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Top 10 Best Floor Lamps Reviewed In 2022

To keep their homes well-lit, people use a plethora of accessories. Most prefer the best LED bulbs currently available in the market. They are affordable, bright, and blend well in most spaces. Others prefer the best table lamps. However, to illuminate your home while improving its look at the same time, installing a floor lamp is one of the best decisions. They have convenient freestanding designs that work well in most areas. They are also durable and have charming designs that do not clutter space nor break down easily.

The value of floor lamps is impressive. To get a top-rated one that you will enjoy using, however, never buy on impulse. Take your time. Review your available options and choose a lamp that blends well in your home. Illumination should be optimal. Finally, make sure your model of choice is durable and has a convenient design that you will enjoy using every day. This is not as hard as it sounds. In our review, for instance, we have looked at 10 of the best floor lamps that have attracted positive debate online.

10. Park Madison PMF-2110-20 Floor Lamp


Park Madison PMF-2110-20 Floor Lamp

Perfect for use in living rooms, Park Madison Lighting PMF-2110-20 is a tall (70-inches) incandescent torchiere floor lamp. It has a decorative base (round) that secures it well on most floors. Its bronze-finished frame is also eye-catching, while its amber swirl glass shade is one of a kind. Forget about the low-grade model that you are planning to buy on the Internet. Even though traditional, this model blends well in most spaces.

In terms of lighting, it outmatches most comparable brands 10 to 1 for two main reasons. The 100-watt bulb that it uses, for instance, is impressive. It is bright. UL-listed, it also has a power-efficient design that keeps electricity consumption low. This way, you enjoy quality lighting and low electricity bills. You also get a convenient three-way switch for customizing its performance. You can brighten or dim its output, for instance, to get your desired effect.


  • Decorative rounded base
  • Tall 72-inch design
  • UL-listed system
  • Three-way switch
  • Bronze-finished frame
  • Amber swirl shade (glass)
  • Heavy-duty design


  • Flimsy plastic switch

9. Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Floor Lamp


Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Floor Lamp

During their free time, most people like to work and or read their favorite books at home. Unfortunately, the low-quality overhead lights that come pre-built in homes often compromise their experience. If you have a similar problem, Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp is an ideal solution. With one, you get a freestanding cream and white-themed lamp with accurate color rendering. It is affordable. It is also durable and has an adjustable gooseneck arm that you can customize to improve the directionality of light. You no longer have to strain as you read and or work indoors.

Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp does not use the incandescent bulbs found in some comparable models. Instead, you get a durable 27-watt tube that works better. It is power efficient. It is also replaceable and generates a soft and glare-free light for working and or entertainment.

Daylight UN1072, as some of the best table lamps on Amazon, is very easy to install. You do not have to set it up and or customize it in any way to work. The UL-certified power cord that it comes with is also long (6-feet) and eases its installation further. Other notable features are its Eco-friendly design and its conveniently placed On/Off switch.


  • Convenient On/Off switch
  • UL-certified power cord (6-feet)
  • Soft and natural light
  • Power-efficient design
  • Adjustable gooseneck arm
  • Freestanding design
  • Durable 27-watt tube


  • Flimsy components

8. Normande Lighting JM1-884


Normande Lighting JM1-884

Normande Lighting is home to many quality floor lamps for lighting homes and offices. This JM1-884 model, for instance, is a versatile 71-inch model with a unique design that people like. It has a powerful (100-watt) torchiere lamp on the top for illuminating large spaces. You also get a smaller side lamp (40-watts) that you can use for reading and or work.

For those conscious about fashion, its style is impeccable. The black painted frame that people get, for instance, bends well in both traditional and contemporary homes. It also has glass shades (frosted) with charming vibe and leaf motifs and wire metal décor. This lamp will improve the outlook of your home.

Even though Normande Lighting JM1-884 is not CA compliant, the incandescent bulbs that it uses are power efficient. It is also easy to assemble and has a rotary three-way switch that you can use to light its reading light, torchiere, or both.


  • Responsive three-way switch
  • Glass shades (frosted)
  • Black painted frame
  • Vibe and leaf motifs
  • Wire metal décor
  • 100-watt torchiere
  • 40-watt reading light
  • Unique 71-inch design


  • Very heavy
  • Flimsy components

7. Simple Designs LF2000-SLV Floor Lamp

Simple Designs LF2000-SLV Floor Lamp

With a new Simple Designs LF2000-SLV lamp, you get a silver-themed floor standing accessory that is both charming and inexpensive. It also has a tall (71.5-inches) and practical design that will meet all your lighting needs. If you have a home office or live in a dorm room with colleagues, the direction light that it generates is perfect for reading. The top-mounted 100-watt torchiere that you get, on the other hand, is perfect for illumination of small to medium-sized areas.

In addition to its quality light, Simple Designs LF2000-SLV has an impeccable design that most homeowners like. If you have a contemporary home, for instance, its unique mother-daughter design will complement its look well. Its white plastic shades have a charming outlook. Its base and frame, on the other hand, are sturdy. They also have a painted finish that does not chip nor stain over time.


  • 100-watt torchiere
  • 60-watt reading light
  • Eye-catching plastic shades
  • Chip-proof painted finish
  • Blends well in most rooms
  • Tall 71.5-inch design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality lighting


  • Poorly balanced (heavier top)

6. Madison Italian Bronze Floor Lamp


Madison Italian Bronze Floor Lamp

Do not lower the value of your home with one of the low-quality floor lamps in some brick and mortar stores. Pay attention to the design. You should also look at the functionality of your brand of choice and its suitability for your home. Regency Hill Madison, for instance, is a top-rated Italian bronze lamp that never disappoints. Its square base (10×7-inches) is stable. It also has a sturdy metallic pole and a taupe faux silk shade that has a soothing glow when lit.

Light output is impressive. The power-efficient 150-watt bulb that it uses lights up spaces well without irritating people. It is also durable and has a rotary switch (on and off) that eases its operation. You can turn it on and off on demand. All parts are durable. They also work in synergy to deliver the best experience to users.


  • Powerful 150-watt bulb
  • On-Off rotary switch
  • Sturdy square base (10×7-inches)
  • Durable metallic pole
  • Taupe faux silk shade
  • Easy to assemble


  • Scratches easily

5. Brightech LED Reading Floor Lamp


Brightech LED Reading Floor Lamp

This Havana Brown Brightech floor lamp is a popular device among crafters, students, and homeowners alike. Powered by a LED bulb, it generates a bright and non-flickering light that lights up spaces well. Assembly is straightforward. Finally, its adjustable gooseneck enables people to direct light as needed. You can adjust it up and down. You can also move it from side to side without tipping over or damaging its system over time.

The light in this lamp lasts over 20 years. You do not have to worry about replacing it often, as is always the case with most models. It is also cool and has a dimmable feature that responds well. Whenever you are having a date with your better half, thus, you can create a romantic ambiance easily by playing around with its light’s settings. Brightech weighs only 10 pounds and has a long 6-foot cord that eases its installation in most areas.

Forget about the expensive electricity bills people pay because of their floor lamps. This UL approved brand has an energy saving design that cuts running costs. It comes in seven colors, each with a 3-year warranty.


  • UL-approved design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Long (6-foot) power cord
  • 20-year lamp life
  • 10-pound design
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Dimmable light


  • Generates unwanted RFI

4. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp


Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp

Perfect for crafting and reading, Lavish Home sunlight lamp outmatches some of the best table lamps in many ways. Because it is taller, for instance, it disperses light better that its competition. It also has an adjustable gooseneck that improves its performance further. Unlike some models that illuminate is a single direction, you get omnidirectional lighting with this model. Install the correct bulb (CFL-27W) and customize it as needed to work, craft, or read well.

In terms of style, this floor lamp does not lag behind. Its unique beige theme is unique. Its tall and stable design also has an eye-catching outlook and a simple on/off switch that eases its operation. Each package comes with a detailed user manual and a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Natural spectrum of light
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Eye-catching design
  • Detailed user manual
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Powerful CFL-27W bulb
  • Adjustable gooseneck


  • Transformer shorts out easily

3. Normande Lighting Concord Torchiere Floor Lamp


Normande Lighting Concord Torchiere Floor Lamp

Are you shopping for a new floor lamp for use at home? Normande Lighting is a popular 150-watt model with an appealing brushed steel finish. Shades are durable and made of stylish plastic. The incandescent torchiere lamp on it top also has a stylish design that blends well in homes.

Measuring 71.25×11/75×11.75-inches, this lamp is tall yet sturdy. Over time, you do not have to worry about it toppling over, as some comparable models often do. The rotary switch (on/off) that it comes with also works well. Remember that you have to buy the required type bulb separately to use this lamp.


  • Sturdy 71.25×11/75×11.75-inch design
  • Rotary on/off switch
  • Powerful 150-watt system
  • Stylish modern-looking design


  • Flimsy plastic shade

2. Boston Harbor TL-Tree-134-BK-3L-3 Floor Lamp


Boston Harbor TL-Tree-134-BK-3L-3 Floor Lamp

Choose Boston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L to get a black-themed three light tree lamp that works well indoors. All spotlights are durable. They also have a charming outlook and pivoting designs (45 degrees) that rotate over a 360-degree axis. Whether you want general lighting of your home or directional lighting of a specific area, this is one of the best lamps to use.

This lamp is durable. Unlike some model that wobble and or lose their shape over time, the quality materials used to make it are as sturdy as a rock. Its frame, for instance, lasts long. Shades are durable, while its sturdy base secures it on most types of floors well.

To use this lamp, you need an active power source. You also need a 60-watt A19 incandescent bulb that retails cheap online. Buy one and install it as directed to get a quality source of light at home.


  • Heavy -duty frame
  • Low-powered 60-watt system
  • Stable base
  • Pivoting and rotating lamps


  • Terrible packaging

1. Ikea Floor Uptight Lamp


Ikea Floor Uptight Lamp

Top on our list, Ikea 101.398.79 NOT is a popular floor uplight lamp that creates a stunning show in homes. Available in black and white, it has a charming outlook that complements most décor. It also has an average size (69-inches) and sturdy 10-inch base that secures it well on floors.

Setup is easy. You do not need special tools and or knowledge to get it working. Cord length is around 6’3”, while its low maintenance design is ideal for day-to-day use. All you have to do is dust it occasionally to retain its stylish outlook.

Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp is an affordable product. If you are sprucing your home on a budget, it is one of the best models to buy. It is also power-efficient. This makes it an ideal day-to-day floor lamp for homes.


  • Power efficient
  • Stylish outlook
  • Long (6-foot) power cord
  • Stable frame and base
  • Low maintenance design
  • Stunning black and white theme


  • Flimsy plastic shade
  • Cluttered outlook


Floor lamps have improved how people light up their homes. These steady freestanding accessories are bright. They also come in an array of stylish designs that blend well in most homes. To get the cream of the crop, choose one of our recommended models. They are good locking. They also deliver good results indoors.

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