Top 10 Best Floor Jacks To Get for Your Garage

Floor jacks are one of the most common tools that weekend warrior mechanics as well as trained professionals use. This is an essential component to many repairs one could make to a vehicle, and this article is going to detail ten of the best models of jacks that you can buy to make your next repair that much easier.

What’s A Floor Jack?

First, you should know what one is to see if it fits your needs. Basically a floor jack is a tool that can be wheeled underneath your vehicle and used to support its weight as it hoists that vehicle into the air. This provides ample room underneath the automobile to get a mechanic in to safely work on an area of the vehicle needing repairs.

How Do You Use?

Basically, a jack like this is much like a scooter in its design. There is the jack itself with has wheels that allow you to easily roll it underneath a parked car. A large handle allows you to steer the jack into place, as well as serves as the lever for lifting the jack base into place and raising one side/end of the car to the desired height.

How Does It Work?

The basic premise of the floor jack and its success throughout the years is simple: leverage. The pumping of the handle not only raises the mechanism underneath the car, but it allows pressure to be built up. This pressure keeps the jack in place at the desired height until the pressure is released by adjusting the handle in accordance with the specifications of the particular jack.

Are There Advantages To The Floor Jack?

Anyone who has had to use a stock jack in their vehicle to raise their car in order to change a flat tire can remember how tiresome the process was. A floor jack takes away the short burst system which is lengthy and tiresome, and replaces it with simplicity. The jack positions itself the same as you would place your stock jack, but it comes with a long lever/handle. This provides leverage to take the arm strength out of raising the vehicle as well as making it take considerably less time.

Different Types of Floor Jacks:

Surprisingly, while there are many different brands of theses jacks, there is primarily only the one type. They are generally made the same way, though the materials used to make them allow them to support varying weights and to function without fail for longer periods of time.

What To Know Before Buying A Floor Jack?

Not everyone is going to need a floor jack. For those that have no interest in doing anything to their vehicles, and would rather leave that to trained professionals, the need for a floor jack simply doesn’t exist. Make sure that you are getting the right type that can support the weight of your vehicle as well, as some cars and trucks are significantly heavier than others.

Choosing the Best Floor Jack:

As was briefly touched on in other answers to important questions, you need to make sure that whatever of the later listed models you decide to choose, that it is able to support your vehicle and has functionality that you are able to understand. While there might not be a lot of significant differences between your options, the choice is still something to make carefully.

What Are The Best Floor Jacks on the Market Today?

While you have many models that you can choose from, there are really ten that are deemed to be among the best out there right now. Here you will find the ideal floor jack for you and your needs, as well as where you can go to find even more information about each one. So without further ado, here are the top 10 best floor jacks for sale right now.

10. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum And Steel Jack

10. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum And Steel Jack

As the name suggests, this is able to support weights of up to 3 tons. It can lift things up to 18 ¼ inches, providing an ample workspace underneath a vehicle. The model is very portable, as its aluminum frame allows for a light body weight. The lifting arm itself is comprised of steel, which allows it to maintain its support of up to 6000lbs. At the end of this arm is the saddle which supports the vehicle directly, and this is covered with a durable rubber to prevent scratches or damage to the underside of the lifted automobile. It has swiveling wheels on the rear of the jack that allow for quicker positioning. The model is also equipped with a fail-safe valve that prevents the jack from functioning beyond its specified weight restrictions.

09. Liftmaster Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

9. Liftmaster Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

This is a highly portable rolling floor jack that has a lifting capacity of 2 tons. Things that set this jack apart from some of the other listed here is that the frame is completely comprised of steel. It is on the smaller side of some of the other jacks that are on this list as well, but that is more due to its lift capacity. The saddle of this jack is able to swivel completely around so that you can take the guess work out of positioning your jack to support the vehicle. This allows you to get the jack where you want it, and then position the saddle to support the load. The jack can lift the 4000 lbs upwards of 13 inches.

08. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack

8. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack

This is a highly rated jack that is ideal for smaller vehicles. Its maximum lifting capability is 1.5 tons, which roughly translates to 3000 pounds. The design is similar to stock jacks that traditionally come with vehicles in the event of flat tires, and can replace that jack should it be failing or missing from your current vehicle. This is highly portable, and can easily be taken with you wherever your vehicle goes, unlike many of the larger and harder to transport models among this list. This particular model can lift its maximum 3000 lbs. up to nearly 15 ½ inches.

07. Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack

7. Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack

This particular rolling jack is highly rated for use with SUVs and vehicles that naturally sit up higher than the average automobile. Its features reflect that style of use, as its long neck on the bottle jack portion of the tool is designed to reach the underside of your vehicle more quickly and with less pumps of the lever. The capacity for this jack is also geared towards the larger vehicle, offering a 3 ton lift capacity. This jack is able to lift SUVs and higher sitting vehicles upwards of 21 inches from the ground, offering a good deal of room for the would-be mechanic to get underneath and get to work.

06. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

6. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

This particular rolling jack model comes with your choice of two different weight capacities for its lifting, either a 2 ton or 3 ton. This is important to compare against the weight of your current vehicles to deem which is more appropriate. Both models have the ability to lift a vehicle to 19 ¼ inches from the ground, and both feature a low profile design that can have them functioning from as low as 3 ½ inches. This jack also comes with a fail-safe overload valve that prevents the jack from functioning beyond its capacity.

05. Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

5. Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

This rolling jack is designed for vehicles that naturally sit really low to the ground, or might be modified to sit that low. There are two different options with this style of jack as well, the low profile and the extra low profile. The extra low profile sits as low as 2 ¾ inches. There is a dual pump that permits a rapid lift of the vehicle. It can make lifts up to 24 inches from the resting position of the vehicle, whivh is a significant amount of elbow room for the average vehicle.

04. Powerzone 380033 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack

4. Powerzone 380033 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack

Another rolling model from Powerzone, and this one is offering up a weight capacity of 4000 lbs. The lift range of this model is 13 inches, which provides enough room for even complicated tasks. This, like the other Powerzone model featured on this list comes with the safety valve that prevents overloading. This keeps the jack from failing under weights it was not meant to support. Much like the larger jack featured earlier, this sleek rolling tool has rear swiveling wheels that allow for quick placement underneath your vehicle.

03. 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack With Rapid Pump

3. 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack With Rapid Pump

This model of rolling jack is meant for efficiency and portability. Among its other rolling competitors on this list, it is the smallest and thereby easiest to transport along with the vehicle on a regular basis. This smaller frame does not mean a compromise in functionality however as this jack is able to lift an excess of 3000 lbs. The frame is lightweight aluminum and can lift a vehicle upwards of 14 ¾ inches. This lifting is made all that much simpler with an included bar that exceeds 3 feet in length.

02. Hi-Lift Jack HL485 Red All Cast Jack

2. Hi-Lift Jack HL485 Red All Cast Jack

This is the first jack of this type to be featured in this top ten list. This is for those that need to get a lot of room underneath their vehicles to do serious work on them. This jack sits alongside of a vehicle and, depending on the model you choose ranging from 42 to 60 inches, can lift your vehicle upwards of that height for easier access to tricky areas. These types of jacks are often best used in sets. This particular set of jacks, with its varying models can range in lift capacity from 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons.

01. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

1. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

A rolling model with the capacity to lift up to 4000 lbs. This is the top rated choice for efficiency, ease of use, and functionality. This is why it has been placed in the coveted number one spot on the list. The jack itself sits low at only 3 ½ inches and can lift upwards of 14. Much like other jacks on the list, this jack features safety limitations to prevent excessive weight and the failing of the jack as a result. The entire frame and arm are constructed from steel which makes it as rugged as it is functional.
All in all, the floor jacks listed above are among the most highly regarded of what is out there to purchase. There might be all kinds of features and functions, but ultimately the choice is going to be made when you compare what your vehicle requires against some of the highest rated options listed above.
Pay close attention to the weight of your vehicle and make your decision based on a jack that can lift that weight easily. Take advantage of some of the models with added bonuses like handles for easier leverage and faster lifting. Remember that safety features are important to consider as well, given that this is added protection from a failing jack in a very compromising position. Carefully consider the options and choose what suits your needs for the work you intend to complete.

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