Certified Organic Seaweed, Hand Harvested off Maine's Seacoast (5 lbs)

With Kelp Meal, you get 5 pounds of a USDA-certified organic plant fertilizer that works well. Packed with beneficial micronutrients and plant growth promoters, it improves the growth of plants. If you have a few stunted ones that seem to be dying, this fertilizer will boost their health. They will grow faster. They will also flower and fruit like you have never seen before. Finally, used as directed, it will help your plants to resist pests and or tough weather conditions such as frost.

Apart from supporting growing plants, Kelp Meal is one of the best plant fertilizers for germination. Whether you are planting suckers or seeds, an original package will benefit you in any ways. Germination of seeds, for instance, is quicker. This is unlike some low-grade fertilizers that people waste their money. It also encourages rooting, builds the immunity of plants well, and improves both the color and flavor of plants. This makes it an ideal product for both hobbyist and commercial gardening.


  • Micronutrient-rich fertilizer
  • Germinates seeds faster
  • Promotes better root development
  • Improves both color and flavor
  • USDA-certified organic
  • Large 5-pound bag


  • Inconsistent results

7. Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest 723944 King Kola Fertilizer, 1.9 L

The main aim of having a garden is to produce a lot of fruits and or vegetable. Others garden to produce flowers that they can sell for a profit. However, because of the poor farming techniques that some people employ, this is no longer the case. To reverse your fortunes, start by buying a quality organic fertilizer such as Emerald Harvest. Formulated using hemp seed flour and micronutrients such as phosphorous and potassium, it supports the development of plants well. Your flowers, for instance, will have bigger and brighter blossoms. Your vegetables, on the other hand, will have heavier buds and have better yields, as a result.

Many farmers (both conventional and hydroponics) are conscious about the environment. They have replaced their traditional fertilizers with organic ones that do not damage the soil, waterways, and the environment. Emerald Harvest is such a product. If you are conscious about plant health and the environment as well, this is the product for you. All of its components are safe for both plants and the environment.


  • Safe for plants and the environment
  • For traditional and hydroponic farming
  • Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium
  • Improves flowering and fruiting
  • Easy to use liquid formula


  • Overpriced fertilizer

6. Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo Juice

Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo Juice Big Bud B 52 Overdrive Plant Fertilizer, 250ml

What are the benefits of using this Advanced Nutrients fertilizer in personal and commercial gardens? If you are conscious about plant health, this fertilizer will benefit you in many ways. First, its ability to normalize soil PH naturally is ideal. This saves you money that you would have spent on professionals or the best soil test kits. This product also improves yield. If you have invested a lot of money in a garden that fails to meet your needs, this product will reverse your losses on a budget. Its advanced flowering system, for instance, boosts yields ten-fold. It also improves the development of roots and leaves.

Attainable ready to use, this voodoo juice is very convenient. It works well on most types of soils. It also benefits most plants and comes as a liquid formula that works well in hydroponic systems. If you are a hobbyist who has just delved into farming, thus, consider using this fertilizer. You will have a thriving farm in a few weeks.


  • Ready to use liquid formula
  • Normalizes soil PH automatically
  • Has advanced flowering system
  • Benefits most flowering plants
  • Works well in most soil types


  • Very expensive

5. ESpoma ELF40 Lawn Food

Espoma ELF40 Lawn Food, 40-Lb. - Quantity 120

Maintaining healthy lawns is not as challenging as most people think. If yours has attracted negative reviews from neighbors, the first thing that you should do is take weed management serious. The best weed killer will help you take care of this problem naturally. You should also feed your grass the correct blend of nutrients. ESpoma ELF40, for instance, is a reputable all-season lawn food that works well. It has a rich blend of nutrients that support the healthy growth of most types of grasses. Because it stays long in the soil, it also keeps lawns greener longer than most comparable lawn feed.

Some brands of fertilizers burn or lower the value of lawns. Others pollute water systems and the environment, in general, in the long term. With ESpoma ELF40, you will never worry about these issues. The 18-0-0 formula that you get is effective. It is also safe. Generally, it lacks irritant chemicals that might damage your lawn or the environment.


  • Effective 18-0-3 formula
  • Safe for lawns and the environment
  • Keeps lawns green all season
  • Stays active in soil for long
  • Easy to apply/ use
  • Covers up to 5000 square feet


  • None

4. MasterGreen Organic Plant Formula

MasterGreen Organic Plant, Flower, Tree or Vegetable Food Formula

With MasterGreen, you get a super-concentrated organic plant formula that makes 12-24 gallons or natural plant food. Because of its smooth consistency, it is easy to mix. You also get a nutrient-rich all-natural formula that benefits most plants. Instead of buying a cheap brand that will damage your plants in the long-term, consider this one. Your plants will grow fast and healthily year round.

Do you have sick plants in your garden? Diseases such as leaf rot not only lower the outlook of plants but also their productivity. If you do not want to use the chemical-rich remedies in stores to solve such issues, buy MasterGreen. Apart from supporting healthy plant growth, this plant formula revives sick plants in just four weeks. The fact that it is organic is even better. You will enjoy your fruits and vegetables with no health issues in the long term.

MasterGreen Organic Plant Formula retails cheap online. It is also easy to use and have a satisfaction guarantee from its manufacturer.


  • Cost effective plant formula
  • Easy to reconstitute (concentrate)
  • Safe all-natural formula
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Revives sick plants fast


  • None

3. Nectar for the Gods Fertilizer

Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus Guano Tea + THCity Gloves & Pipette - 1 Gallon

Phosphorous is a complex nucleic acid that boosts the development of plants. If you have stunted plants and most remedies you have used have failed, treat them with phosphorous. The Nectar for the Gods Fertilizer, for instance, is a rich and natural source that benefits most plants. It is an affordable remedy. The water-soluble formula that you get also works well on both gardens and hydroponic systems.

Apart from improving the growth of plants, Nectar for the Gods Fertilizer also has a positive effect on productivity. If you are tired of the rough and bitter tasting tomatoes that your plants produce, for instance, it is a good remedy. You will enjoy sweet fruits. Because it increases photosynthesis, they will also develop fast and have the smooth texture that most customers like. Nectar for the Gods Fertilizer is environment-safe. Each package comes with a PIPETTE and a twin canaries chart that ease its use.


  • Natural source of phosphate
  • Smooth and delicious produce
  • Free PIPETTE and twin canaries chart
  • Environment-safe formula
  • Water-soluble formula
  • Improves growth and photosynthesis


  • None

2. RoseGold Formula All Natural Water

Best Rose Food Organic RoseGold Formula All Natural Water Enhancement 4oz Concentrate makes 24 Gallons Sick Plant Rescuer, Flower Food for Organic Gardens and bright beautiful roses 1 Pack

Feeding plants the correct blend of nutrients occasionally is one of the best strategies for keeping them healthy. Do not buy any random formula, though. To get fast and lasting results, a premium and all natural fertilizer such as RoseGold will serve you better. The 4-ounce water-soluble formula that you get is easy to use. It also has a long shelf life and all-natural ingredients that do not harm plants or the environment.

RoseGold Formula All Natural Water does not require experience to use well. The smooth powdered formula that you get, for instance, is easy to mix. If you have a spray bottle, all you have to do is mix two tablespoons to get a nutritious mix for your plants. Whether you have flowers or vegetables, this product will serve you well.


  • Revives sick and malnourished plants
  • Easy to mix (two tablespoons in water)
  • Smooth powder formula
  • Long-lasting 4-ounce container
  • Natural ingredients (chemical-free)


  • None

1. Jobe’s Organics All Purpose Fertilizer

Jobe’s Organics All Purpose Fertilizer

Fortified with 4-4-4 Biozome, Jobe’s Organics is an effective all-purpose fertilizer that retails in a large four-pound bag. The fast-acting granular formula that you get blends well with soil. It is also nutrient-rich and recommended for feeding most types of plants. Whether you are growing shrubs, vegetables, or flowers, expect good results from this product. It is both OMRI listed and USDA-certified organic.

As most brands that we have listed, Jobe’s Organics All Purpose Fertilizer is easy to use. You do not need special skills or equipment to feed your plants well. It is also affordable and has plants to resist pests, plants, and challenging weather conditions.


  • Large four-pound bag
  • Efficient granular formula
  • Improves soil conditions
  • Supports growth of most plants


  • Awry smell


Are you struggling to keep your lawn or garden healthy? If you have good soil structure, use one of our reviewed plant fertilizers to have an immediate change. Blended using organic ingredients, they are safe for both plants and the environment. They are also easy to use and have nutrient-rich formula that maintain healthy plants.

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