Top 10 Best FiveFingers Shoes Reviewed

The anatomically correct design of FiveFingers shoes has been a sensational revolution for athletic people around the world. By ensuring that your feet retain their most natural fit even when encased in protective shoe exterior, these shoes ensure you are comfortable and well protected from the risk of injuries. The designs we have featured in this list of top 10 best running shoes are all proven performance concepts which will boost your performance on the running trail and the gym floor. In other words you will not only stand out from the rest but, in all likelihood, you will always be at least a step ahead of the chasing pack.

10. VIBRAM FiveFingers TrekSport Ladies Running Shoes

VIBRAM FiveFingers TrekSport Ladies Running Shoes


These VIBRAM FiveFingers TrekSport Ladies Running Shoes may appear at the tail ends of this review but that does not mean they are pushovers by any definition. The textile upper shoe is breathable and designed to offer your feet the odor resistant performance that guarantees long term health. In recognition of the need to offer your toes the excellent protection they deserve, the shoe bears some distinctive TPU Toe Protection while an antimicrobial footbed and 2 millimeter insole work to complement each other in offering padding, reducing friction and delivering comfort.

9. Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS Running Shoe – Men’s

Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS Running Shoe - Men's


Designed to be extremely breathable, these are shoes meant for the ultimate performer in you. The shoe’s 4mm Vibram TC1 Performance Rubber Outsole offers excellent grip in all manner of surfaces while reducing risk of injury to a negligible minimum. Moreover, with a tread pattern designed to offer traction on all forms of terrain, you will find the shoe your most important performance factor out on the running trail. Stay ahead of the chasing pack and give your feet a welcome treat by switching to this pair of minimalist running shoes.

8. Vibram Men’s Bikila EVO Road Running Shoe

Vibram Men's Bikila EVO Road Running Shoe


Road running demands very specific requirements from your feet and this shoe is designed to deliver on those requirements and, in certain circumstances, surpass them. The minimalist design means that you will not be carrying one ounce of extra weight that only serves to drag you down. The intuitive fit of the shoes also ensures that you do not have to worry about discomfort or risk of injury. You can therefore attack the road surface with single minded focus on reaching the finish line ahead of the pack. The shoe’s polyester mesh upper allows your feet to breathe while ensuring that the all-round fit is not only snug but also secure.

7. Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

Vibram Women's KMD LS Cross Training Shoe


Fitted with a slightly meatier sole than your run of the mill training shoes, these Finger shoes are meant to boost your performance considerably while still giving you the protection you deserve as you run across different surfaces. Whether you are running across surface that delivers plenty of lateral forces or just the usual gym exercise, you will fin that these shoe are designed to ensure you reach your goals with less force and strain. Most of the people who have tried and reviewed this shoe, a large proportion of whom are professional athletes, are delighted with its excellent fit as well as the performance credentials.

6. Bikila Ls Running Shoes

Bikila Ls Running Shoes

From the top to bottom, this is a running shoe which shows that you have a god understanding of running and high performance athletic activities. The elegant yet supremely breathable upper shoe is designed to give your feet the best comfort possible with the added bonus of being completely odor resistant. The other innovative feature of these shoes is the novel Vibram Lacing System (LS) which gives room for a much wider tongue opening so that you have much easier stepping in and out. The elastic enhancements means that your comfort is not compromised when you meet very strong lateral forces in intensive activity.

5. KomodoSport Shoe – Women’s by Vibram FiveFingers

KomodoSport Shoe - Women's by Vibram FiveFingers


With its high quality mesh polyester upper shoe and high performance polyurethane rubber sole, this is a shoe designed to deliver excellent performance while protecting your delicate foot in one fell swoop. It includes heel and instep hook and loop closures which offer high performance on both soft and hard surfaces while ensuring your foot goes through the motions in its most natural and healthy gait. The 4 millimeter Vibram outsole with its TCI performance enhancements not only offer excellent grip even when the surface is slippery but also deliver excellent protection necessary for cross training activities.

4. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

Vibram Men's KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe


Give your feet the boost they need with this shoe that meets the strict barefoot running specifications. Designed to fit the anatomically complex curvature of your foot and toes, this shoes enhances all your running strengths without risking injury or discomfort even when you are involved in time consuming training exercises. But even when you need a great pair of shoes for a casual outing, this Vibram shoe will prove to be an excellent choice as well. However, it is out on the running trail that the strengths of the KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe come out to the fore.

3. Vibram Men’s EL-X Cross Training Shoe

With its low profile, lightweight performance you may be forgiven for considering this shoe a pushover when it comes to cross training. But the moment you try it on, you will find its excellent fit which intuitively goes around all your feet’s curves just the right combination you need. With its well padded interior and breathable mesh fabric, you can stop worrying about injury or discomfort and concentrate on what matters: delivering performance on the training track. The polyester mesh material of the upper shoe with its PU printing reinforcement make for a shoe that is easy on maintenance and which can be machine washed.

2. Vibram FiveFingers Women’s SeeYa LS Polyester Running Shoe

Vibram FiveFingers Mens SeeYa LS Black-Grey-Silver Athletic Shoes M

Available in a selection of a dozen different colors, this Vibram shoe lets you express yourself while increasing your performance on the track in equal measure. Lightweight and yet storing, both the sole and the upper shoe are made from highly researched and optimized materials. Whether you are looking for a well fitting shoe to use for running, the gym or for the cooling down runs, you could not shoes better than this Vibram Polyester Running Shoe. With its technically styled upper shoe and micro-suede overlay as well as a padded tongue, the shoe will fit over your feet like a glove while delivering all the excellent performance of bare feet running that has been scientifically proven to increase athletic performance while reducing risks of injury.

1. Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport Shoe

Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport Shoe

Designed for the conscientious male athlete, this Vibram Five fingers shoe is the ultimate expression of comfort and performance. The upper shoe has been constructed from high quality canvas and the natural rubber sole will serve to add a spring to your step. On the inside you get to enjoy the faultless functionality of a 2 millimeter footbed insole that not only improves overall comfort but aids performance by reducing friction. The Vibram outsole itself is designed to deliver excellent grip even on treacherous surface as well as all the protection you need for your feet.

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