Top 10 Best Fire TV Accessories Amazon Devices Reviewed In 2022

A globally acclaimed entertainment device, Fire TV is a versatile household accessory that has improved how individuals watch movies. Unlike traditional models that rely on airwaves (UHF and VHF), for instance, Fire TV has a Wi-Fi enabled system that enables you to stream media from popular services such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube to name a few. It is also space-efficient, very easy to setup and use, and has a plethora of accessories that you can use to customize and or optimize its performance as needed. If you own one, for example, and want to enjoy the best of the best experience when entertaining at home, here is a review of the 10 must have ones:

10. EmiO 0224 Smart TV Mount

EmiO Smart TV Mount for Amazon Fire TV (0224)

To enjoy the numerous benefits that Fire TV offers, setup is an essential attribute that you should pay keen attention. Instead of installing your device in a confined space that lowers operation, for instance, purchase this EmiO 0224 Smart TV Mount to better your experience. Designed specifically for the Amazon Fire TV, it is stylish, fitting, and has an elevated design that betters remote control aiming. Its panels are durable and rubberized to protect your device from scratches, while its ease of installation (tool-less) improves its convenience further. This mount is durable and has an aesthetic black gloss finish that complements contemporary décor well.

9. Hermitshell Voice Remote Pouch

For Amazon Fire TV Stick Standard - Voice Remote Travel Hard EVA Protective Case Carrying Pouch Cover Bag Compact size by Hermitshell

Many at times, individuals leave their remote controls on tables and the floor, predisposing them to scratches and damage over time. To prevent such issues, purchasing this Hermitshell Voice Remote Pouch is one of the best decisions you can make. Made of hard EVA plastic, it is durable, super protective, and handles abuse wells without predisposing personals to damage. Its light and compact design is very easy to carry around while its spacious design also fits the Amazon Fire TV stick. This pouch is affordable and has a stylish black theme that does not fade over time.

8. SquareTrade 3-Year Protection Plan

3-Year Protection Plan for Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV, as most electrical accessories, is delicate and prone to mechanical and electrical damage over time. While such problems are mainly because of natural wear and tear, production defects play a significant role, often with negative results. To secure your investment from the foregoing and more, this three-year protection plan for SquareTrade is a recommended accessory. Compatible with the 2022 edition (second generation) of the Fire TV, coverage is versatile, fully transferable to other devices, and matures immediately. The policy is also refundable (in first 90 days), covers a plethora of issues including accidental damage, and processes in just two to three days after you have made a valid claim.

7. Mission Cables TV Remote

TV Remote Add-on for Fire TV Stick Remote (Control your TV directly from your Fire TV remote)

Are you tired of the unresponsive or hard to use remote that shipped with your Amazon Fire TV? Instead of spending a lot of money on a replacement product, this Mission Cables TV remote is an excellent add-on accessory to consider. Light, durable, and with a responsive system that enables you to control your television directly from your Fire TV, it is a must-have accessory for individuals that entertain often. Instead of juggling between two remotes, you can take charge of the entertainment process using one and better your experience as a result. This remote is also durable and has an ergonomic design that snaps on the back of Fire HD remotes for easier operation.

6. Amazon Fire TV Power Adapter

Amazon Echo and Fire TV Power Adapter

Designed and marketed by Amazon for the Fire TV, this power adapter is a durable UL-listed accessory with a powerful 21-watt design that works excellently. Measuring approximately 6-feet, setup of the Fire TV is no longer a challenge. Instead of setting up your media system close to a power socket because of the short standard power cable this device comes with, you get a bit of wiggle room with this third-party model. Construction is durable using the best quality materials while its flexible design and the decent price charged online have made it a sought after adapter globally.

5. Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller with Voice Search

Apart from streaming media from the Internet and physical storage such as memory card, the newly updated Amazon Fire TV now has special gaming capabilities that most individuals like. If you are part of this group, take video gaming to the next level with this Amazon Fire TV Game Controller. Lightweight, ergonomic, and Voice Search-ready, it works excellently when gaming. Connections (wireless) are secure and reliable, while its natural curves and premium construction overall enable users to play for hours with minimal fatigue. With an original, you also get a built-in stereo headphone jack that delivers immersive sound, an instant voice search feature for instantly locating and loading games, and an intelligent power management system that delivers up to 99 hours of gameplay on a set of AA batteries.

4. TotalMount Amazon Fire TV Mounting System

TotalMount Amazon Fire TV Mounting System

Designed to mount the Fire TV well and better its performance, as a result, TotalMount mounting system is a novel accessory with a universal system that works well with all Amazon Fire boxes and television sets. Assembly is straightforward. Setup of cables (HDMI, for instance) and television and box connection is also easier, while the advanced heat management technology offered works well for individuals with tiny rooms and or wall mounted televisions. Buy from Amazon to get an affordable accessory that will not only de-clutter your home but also improve how you entertain outdoors.

3. Mission Cables TVPower Mini 1A USB Power Cable

TVPower Mini 1A USB Power Cable for Powering Fire TV Stick

Featured among the top 10 best fire TV accessories amazon devices in 2022 reviews, this mini TVPower Mission Cables is a premium USB-powered accessory that is compatible with most TV USB ports. Instead of relying on a standard AC power outlet, you can use your television as a source of power and project images at the same time. This de-clutters homes well. It also benefits those with wall mounted television outlets and those looking to free power outlets for other devices. This cable is affordable, made of the best grade components, and has a lifetime guarantee on all defects.

2. Mission Power USB Cable

Mission Power USB Cable for Powering Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV is an electricity-powered accessory that needs an active connection to work well. While standard AC outlets work well, they are inflexible, which often compromises the setup options of individuals. This USB cable solves this problem. Compatible with all USB ports (powered) on television sets, you can use it to power your Fire TV without relying on an AC outlet. The special power management circuitry that comes integrated improves peak power handling of USB ports, while the 10-inch cable offered (patent pending) eliminates clutter in homes.

1. SanDisk 128 GB micro SD Memory Card

SanDisk 128 GB micro SD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and All-New Fire TV

If you are like most movie or gaming enthusiasts, storage space is a common challenge. Fortunately, with the aid of this 128 GB micro SD memory card, you will have sufficient storage space for your downloaded movies and or games. The card its tested and certified for use with the Fire TV and Fire tablet line of products. Transfer speed is impressive while its ability to handle simultaneous activities with no delay or lags betters the experience of users further.

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