Top 10 Best Fixed Gear Bikes Reviewed In 2022

Even though considered traditional by most individuals, single gear bicycles continue to play a significant role in the global transportation industry. Compared other types, for instance, their stripped down designs are relatively cheaper. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a bicycle to travel safely to school, work, and or your favorite camping sites.

Traditional fixed gear bicycles also last longer than their compatriots do. This is two-fold. First, because of their stripped down designs, they have effective low maintenance designs with few moving parts. Second, the quality of the components used to make them have remained standard over the years, to the benefits of cyclists.

Finally, unlike what many individuals think, fixed gear bicycles do not lag behind in terms of speed. Even though you might spend more energy climbing a hill than a person on a mountain bike, expect greater speeds downhill. With one of our recommended models, you get these benefits and more on a budget.

10. State Bicycle Co. Fixie

State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike

Are you planning to buy a new fixed gear bicycle for day-to-day or occasional use? With State Bicycle Co. Fixie, you get a fun to use fixed speed bicycle with a stylish matte black body. Its broad saddle is comfortable. Welds are sturdy and designed to withstand abuse well, while its well-tuned system performs well on both flat surfaces and uphill. If you venture on frequent outdoor trips, therefore, do not hesitate to purchase one. You will ride fast and comfortably over long distances with an original one.

By nature, fixed gear bikes are heavier that most models of road and cruiser bikes. This is not the case with State Bicycle Co. Fixie. It has a lightweight chromoly frame (4130) that betters the experience of cyclists further. Shocks and forks are light yet durable, while in flip-flop hub enables cyclists to switch between single speed and fixed gear with coasting. This is innovative.

State Bicycle Co. Fixie uses large (700c) tires. For safety, you get responsive radius brakes (both front and rear) that deliver instant stopping power in all environments. Finally, its ergonomic bar type handlebar has wrapped bullhorns that improve comfort. Buy from Amazon today to get a one-year warranty on defects.


  • Large 700c tires
  • Novel flip-flop hub
  • Responsive radius brakes
  • Ergonomic handle with wrapped bullhorns
  • One –year warranty
  • Lightweight chromoly frame


  • Poor packaging

9. Takara Renzo Fixie

Takara Renzo Fixie Bike

Takara is a reputable Japanese brand. Active in the transport industry for decades now, it has a portfolio of numerous reputable bicycles that most individuals depend on commuting and recreation. If you like fixed bikes, for instance, Takara Renzo Fixie is one of the best. Featuring an ergonomic aluminum frame, it is light and comfortable to ride. The frame is also durable and has an adjustable 56-centimetre seat post that accommodates individuals of all stature. Whether you are tall or short, you can customize it to suit your needs with a few standard tools.

Unlike the wobbly and poorly balanced bicycles in stores, Takara Renzo Fixie is a well-balanced model that rides smoothly on all terrain. Rims (alloy) are durable, smooth rolling, and have well-finished designs that resist rust and corrosion over the years. Finally, as the State Bicycle Co. Fixie bike listed, this model has a durable flip flop hub that accommodates both fixed and single speed gears.

Apart from its comfort and relative ease of use, Takara Renzo Fixie is one of the best bicycles in this niche because of its high safety rating. Even at full speed, its pull on brakes delivers an instant stopping power that maximizes safety. They also work well in all types of weather and have long-lasting components. Finally, you get long lasting Kenda tires with each bicycle that you buy.


  • Long lasting Kenda tires
  • Responsive pull on brakes
  • Durable flip-flop hub
  • Durable allow wheels
  • Ergonomic aluminum frame
  • Padded seat


  • Low-grade bearings
  • Squeaky seat

8. Critical Cycles Classic

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars

To get a good quality fixed sped bicycle that you will enjoy riding for years; Critical Cycles Classic is among the best for 2022. Popular among recreational riders and workout enthusiasts alike, it high-performance design has made it a sought-after product globally. It is easy to ride, for instance. It is also durable and has premium components that boost its value further. With one, for instance, you get an aesthetic black-themed bicycle with a lightweight track frame. Its ergonomic design is fun to ride, while its hand built gear is durable and optimized for speed.

From Amazon, this bicycle is attainable 85% assembled. Instead of grappling with several confusing parts, all you have to do is install its front wheel and tighten a few bolts to get a functional bike. Pedals, on the other hand, are energy-saving BMX ones (low profile) while its double walled V rims absorb shock better. Even on tough terrain, therefore, you will enjoy a fast and comfortable ride without bending its rim or busting its gears.


  • Double walled V rims
  • Energy-saving BMX pedals
  • Comes 85% assembled
  • Lightweight track frame


  • Horrible packaging
  • Missing parts

7. 6KU Track

6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

Liked all over the world, 6KU Track is a lightweight single speed bicycle with a solid feel that most individuals appreciate. Pricing is also decent. If you prefer fixed speed bicycles but cannot afford the exorbitant amounts some endorsed brands charge, this is the product for you. For a fraction of their cost, you get a well-made day-to-day fixed gear bicycle with numerous desirable attributes.

The fact that you are getting a cheap fixed gear bicycle does not mean that sacrifice quality. The materials and parts used to make it are of good quality. Welds are tight and of high quality, while its low profile frame and handlebar improve the comfort levels of cyclists. Forget about this bicycle straining your back, for instance. Moreover, its taped surfaces do not calloused hand nor compromise the safety level of cyclists in any way. You will like it.

For safety, 6KU Track features responsive pull on brakes that work well in all weather. Tires are wide and non-slip, while its well-finished body resists scratches, stains, and corrosion over time.


  • Solid frame
  • Aesthetic design
  • Wide and non-slip tires
  • Responsive pull-on brakes
  • Non-irritant handlebar (taped)


  • Wobbly reflectors
  • Cheap-looking peals

6. Vilano Rampage

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Most individuals prefer road bikes to mountain bikes for many reasons. They are easier to drive, for instance. They are also faster, which makes them ideal for recreational riding. Unfortunately, because of their hefty costs, most individuals cannot afford them. To have a comparable experience on a budget, this Fixie Vilano Rampage fixed gear bike works the best. Featuring a well-designed gear system, it is faster that some comparable bikes. It is also easier and comfortable to ride in most environments.

The quality of the Vilano Rampage is admirable. Even though you spend a few dollars on it, you get a heavy-duty frame that resists corrosion and rust over the years. Styling is admirable while its tag-welded joints do not break nor weaken over time. This is unlike comparable products that do not withstand abuse well.

Finally, because of its urban geometry, this bicycle is fun to ride. Its ergonomic frame orients the body naturally to minimize strain. Wheel, on the other hand, are large (700c) double-walled models with sturdy V-shaped designs that dampen shock well. On both smooth and rugged terrain, expect and enjoyable ride with an original Vilano Rampage in hand. Finally, you get a forged alloy crank, a replaceable 46T chain ring, and free platform pedals that do not slip when wet.


  • Durable platform pedals
  • Forged alloy crank
  • Large (700c) allow wheels
  • Durable fixed gear
  • Comfortable


  • Questionable parts

5. Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Takara Sugiyama is a comfortable flat bar bicycle with a stylish black and blue-themed frame. Perfect for recreational riding and exploring off-road terrains, it is has a durable design that withstands abuse well. Its lightweight frame is easy to maneuver, while its globally recognized low-impact gear system is popular for its safety. This is unlike some low-grade models that aggravate joints and or irritate users whilst cycling over long distances.

Because of its quality materials and tig-welded joints, this bicycle supports a lot of weight. Shock absorption is impressive, while its large 700c wheels streamline movements well for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Forget about the bumpy and or wobbly rides that some low-grade bikes subject individuals. For safety, you get responsive rear and front brakes that work well in all weather and a bright reflector.


  • Quality 700c wheels
  • Tig-welded steel frame
  • Low-impact gear system
  • Comfortable seat


  • Loose parts

4. Vilano Fixie

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Look down on because of its simplicity; Vilano Fixie is a versatile fixed speed bicycle with a stylish matte black frame. If you like to ride in style, therefore, it is an ideal bike for you. Moreover, for speed freaks, its single speed gear (fixed cog) is quiet, smooth rolling, and designed to perform excellently on all terrain.

Tires (700c x 23c) are large and durable, while its 1/8-inch threadless fork dampens shock well to keep rides smooth and comfortable. Even when you are cycling off road, expect a memorable experience with this one-of-a-kind bike. Finally, with each bicycle that you purchase, you get tuned caliper brakes and a free set of pedals that last long. You will appreciate its value.


  • High-quality pedals (two)
  • Tuned caliper brakes
  • Heavy-duty suspension fork
  • Quiet single speed gear (fixed cog)
  • Stylish matte black frame
  • Smooth rolling tires (700c)


  • Cheap components

3. Takara Kabuto

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto is a medium-sized single-speed road bike with an interesting green theme. The rear flip-flop hub it uses supports both freewheels and fixed gears. Its frame, on the other hand, is a sturdy and ergonomic model that accommodates riders measuring up to 6.2 feet. If you have a tall stature, you will not bend awkwardly on this bicycle as most low-grade models require. Shorter individuals also enjoy greater speed and performance without sacrificing comfort.

Takara Kabuto has a stand over clearance of approximately 31 inches. This diversifies the cycling options of users. Joints (tig-welded) are sturdy, while its carbon fiber fork, aluminum frame, and deep V alloy wheels improve its performance further.


  • Deep V alloy wheels
  • Durable carbon fiber fork
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Comfortable stand over clearance (31-inches)
  • Supports both freewheels and fixed gears


  • Defective part sizes

2. Critical Cycles Fixie

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

For those shopping for single gear bicycles, Critical Cycles Fixie has featured in most top 10 best fixed gear bikes in 2022. Even though its brand name is a major attractant, its performance has attracted it the positive attention it enjoys to date. With one, for instance, you get a durable multi-colored frame that withstands abuse well. You also get a durable hand built gear (fixed) that works quietly and efficiently over the years.

Critical Cycles Fixie’s compact design and maneuverability rank it among the best urban commuters for 2022. It rides well in crowded streets and alleyways. It is also among the best for commuting and has rugged double-walled (deep-V) alloy rims that work well off-road. Each original model comes with a durable three-piece crank and well go pedals that withstand abuse well.


  • Durable crank and pedal
  • Double walled (deep-V) alloy rims
  • Stylish design and finishing
  • Quiet hand-built gear (fixed)


  • Questionable build quality

1. Pure Fix Original

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Original is a professional-grade single-speed Fixie bicycle (in red and echo black) that also works well with fixed gears. Even though cheap, its performance is impressive. The quality parts used to make it, on the other hand, have attracted it positive reviews on most websites including ours.

For just a few dollars, for instance, you get 50mm deep-dish wheels that do not bend out of shape easily. Gear systems are durable and efficient, while its tig-welded frame is ergonomic and made of long-lasting high-tensile steel. Buyers also get original Kenda tires, a durable KMC chain, and comfortable Oury grips.


  • Durable tig-welded frame
  • Original Kenda tires
  • Durable KMC chain
  • 50mm deep-dish wheels


  • Fussy pedals


Fixed gear bikes are affordable outdoor accessories for commuting or recreational riding. Unlike mountain bikes, they are lighter and easy to ride. Their quiet, high-speed gear systems also perform flawlessly in most environments (including off-road). For a memorable experience always, choose one of our recommended models. They are durable and recommended for people of all skill levels.

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